Traditions revisited

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Once upon the time, traditions were implemented to help us. God sent his messengers in order to show us the way. After careful observation of our behaviours, they realised that it was too difficult for us to just be. Temptations and tricks were way too high for our soul to handle just in one life no matter how long was that life. The messengers who were on earth and the ones who had left already sat on a table and discussed how they could make it easier for us to follow the path of God.

They schemed multiple solutions and they all agreed that they were too complicated for our simple minds. They needed something that was going to be simple, easy to understand, easy to implement and once implemented, it will roll alone. When they went to see God with their findings, he told them that they should be aware that corruption can come from every place and every angle. They told Him that those rules were simple and everybody would be able to follow them and if they do, they will ultimately fall into Your Path.

God listened to their arguments and asked them how they would call it. They looked at themselves and they answered: “TRADITIONS”. He looked at them and realised that there was no way they were going to change their ideas. He told them: “I gave you all my powers, I gave you all the love I have in me, I gave you me. I want you to be me. You don’t really need my advices to do that. You are all part of me. You are Me. The authorization to do that can not come from Me because You have the answers within you. I am in You. When you come and ask me to approve what you want to do, you behave no better than the humans who are on earth. Stop looking for my approval. Listen to what is within you. If you are not able to act that way by now, how do you expect the humans to act? As their guides, you still behave as if you depended on me. Follow what is in You and you will see. Since you came to me with an open heart, I have to tell you the whole truth. Do as your heart is telling you.”

The messengers stood there not knowing what to think about the answer God gave them. Noah told them that it has been a long time he has not been on earth. He no longer knew how things were down there and would exclude himself from the vote. Moses said that he never got a chance to go in the promise land therefore he would not be qualified to be part of the decision process. Abraham said that he was too old for these games. He would watch maybe give advices but he would vote neither for it nor against it.

Buddha, Jesus and Mohamed and few others were left there. Buddha reminded them that God said that the answer was within them. Jesus added that they had already discussed about it and they came to the conclusion few minutes earlier that the best decision was to implement the “TRADITIONS” and now they were all having doubts about it. He told them they were not consistent. Mohamed said that: we should all be submitted to what God said and if I remember correctly He told us to do what we thought was right. After we carefully listened to what was within our heart, we came up with this solution. We asked for his approval and he told us that we were no longer kids. Since this Council of Prophets agreed with these rules called TRADITIONS, I said we should implement them”. Jesus and Buddha agreed and all the others said: “yes”.

After the decision was taken, they picked up some humans and sent them on earth to promote and lead the movement of traditions. Everything went according to plan and humans followed the rules and they were happy for about three generations. The fourth generation far away from the enthusiasm of letting themselves being restrained from the rules of the traditions started to question its necessity. There was a revolt against the traditions. All the people who were living from the observance of traditions lost their power, their advantages and recognition. They were laughed at, ridiculed, mocked, embarrassed and rejected.

The one who took power went ballistic against every rule. They rejected everything that was implemented before. They decided to test everything. Mums slept with their sons, sisters and brothers made love and had children. They started drinking alcohol, beating each other for no good reasons, torturing each other, plotting against one another, killing others humans just for the fun of it. The children who were born from the sexual relations between dads and daughters, brothers and sisters, mums and sons were all deformed. They were rejected but they slept together and formed a race of deformed. Since they were mocked and rejected by everyone, they stayed together, grew stronger and launched a civil war that killed lots of people and after ten years of struggle, they won and controlled everything.

Once in power, their clan decided to force everyone to have sexual intercourses within their family in order to whip out the race that mocked them. They established the new and beautiful race: the one they belong to. They called themselves the pure ones. Everybody did as they were told and degeneration entered into the cities. Everybody was sick. None of the newborns were of regular physical appearances. They all had default. Nothing was like it used to be. There was no respect in the streets, hatred was everywhere and deformity and diseases spread rapidly.

The Council of Prophets looked at it and decided not to interfere. They wanted to let the process go till the end. They wanted to see what would be the outcome of the decisions that humans beings took. As the situation went from bad to worst and from worst to unbearable, the left over humans who had resisted the movement launched for the new race started to plot in order to take power. They had one thing in mind which was to re-establish traditions at all cost. It did not matter the means and ways. They had only one goal and it was to implement those traditions.

Since the power in place was too weak to resist, it did not take long before they managed to take power. When they took control of everything, they realised that it was impossible to change the population in one shoot. They had taken some habits that were difficult to change. No one wanted to or knew why they had to follow those restrictions. Seven generations had already past since the “TRADITIONS” were implemented and no one knew why they were standing for. Even the one in power did not know. The only thing they knew was that they wanted change the situation they were in and the way to do that was to implement the traditions. They decided to do and to find a reason later.

Facing this difficulty and given the urgency they were to save the left over population, they decided that it would be easier to force people to follow them by beating them. They needed allies to do their deeds. They organized the society according to the strongest one. They gave lots of power to the men and told them that it was their role to make sure that society would not fall into the stupidities it went through during the last three generation. If their sons were seeing sleeping with their sisters, it would be their fault and they would be killed. They were the one who needed to beat them before such thing could happen. The same went for women. If they slept with their sons, they were going to be killed. They forbade women to go out on their own. They gave fathers and brothers full control of the women of the family. They regulated the way marriage would be done and there was nothing that anybody could say about it. They implemented a time to have sexual relations. They eliminated the talks about sex in every discussion. They banned it and anyone who would be found talking about it was going to be sentenced to death. They also put a certain time to have sex. If anyone was cut having sex outside of those hours, death was to follow. Life became extremely controlled and everybody was under surveillance.

With those extreme measures, they managed to save the human race from destruction. Unfortunately, what was done out in open when the deformed took power was now done in silence at home when brothers were forcing their sisters or cousins to sleep with them. Sometimes fathers were doing the same to their daughters, nieces, sons or nephews. Everybody knew about it but no one dare talked about it because they were scared of the consequences for their life and the reputation of their family. If a girl would denounce it, she would humiliate not only herself but her family as well. No one was ready to let that happen.

From there, it was easy for men to extend the reach of their control toward women. It became a game between them. Since it was inevitable for them to realise that what they were doing was wrong, they called it love. This was the way they were showing how they loved their sisters, mothers, and daughters. They taught women to love every little aspect the control they had over them. They even pushed them so far that when they did not have that control, they were not happy. It was a sign of lack of interest of their men toward them. They even begged for that control. Women were showing off when they were together about how controlled they were. They were proud to be controlled and diminished. Traditions had taken the best out of them. They were no longer functioning regularly. When some of them disagreed, they were beaten by their brothers, fathers, or husbands until they accepted.

Several generations later, people were embroiled into those traditions and were suffering the consequences of following them without understanding them. Men did not know how to get ride of it and women did not know how to take it out of their body. They were strangled by them and they did not even know it. They pretended that they loved it when actually all it did was to make them hate the fact that they were girls. They did not know how to make themselves happy. Instead of supporting their lives, traditions became something that they had to support.

Buddha looked at everything from the top and said: “well, at leas they are no deformity now”. Jesus answered: “They will always surprise me”. Mohamed laughed and said: “well, I guess traditions were not that much of a good idea”. Moses repeated himself: “I have never been authorized to set foot in the Promised Land but I know that this was definitely not what it was supposed to be. Then Sarah, Abraham’s wife came and told them: “instead of making stupid jokes, maybe, they should revisit the traditions”. Abraham said: “well, my wife was always right before me. It is written in the Torah. I think we should do what she said. Ezekiel asked if they should ask God what he thought about it. All the others looked at him and said: “Dude, last time we did that, we got screwed. I am not going to do the same mistake. Beside, the events that we witnessed are only the proof that whatever we are going to do, humans will find way to change it from its original intends.” Osiris, Isis and Horus came and ended the discussion by saying: “we can only try. We can only try.”

And this is how traditions were revisited.




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