To be entirely me

I have tasted your wine and since then, I am sober

I have seen your footsteps and since then, I want to walk like you

I have listened to your advices and the consequences were immediate in my life. Since then, I want to hear some more

I felt that you touched me from time to time and since then, it is enveloped in You that I want to be

Erase the memories of what I thought I was and let me be the one I do not imagine to be

Show me entirely who I am. Surprise me with what you know of me that You have not revealed to me yet

I am moving my thoughts toward You and I am transforming them into thoughts of compassion, kindness prosperity, healing, peace and love in order to make each step of mine, your step

Together, we are creating each of the steps we are making. Our steps are now one step. My feet became yours and your walk is now done through them. There is no difference between you and me now. We are the same.

It is in you that I became the real me. By allowing you to be entirely in me, I became entirely me



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