Ugly girl

An ugly girl named Sophia was walking toward the metro sherbrooke in Montreal when two guys and three girls started laughing at her. She went in front of them and asked them if there was something funny about her.

They looked at her and said that they could not help themselves laughing because her face was way out of the ordinary. The moment they saw her, they could not stop laughing. It was beyond their control. They would have preferred not to act this way but there was nothing they could have done to stop it. They understood that it must be embarrassing for you but what do you want to do? If we could not control it, should we force ourselves? How far are we suppose to take this respectful behaviour? Would you have preferred that we laughed behind your back after you passed by us? Would you have felt better? Is it our fault if your face is way out of this world? What is it about our laughs that make you think that they are necessarily evil? We can apologize and are ready to do so but is it really the solution? Why can’t you be proud of that face and think that anywhere you go, people would notice you? People would die to have any kind of attention? You are lucky to have people scrutinizing you. They either have pity, sadness, jokes, hatred, and compassion toward you. They know you are in the place. Many people go by and no one cares for them. You on the other hand, everybody is aware of your presence. You should be happy.

Sophia told them that she had thought of the problem in the past and had turned it inside out and outside in. She could only say that first of all, she was a human being. It meant that whenever somebody was doing or saying something to her, it was affecting her. She had heard so many things in her life that at one point, she started to believe what people were saying about her. Since it was only negative things that people generally said about her, she started to doubt herself. I understand it is not your concerns nor it is your problems but what you do have consequences on my mental. The comments about me are rarely positive and when they come close to positive it is generally to offer pity for the face I have.

They answered her that she was living in a fantasy world. People would always react at her look and she should be accustomed to it by now. What could she really do? Was she going to talk to people every time they would laugh when they see her? The best way for her was to ignore and pretend that she did not hear it hoping that with time, people would grow into liking her face or even seeing it as a regular one. As long as people see it as something new or different, they would react to it but the moment they would be used to her face, it would no longer matter to them.

Sophia said that the sequence of events did not always follow that road. Sometimes after laughing, people often started to hate her and attacked her. They thought of her as less than a human being. They came after her thinking that because she was ugly, they could do or say anything and it would be alright. Guys would ask to sleep with her thinking that they would have an easy ride. They probably thought that because of her ugliness, she would say yes to everything. Those guys probably see themselves as doing her a favour by asking her to sleep with them. It is almost an act of charity. They behaved with me with the most vulgar way possible. They see me as a sexual tool that they can disrespect.

When I show them that I am behaving like a regular girl, they get offended. Their ego is hurt because I have not jumped on them and thanked God that they did me the favour of asking me to sleep with them. They can not stand the fact that even an ugly girl did not accept to sleep with them. Because I am ugly I am supposed to accept to sleep with them who ever they are as if that was my destiny. If I don’t nobody would understand even the girls. They feel like I should not ask for much given the face that I have. When I dare say that I do not want to be seen like that or I say that I want more which is what everybody is entitled, they all get mad and wonder if I am not being unreasonable. They even hate me for wanting more than what they had in mind for me.

The fact is when you see me and you laugh, there is a transformation in you. By authorizing yourself to laugh at my expenses, you give yourself the right to cast myself aside. Once it is done, I am no longer like you. The moment you believe that, you give yourself the right to do all the things you would have never done to a girl with a more conventional face. Your laughs are just the beginning of a process that would make you do the most outrageous things in the world to me. It would be ok for you because you would have laugh at me. I have seen this play several times. You will try to force me to make choice that you will never offer to either your sister or daughter but because I am ugly, you will feel like the only thing I deserve is those horrible choices. If I dare say no to what you are offering me, you will reject me even more because I would not have done what you want. Ugliness does not mean that I have to be submitted to you.

I am sorry for you if you have failed to submit the world to what you want but it does not give you the right to try on me because you think that my ugliness will force me to accept your will. Ugliness does not mean that I have to hide myself and agree with everything you will say because that is the only way for me to make friends or to have a man in my life. I am not begging for anybody support or love. I am not your slave and by the way, even slaves resist. So why should you be surprised that I am not doing what you want.

I am just an ugly girl and you should wonder why does it only call the worst in you instead of the best?



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