Twin Sisters

Sacha was in the bus leaving downtown Montreal to go back to his apartment in the east side of the city. While the bus was going from one stop to another, he was looking around and checking out girls in their summer dresses, small skirts, cleavage, jeans, size of their breast, their legs, their arms and how the whole ensemble was moving together. He liked every part of it. He enjoyed the show.

When the bus arrived at the station named Parc on Sherbrooke Street, two beautiful twins blond entered. They both had jeans and sandals. Although their top was both black, one had a tight shirt with a small dentelle around the neck that was covering her shoulders. The other had a very tiny shirt that shown most of her belly to the public. Her cleavage was allowing the people around and to the pleasure Sacha eyes and his fantasies to easily see her breast when she bended over to reach her seat. 

Her breasts were firm, young, sensual, fresh, of a perfect size, not too big or too small and they were holding up very well. The one with the tiny shirt had her hair done and perfectly arranged as for the other, her hair was probably the same when they left their place in the morning but she had attached it probably because of the heat. However, when she arrived in the bus, she unfolded them, moved them with her left hand in order to straighten them and Sacha dreamt at that moment that he would have like to be the one doing that for her. Although he was not close to the twins, his hands moved a little to reach her hair and her neck almost like a natural movement. Luckily for him the distance between him and the twins was big enough to allow him to realize that he was loosing it and was not thinking straight.

Seeing her fixing her hair while walking with her sister gave him such a thrill that it lifted all his inhibitions to the point that his fingers moved toward her. Thanks to the distance there was between them, he came back to his sense and was able to stop what would have been consider as an attempt to rape of violate their body. It would have been a total destruction of his dreams and a rude come back to reality. Then again, they were really unique as well as mysterious and he would have got the chance to touch them. Maybe that was the price he had to pay in order to be close to them. It was the one and only time an opportunity like this would present itself in front of him. Maybe his gesture would have been appreciated and people around him would have applauded him for his courage and courtesy and they would have invited him to his place and they would have made love like crazy people. Unfortunately for Sacha, he was on earth and such behaviours are condemned and he would have been thrown in jail should he had behaved like that. For a moment he got lost in his non realistic desire but he came slowly back to reality when somebody punched the ring to signal the bus driver that he would get down at the next stop.

Leaving his dreams aside which only added to the mystery the twins’ sisters radiated around them, he decided that instead of staying in his head, he would focus on them until he arrived home.

They were listening to music through the same Ipod and headset. Sacha observed the similarities and the differences. He did not know what attracted him to those two beautiful twin blond girls. One had a grey bag and the other had a reddish Jamaican one.

He could not help thinking about how it would be to sleep with them. Even though he realized that it was very much cliché he said to himself that it must come with the territory. One had to think about it especially if the twin girls were that sexy and sensual.

Sacha was so mesmerized by them that when the bus arrived at his stop, he did not want to get out. He hesitated and asked himself what he had to loose if he would stay in the bus and pleasured his eyes until they got down. Would they ever know that he was doing that? Would they mind? Nobody would get hurt and he would not risk jail for that. It was not as if he had something else to do. Everything was wide opened for him to continue with them. He needed to enjoy their presence even if it was from distance. He wanted and craved it.

After reviewing everything in his head, he chose to get down because he knew that sometimes, it was better to let things go and stay with a good memory than to keep on going and ending up doing something that he would regret later or having a distasteful feeling in his heart. He had already seen how his hands moved without him realizing, who could say what would have been his reaction if he had decided to follow them. Maybe he would not have been able to control himself and act violently. Nobody knows.

He therefore looked at them for the last time and said good bye in his head. He stepped out and went to cross Papineau Street to go to his apartment. As he was walking, he looked behind him to see if he could have one last look at the angels who were in the bus and he saw the twin sisters walking in his direction. Maybe, they had decided to follow him.



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