Victim of its success

Victim of our success part 1

It had been a couple of hundred years since the island of Ladoua was ruled by the Noso family. They were apparently among the first who came on the island and started to organise a kind of society for those who were with them. They had very little things to survive on so they hunted and fished to survive. Step by step, they built houses and created a market among them. The police and the military had to mostly be involved in rescuing people when the island was flooded, when there was a fire or when rare individuals had to be arrested because they were drinking and started to break things around them.

With time, the army was organised in a way that in addition to the regular army, every men in the island had to give four months of their life to the army. He would either join the navy or the army on the ground. As for the children, they were all involved in different duties around the island. It included keeping it clean, helping different families with their daily tasks, learning a profession or learning how to do many different things that could be good for island future or for the present day. Each year, they were accepting on their island more and more people and they integrating them in their way of living. They lived and prospered as such for a very long time.

The Noso had been part of this process every step of the way. They were not necessarily the richest but their involvement in every aspect of the life of the island was just a fact. It was both looked for and appreciated by everybody. They were known to be very good diplomats, excellent negotiators and most of all ready to sacrifice their own position to arrive to an agreement. They were not ruling the island like kings but they had been successful in bringing people together to create the environment they were in. Everybody was participating to the island development and that’s the way the people liked it. The need to find consensus and to have peaceful relations were at the heart of the belief of the people of that island. They were raised to believe that. Reaching those goals became for them as natural as breathing air. Whenever a situation came up, their sole motivation was to solve it as quickly as they could. All this was made possible thanks to the effort the Noso family did to maintain the island in that frame of mind. Indeed since the first Noso arrived in the island, he did everything he could to live by that standard. He had implemented this way of thinking right at the beginning of their arrival and people followed his steps and never diverted from them. The Noso’s heir over the centuries were always involved in island affairs and never ceased to represent those qualities.

The island was not known to be the richest but a calm one. If someone wanted to immigrate there, he had to settle for a life that was calm. It was not that there were no activities there but since everybody was involved in the life of the city, even if they were going crazy, they always had a sense that they would be the one cleaning after. Or the people next to the ones disturbing felt like it was their duty and their role as citizen to interfere in order to avoid that the situation got worst because the island was not only their home but they were the ones in charge. They had to do something to avoid it being something worst than he could have been. So it limited the excesses that could be observed in other parts of the world. Since the island was not particularly rich, it never really attracted most powerful nations to invade it. On the contrary, they saw it as a place that was odd at best and of no importance at worst. This vision of the island kept it safe and protected from any country around. The Noso family and the islanders maintained this view of the island in order to avoid any appetite from surrounding countries. It was indeed so for a long time.

Over the centuries, the island grew bigger in terms of population. They had more products than their population would ever need. At the beginning in order to solve this problem, they welcomed more people in the island every year than they usually would have done. Bringing more people in the island to enjoy the life they had was a thank you gesture to their creator who loved them so much and had appreciated the sacrifices and the way they were living that He gave them in excesses the island products. This only confirmed them that their vision of life was the right one. They were on the right path.

It was an easy and temporary fix for them. The people they brought in the island not only ate the food and used the goods but they created even more of those. They were back to square one. Since they did not want to through those excesses away and the island realized that no matter how many people they would bring in, it would not be enough to swallow the surplus their economy was creating, they decided to sell the excesses to the surrounding countries.

The three surrounding countries were buying their products massively. The island was creating more and more ships to deliver their goods and products to those countries. Their products had the reputation of being valuable, resistant, beautifully crafted, strong and amazing. They were not only exchanging with the three countries surrounding them but their navigators went beyond the seas navigators from those surrounding countries would normally ventured themselves. It is not that the navigators from the surrounding countries were not going in those places but they did it in lesser number than the one of the island. The Ladoua navigators had to go there in number because for them it was a matter of crisis in their country. They needed to get rid of their surpluses or their economy and way of life would vanish. The Ladoua council from which the Noso were the chief encouraged their traders to go beyond the places known by building ships of goods and military ships to protect them while they were trading. They sold their products, goods and food to those places and brought back theirs and sold them to their population and the surrounding countries. The reputation of the island started to change. Indeed it was no longer a place of no importance but a rich place and the surrounding countries had their eyes on it. Ladoua Island was known all over the world because of its merchants and the exchange they were doing.

The level of trades increased so much that many countries that were around that island needed more and more of the goods and food coming from Ladoua. They grew dependent of the island. The exchanges touched many aspects. It was not only the economical aspect, there were also the arts, culture and most of all the way things were organized in the island. Many writers and scholars from the countries which were trading and exchanging with the island impressed by Ladoua success came in the island and learnt about their structure of their system. They published books about it in their countries and those ideas were diffused inside the surrounding countries and elsewhere. The amount of trades they were making brought an enormous quantity of knowledge in Ladoua. Many scientists, astrologist, astronomers, biologist, mathematicians, philosophers were dreaming to be accepted in Ladoua schools or libraries in order to learn. The people interested in the social problems of their countries started to think and call for a change of attitude of their government toward their population. They wanted to replicate in their countries what was done in Ladoua.

The government of those countries were already interested in invading the island for its economical resources but now that it was the source of the a more serious problem which is the structure of their power, there was no way their were going to let the island survive for long. They started a campaign in the press suggesting that the products they were selling were poisoning the population. They said that God could have never put such a wealth in such a small island. It was probably because they had signed a pact with the devil that they were able to be so rich. It was the devil money. It was probably their duty to destroy that island to prevent it from spreading its tentacles around them and lured them into the hands of Satan. They increased taxes on all the products of the island and they sent pirates that would destroy and sink every ship that island had.

The Noso family chief gathered the council of the island and the problem was laid down in front of the members. He explained that no one would have foreseen such consequences when their families arrived in the island. After many years of hard work spent at organizing their island, their homes, families, their agriculture and their life among them, they were now victims of their success. He told them that he knew that envy would be around the corner the moment they started to trade with others countries but they would have never anticipated the kind of hatred that was going on against them at the present moment in the countries that were surrounding them. He gave them the news of the taxes being enormously increased on the goods, products and food that were coming from their island and worst than that was the campaign in which they were called the sons and daughters of evil because of the way they managed their affairs. He added that he read newspapers that were saying that products coming from their island were poisoned in order to kill them.

He told them that those countries had only one objective and it was to take of their island. Few diplomats indeed had came earlier from each of those countries and proposed to protect them against any invasion from the other should they accept to give them almost 4/5th of the money they made each year. The problem was not just the money. They were also asking us to change the way we do our affair here. “They wanted us to adopt their way of living when we spent centuries trying to get where we are now. They want us to renounce to everything that we are. Our island is victim of its success” he said.

Victim of its success part 2

After Noso presented the situation, some members of the council wondered what could be done to protect their island. Merchants said that they had the best marine and military equipments. It was time for the island to shift its position on not using the means they had to protect themselves. They argued that diplomacy had proven to be a failure in the world they were living. They had endured the numerous humiliations even though they had everything to defend themselves and unfortunately, they chose not to do so. Indeed their knowledge, their material, their money, their manpower and the space they had should have prevented them to be the subject of such ridicule. Regretfully, their reliance on old precepts that were useful when Ladoua was still at the beginning of its evolution put them in a position that even the poorest nation do not bare. They insisted that the council moved away from its legendary position of peace. It was about time they joined the nations which had military power to protect their wealth, their way of life and what their ancestors took many years to build. They said that the military on the ground was ready to fight since they trained themselves four months per year. They did not understand why the council was not using them when they spent so much time and money training them. The increase in the military budget gave them the best equipment and their training was more efficient than ever. They were the best trained military any nations could have. With the knowledge they have and their will, it would not be to long before their military marine reached an unprecedented level. It was their duty to move in that direction.

Noso looked at everyone and agreed. He told them that he would do what needs to be done to protect the island like his family has always done in the past. They all voted for the budget increased. The council ordered ships, guns, canons, everything that the army needed to defend the island. Everybody was thrilled. Excitement gained everyone. It has been such a long time that they had been training without a reason that when the time and the reason came, they were ecstatic.

As they were building additional war machines to increase their army, the others three nations decided to attack them before they were ready. Since the island had rejected each protection offer proposal made by each of those three countries, they decided to join forces and launched an invasion of the island. Ladoua was alone against all of them. Noso ordered the repatriation of all the military ships the island had around the world which were protecting the merchants’ ships to comeback around the island and defend it. He also demanded that all merchants’ ships that were from the island to be transformed as quickly as possible into a war ships with canons.

Even though they knew the war was coming soon, they had not anticipated that it would have come that early in time. Nonetheless, they were able to face the three nations which were trying to invade their island. Their advantage in navigation proven to be very important when they defended themselves against those nations. They were able to destroy the navy of those countries after two years of constant navy battle. After their defeat on the sea, the moral of the troops of those countries went down. The islanders went on the offensive. The attacked the coast of those countries and broke their defence easily. Those countries had hoped for a quick war. They had not anticipated that Ladoua would be able to resist even if they were not fully prepared. They had spent so much money to build their ships because they knew that the only way to win against Ladoua was on the sea. They wanted to defeat Ladoua on the sea. They had not imagined that Ladoua could defeat them and above all, attack them on the ground. Therefore, they almost had no military men to defend their soil. The money they spent building the ships and the resistance Ladoua shown during the war, emptied their finances making it impossible for them to sustain any effort when Ladoua attacked their coast. They could not resist for a long period of time. They were only able to stay in battle for a period of six months before being defeated.

For the first time in its history, Ladoua went to war and won against the biggest nations around them. They defeated them and people were extremely excited and happy. They celebrated for a long time. The council met again and everybody congratulated the wisdom once again of Noso and he told them that they were able to do so because they were united and they remained themselves during that period of war. After talking about the reconstruction effort, he told them that they were facing an even more challenging period ahead.

Indeed behind the victory they had, laid in front of them immense problems for their future. It was as if their growth and everything they had was pushing them to be even more exposed to the events they just went through. They were extremely dependent on the nations they defeated and their economies were destroyed by the war they launched against Ladoua. A choice needed to be made as soon as possible and that choice would simply determine the way they were going to live after.

The military superiority they enjoyed, gave them a tremendous advantage against their enemy and that explained why they won the war. Now that their enemy was destroyed, somebody needed to rule those lands. They could get out of those countries and go back to their business as usual taking the risk of finding themselves ten years from now in the same war situation with people better trained, better equipped with a better moral.

Or they could send their military with the best equipment known to mankind on the ground over there and rule those lands with the locals help. Basically they would make the people of those lands work for them as what their kings were asking them to do previously before they attacked them. They refused to submit themselves. The risk in this situation was that it would require an incredible amount of time and money to administer those nations and to support a police that would control the movement of their population.

Those nations were huge and their kings had problems to control their lands with their own military and police force. If they entered there, what made them believed that they would be better at not only dealing with land observation and the war between the different clans involved in those three countries in addition to the natural hatred they resistance they will oppose to us when we will be in their territory.

Whether they choose to go this way or the other one, what they had fought for against those countries which was to maintain their life style would simply be lost forever. From a country which was peaceful, calm and did not want to be involved in others countries affair, they would become a warrior state, deeply enrolled into every country foreign and military affair and business exchanges and spy tactics. With time, the risk of war against their island will further increased.

Success in business triggered a war that involved four countries already. The wealth and organization that they managed to create brought many good things in their island but now they were at the center of the world. Their ability to connect every part of the world, culture, products made them “the eyes of the world”. It was a very special place. People around the world needed them, loved them and wanted to take their place.

The choice they were confronted with was no easy choice. The three kings who gave them the ultimatum were right about something, they needed to make a choice about their way of being and it had to be sooner than later because the time they spent thinking about it, they could be facing another war. Those three kings succeeded in one thing at least with the war they launched against Ladoua. They wanted Ladoua to adopt their vision of life. Ladoua did and way better than those kings would have expected.

After this war, Ladoua could not go back to business as usual. Everything was changed. It would take a miracle in order for Ladoua to escape the change in vision the whole universe was calling them for. Noso knew it and wanted to find a way to preserve the island from becoming nation on the attack or on the defence.  

Victim of its success part 3

During the council meeting, the debate was fierce and they could not come to an agreement. They left the council without taking a decision. As he went home, Noso decided to look around the city. He looked at all the activities around him. He knew that human beings were always acting in their interests but what they did not know was that God was using their interests to make them do what He/She wanted them to do. He was wondering if everything they have done was to arrive there. They have been for such a long time an island of peace and they were about to become a nation that was going to behave like every others nations.

He was not able to wrap up his head around those thoughts. He would have never believed that he would be the one guy of his family by whom wars came and who engaged radically his people into it. The fact remained that after the war they would never going to be the same but he did not know exactly what they would be. Nothing was clear. The solutions he introduced in the council did not please him. He was worry about them. Could the economical performances of their island be blamed for the situation they were in? Should the people of their island be blamed for what they were able to achieve and create? Of course they could not. It did not make sense to do so.

Ladoua became the center of world because they were able to bring everything that was created in the world in their island and from there, they were able to either distributed or replicated and distributed around the world. It was the link between the different continents. In every corner of the world, people had seen Ladoua ships coming and going with lots of materials. Their main purpose over years was to trade around the world. They had many facilities that were given to them by every coastal port because they were able to negotiate the fees and to appear as non violent. Others nations were not able to do that because they usually came as aggressors and conquerors. Ladoua did not want to change the lives and principles of the ports that allowed them entrance. They just wanted to stop and buy some goods and they usually took off after.

With their new found reputation, others countries would fear them and probably would try to prevent them from continuing to trade. If all that was to stop, the collapse of their economy would be certain since they were depending on trade to survive. The population had increased so much and had reached level that no one would have anticipated in ages. They arrived from many different parts of the world. They all came for the wealth of the island and they were welcomed because they represented an opportunity to buy the products that the Ladoua people were making. The structure of their society was solid not only because they have managed to maintain their old customs, traditions and habits but also because their society was able to provide for everyone. If now, their system failed to do so, Noso feared that the economical downfall would trigger the destruction of what his family and the people of Ladoua suffered to establish.

Without knowing, the system they have created over the years was now dictating them the way they should behave. The connections they had with the world brought them to this situation and demanded that they behave as countries that would not be scared to go to war to protect their interest. In doing so, they would always need to be on the offensive. Before people were just seeing their goods, now they would see their army before anything else. Anyway, the survival of the island demanded it and there was nothing he could do about it except to submit himself.

He could not stop the growth of their economy even if he would have wanted to. The people of Ladoua were at the service of the world because they had so many interconnections with the world. They made all the faces of the earth touched themselves by participating in the exchanges and trades of products. They initiated many of the sea roads that led from one place to another. They needed to protect that aspect of their involvement in the world. At that particular moment, the world needed them to accomplish that task. No other nation had the capacity, the will, the money and the knowledge to do what they were doing at the scale they were doing it and as quickly as they were doing it. Of course, if they were to collapse, others nations would take over their place slowly but surely. He understood that it was only temporary privilege they enjoyed. Even if their adamant supremacy was obvious at this point in time, many nations were trying to catch up with them. Having said that, it was only fair to say that Ladoua had the best products in the world at the lowest cost because of the knowledge, the investment they put in ships building, their negotiations skills and the risk their navigators took to always go further allowed a distance between them and anyone who dare tried to compete.

With time, competition would only increase and the natural movement of nations would be to try to maintain their advantage by keeping safe havens or territories where they would be the only one to get the best prices. The means to that politic is usually the use of their military power. Therefore countries would start competing to conquer as many nations as they can in the world. Indeed the more nations they would have on their map, the lower the price of the goods they create would be and the more advantageous they would have compare to similar products in the world. If Ladoua did not take that road because of its moral stand, it would find itself crumbling behind after being in an admirable situation for such a long time. Could he really allow that to happen?

Of course he could not. Even if he would have wanted, the member of the council would make a coup to prevent such a scenario from happening. The system was stronger than anyone at this point. There was nothing he could do about it. What he was able to do though was to get a clear understanding of how it worked in order to influence it in one way or another. He even thought of learning how the system worked to the point of being able to move it in a way that it would generate the least amount of destruction of their core beliefs and troubles between nations.

He arrived in his house and his wife gave him a tea. As he drunk the tea, he realized that he had found the new task for the Noso family. He knew what he would fight for. It would not be easy because powerful elements were pushing the system to go in a direction of constant war but knowing what he was able to do and what he could not was a source of great comfort. He would try to implement it for the generation ahead. Right at the beginning of their post war era, it was really important that they followed a set of directions that would make their population and themselves followed the laws of the universe. In doing so, he would behave just like his first ancestor and his surrounding did when they first arrived in the island.

Ladoua was not the eye of the world because its merchants were trading all over the world. Its merchants were trading everywhere because its population could see through the system. They were able to do so because they did not allow the world to make them smaller or bigger than what they were. They knew who they were by taking the time to see what was going on around and inside them. Their ability to do that made them, the eye of the world. They moved according to the movement of the world. They were not opposing it nor pushing it. They were simply moving with it. They kept on following the laws of the universe although the system appeared to demand that they changed who they were in order to become something that they were not.

Their victory over the years was not that they became rich or powerful or knowledgeable. It was that they remained who they were no matter what happened around. They could do that because the structure of their life allowed them to do that right at the beginning. No one could miss it. It was their duty to get there from the moment they were born to the end. Many were able to realize it. When Noso and his entourage arrived in the Island back in the days, they quickly established those rules to guide them through the challenges. After winning their first war, it was again Noso and this time the council instead of his entourage who would be able to see through the system that what was important for their population was to follow the laws of the universe even in time of war. We are not just good people in times of peace but also in times of wars and crimes.

Running away from their duty because presumably because they were in dark ages would be as if they were abandoning the source of all lives. If life required that good people be in extraordinary situations, it was because only their vision would be able to provide a light into the mess everybody is. The people of Ladoua were following the laws of the universe. In addition to that, Ladoua was the nation that was trading the most in the universe. Those two factors combined gave their island a privileged position on earth because the universe could use it to achieve goals that were important to either earth or the galaxy. The irony was that most probably everything would be done without us ever knowing or even hearing about it. In order to serve the universe, Ladoua needed to remain seated on the laws of the universe. Its self-awareness was a gift that made them useful to God. Was there a greater purpose than to serve the almighty?

Ladoua was not the victim of its success. Being the eye of the world, they needed to be at the center of the world in order to influence it in one direction or another according to what the universe wanted. Noso and his entourage once again took them to the path.



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