Why do we imagine the worst?

Why do we imagine the worst?

Why do we imagine the worst? Why do we expect the worst? Before anything what is imagination? How do we dare imagine anything about world and our future when we know nothing about the world or us? Who told us about the world? Who taught us about the world? What was their knowledge about the world when they decide to talk to us about it? Who took the time to give us an accurate account of what we are and what the world is? What knowledge do we know about our body, our world, our lives, the earth we live in and what surrounds us?

We are a strange species. We use things that are around us without knowing what they are or how they work and what the consequences of the usage of those things will be on us and on the world. Did we forget our history? What exactly is so damaging about our history that we decided to completely forget about it? Why do we act as if what is being taught to us in school and university is the complete truth or even close to the truth? Why do we swallow it when we know that most of it is either a construction or a lie? Why do we pretend that we believe in those stories when deep down deep we know they have nothing to do with the truth?

What is the pact that we decide to take among ourselves in order to forget? What brought us to this pact and what did we gain out of it? What exactly is alluring us about our amnesia? What are the benefits of staying blind for us and for the world? What are the gains of ignoring how we are, what we are made of, where we are going? What is so exciting about not caring about the earth? Maybe, when we pretend that we do not know, it allows us to deny our responsibility. When we do not know the truth, we can not be blame for it? Maybe we are sick of responsibilities? Maybe we did it so much with so little results? Maybe we were tired of taking responsibilities? Maybe we took our responsibilities and it did not bring us what we expected? Maybe we did whatever we were supposed to do and it did not bring us what we were supposed to have. The shock was so bad, so violent and so intense that most of our ancestors decided that they would never be caught again on caring for the earth and they gave us that gene? They ended up hating everything. They no longer believed in anything. They did not want to hear about responsibilities. No matter what the elders did, they did not want to listen. They were hurt way too much and way too deep. Nothing that the wisest could do was able to touch them. Even the elders were just doing what they used to do without believing in it anymore. Everybody felt duped and they chose to be blind.

That might explain why only few people care about the truth or why we don’t want to know about our earth, about the world, about who we are and how we intermingle with everything. Where can we go in order to know? Who has that knowledge?

Before we imagine, perhaps we should know the impact of our imagination on the earth, the world and on us. If we lack the basic understanding of how the earth works, we would constantly act blindly and whatever it is that we do will be devastating not only for us but for the earth. If we care about what is sustaining us, we should then wonder about what we imagine and the consequences it has on us as a whole. Unfortunately we don’t. Therefore we act irresponsibly and without a clear knowledge of how the earth will react to the actions we take. We behave as people who are not able to see. We are in a situation where we expect the answer to come from outside of us, outside of the earth as if we were not able to take the measures that could help us move forward.

We don’t really know what our body is good for? We don’t know what the earth want and what it is standing for but we act vigorously as if our movements, our tests, our experimentations does not have any consequences on the earth and us. Why do we act this way? Why don’t we care? Why don’t we take the time to see the world, to learn about it? What exactly the earth did to us that made us so unwilling to discover it before acting on it?

What is it about the earth that our ancestors and us were so scared of that we decided that it was better to be in the dark about it instead of knowing about it? What do we remember collectively about the earth that frightened us so much that we decided that we rather be blind about what it could do to us? What caused our apparent separation from the earth? What triggered our lack of interest for the earth? What made us uninterested about the earth? Why are we dishonest with the earth?

What did it do to us that provoke such a huge fear? What did it do to us that we have such a hard time to forgive? Or what did we do that we have difficulties to forgive ourselves for? Perhaps what we did was so horrible that we chose to be blind about it? What are we hiding from ourselves? What pact did we sign that made us so blind about our world? And mostly what did we get in return? And at the end was it worth it?

So before we imagine anything about the world, about us, about our future, about the earth, let’s remember to learn about all of it because we might end up doing more damage than good. Most of all let’s learn what imagination is. It might help us to bring on earth something that would be good for all the parties involved.



  1. notjeffery said,

    August 12, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    I have asked myself many of these questions and pondered many of these thoughts. It’s unreal how foolish we actually are, yet we pride ourselves in our so called knowledge.


    • crazyreal said,

      August 12, 2010 at 12:51 pm

      thanks again!!

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