Your path is my life

Your path is my life

What will remain when this whole process of transformation will be over?

Which part of me have I accepted to let go?

Do I have a choice in the matter?

Once emptied of what I was, what are you going to make me become? 

Where and when am I going to start walking within your steps?

What are you going to do of me?

Now that I have broken all my defences and offered to surrender myself to you, what would you have me do for the love of yourself?

I have stopped running and I have accepted to recognize you as the real me.

I have no essence without you. I have tried to satisfy myself with the things that were around me but they did not have any meaning because you were not with me

Let me strip myself of all the things that are exciting but which are keeping me away from you

It is naked that I am knocking on your doors and begging you to show me the way in your house

I know that my aim on this earth is to serve you

I have pushed myself away from myself to be closer to you because I found out that you were the ultimate me

I realised that the thousands joy I had before I became aware of your presence were just a prelude to what I could have once I will be within you

Since I have never been in you, how could I know?

You are the only thing that makes sense to my life.

All the meanings I gave to my life before did not stand a chance when I started to walk toward you

No matter how meaningful they seemed to be, they ended up crumbling one after the other in front of the sense you gave to my life

Although they were important I was able to leave them behind because, I knew I would not need them with you since you’ve requested that I gave them up,

Time had shown me that I really did not need them in my life

The further away I was from the things that used to be important to me, the more able I was to walk on my own two feet,

Please strengthen my standing posture, reinforce my foundation in order for me to walk on your shoes

Allow me to stand straight in this world and rely solely on the love and trust that my body, my mind and my soul carry for you 

I want you to feel welcome in my body

I have been cleaning it for a while in order for you to have a place where you could accomplish and rest on this earth

I have learnt and applied different technics to remove the entire extra that are in me,

I want you to have the entire space that you need, I want you to be comfortable, I want this body to be your home

I am sorry if the house cleaning is too slow, I wish I could do it faster but there is lot of dust to take off

I can tell you that, the day you will decide to descend in me, you will find a house that I would have done my best to remove all the dirtiness that lived in for ages and if by any chances you see something that my eyes were not able to see, please do not hold it against me

Just help my hands to take it away

You will find me unattached to earthly desire only to be submitted to you in order to serve the purpose you will choose

My life plan is to be in you, to live in you, to accomplish with you in order to serve you

Your path is my life


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