The Lion and The Mouse

Once upon the time, there was a baby lion who stepped outside the territory of his parents and got lost in the woods. He tried to come back but he was not able to. His parents, brothers and sister went looking for him but were unable to find him. They spread the word around the forest that if any animal would have any news about their baby, they would be extremely pleased and would be obliged to the person who would find him.

Our baby lion ended up in a distant area from his parents’ territory. He was scared. He saw a whole where he decided to take refuge. When he entered he saw a mouse and it looked frighten and frozen by his presence. It was already thinking about a way to divert the attention of the lion in order to leave the whole without being eaten. The mouse was surprised when the lion asked if it could sleep in his house because he was extremely tired. Fearful of the reaction the lion might have if it refused, the mouse quickly answered: “of course you can” and the baby lion just fell down. Before the lion completely past out, it mumbled with a small voice that his name was Lionel and he was lost. He was hoping that his parents would come and take him back. He asked what the name of the mouse was and the mouse answered: “Mielo” and then Lionel slept.

Mielo observed the lion and was afraid to wake him up. Mielo left the whole and ran. He was angry that the lion stayed at his place because it was forcing him to run away and find a different house again. He was thinking that it is not because they are lions that they can do everything they want. It took me a lot to find that whole. Now that everything was fixed, he just came and took it. Mielo was not pleased to have to do it all over again. Anyway, what could he do? He needed to find a different house or he would be eaten. He should consider himself happy to be alive.

On his way, he thought of the events that took place earlier. He was thinking that it was odd that a lion would come and sleep in a whole and especially was asking him, the mouse if he could sleep in his house. Usually, when a mouse feels the lion’s presence, it runs right away to avoid being used as lunch or dinner. This one was different. Something was not normal. This lion did not display any aggressive behaviour toward him. Mielo went on thinking that maybe it was his luck.

Since his parents had been eaten by a tiger, Mielo had lived alone. He was forced out of many whole by either others mousses, rats, or others animals. He did not have any reliable friend and had been wise enough to survive so far. He had always wished to have somebody he could talk to and trust since his parents died. He had always envisioned any friendship he had with either a mouse or at worst a rat. He was never opened or had never thought that he could interest anybody else. If even the mousses did not want him, it was not the others animals who will have the idea of having him as a friend. 

Tired of being alone though, he started thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to have a friend who is different like a lion. Nobody would ever disturb him if he was a friend to a lion.

Then he thought about what he needed to do to earn the lion trust. He revisited his memory and saw how all the encounters he had with mousses or rats that left him disappointed. He wondered what were they doing or what he did that gave him a bitter impression and made him run away from them. He did not want to make the same mistake than the ones he did that made his friends take him for a foul.

He decided that he would adopt a different behaviour than the one that left him a bitter taste before. He would not use the lion and dump him like the others did with him. He would not pretend to care in order to get what he wants and when he would receive it, he would leave him. He would really be interested in Lionel and would even help him find his parents. Mielo realized that before, he was too desperate to keep his friends with him. He was so scared of being alone that he was ready to do whatever it is that they wanted in order for them to stay with him. Unfortunately for him, whatever he had done so far had not been of any help. They always ended up leaving him.

Everything was clear in this situation. Lionel wanted to go back to his parents so whatever it is that Mielo would do, they would not be together at the end of the story. Mielo took the decision to accept that friends could not be always together forever but the time they had, he was going to do what ever was in his power to have the best friendship anyone would dream on.

He had a plan to find Lionel parents. He knew his way around and had turned in and out of many areas in the forest and the woods. When Lionel would wake up, he would tell him all about it. Remembering how tired the lion was, he went to look for food and brought it back to his previous whole. His precious friend was not yet awake. He looked at him with admiration. He had never been so close to a lion before. He realized that when they are sleeping they almost look like kind animal. He compared both hair and they were different. He wanted to touch him but he was scared to wake him up and frighten him and maybe risking for himself a bad scratch. Lionel was still a baby but he was already so big. He wondered if he had accumulated enough food. As Mielo wanted to step out to go look for more food, the lion caught him by his tail.

The Lion and the Mouse part 2

The mouse yelled and begged the lion to spare his life. Lionel looked at Mielo and asked if he was hurting him. Mielo answered that he was more afraid than in pain. He explained that it was the first time he was in the presence of a lion. He thought that he was going to eat him. The lion dropped him down and said that he could not do such a thing after he allowed him to sleep in his house. The mouse quickly showed him the food he had brought for him. Lionel jumped on it and Mielo said that if he would need more, they would go outside and he would show him where He could find food.

As they were going out to get more food for the lion, Mielo explained to Lionel that he had in mind nothing else than to find his parents. The lion was very happy that the mouse proposed to help him locate his family. He told him that he was certain that his parents would thank him and give him anything he would want to show their gratitude. Mielo said that he did not need a lot. All he had satisfied him amply. He already got everything he wanted. The lion was a bite perplexed and said that surely there was something that he wanted and the mouse looked at him and simply replied with a beginning of a sad face: “a friend”. A silent moment erupted after Mielo revealed what he wanted.

Lionel was wondering how it was possible that someone so courageous and kind like Mielo did not have any friend and how come he had such a sad face when he was talking about having a friend. He was talking as if he had never really had a friend. With all the population of animals surrounding the forest, one had to literally hide himself to avoid having friends. Little Lionel told him that if that was all he wanted, he would be his friend but he wanted to give him something else.

Mielo looked at the lion and asked that he thinks for a while before answering. Being a friend was not an easy task. He had learnt that the hard way. He told him that he realized that it was very much demanding. It required qualities that were not always easy to deliver on due time. The kind of trust, patience and submission to the love of the friend and of the friendship you have with him is a difficult task and maybe one that is above our reach.

Lionel listened and smiled. He looked at Mielo and said that he made friendship sound such a hard task that one would almost be scared to commit himself to it. He told him that as soon as they will find his family territory, they would all be friend of his all his life. He would be like a member of his family and they would treat him as a king. 

After they found food, Mielo asked his new found friend the name of his parents’ territories. He smiled because he knew exactly where it was. He asked the lion to follow him. Along their way, the lion asked about his friends and the mouse told him about his childhood without parents and the friends who always betrayed him. After telling the whole story, a silent came again between them.

Lionel told him that he wanted him to meet his mother. He said that he would like her right away because she was the softest, the more gentle and full of love person that he had met in his life so far. He said that she would be delighted to know you and she would never disappoint you. Although he had doubts about the existence of such a good environment, the mouse was thrilled and excited to meet this family that seemed to be so different.

Few hours later, when they arrived in Lionel parents’ territories, the lion jumped and ran to his parents who were so happy to see him and they called his brothers and sisters to come and welcome him. The mouse stood behind and was ready to be forgotten after they would have been reunified. After they expressed their happiness of seeing each other, they asked where he was for such a long time and Lionel turned back and introduced Mielo to everyone in his family. They all bowed down to him and thanked him for what he had done. They asked him what he wanted and Lionel said that he needed friends because he never actually had real ones. He told them his story.

Lionel’s mum came close to him and asked him to come and told him that he had nothing to fear there. He was among friends. Lionel was both shy and scared. The mum asked him to go on her back and she told him that he was going to need to trust now. Indeed if he did not trust things and others animals, no one would trust him. She told him that she was going to be patient with him but if he was not patient with himself, no matter what she was going to do, he would never be patient with himself. In order to achieve that, he would need to love himself more.

She added that she could easily guess that he was still angry at his parents’ death and for being force to learn how to live on his own. Unfortunately she said that if he wanted to have more friends, he would have to be more forgiving not only of his parents and most of all of himself. It was not his fault if they died. It was not his fault if he was abandoned to himself. He did not do something bad to have the life that he had.

She told him that she would teach him to be soft, kind and full of love for himself. She ended up the conversation by saying that the family he was now part of will teach him trust because if they did not have that, they could not enjoy their lives, patience because they were all crazy and they had to live with each other and submission to the love of who we are as individual. Indeed as long as each of them loved himself or herself, they would not have any problem dealing with the other.

Lionel’s mum words brought tears in Mielo eyes. He finally realized that he had blamed others because they did not have the qualities he did not have himself. He saw that he trapped himself since his parents died and did not know how to come out of it. In this new family, he was going to allow new love stories with happy ending in his life. It would rebuilt his trust in life, others and especially in love.

Lions were the kings and queens of the forest because they were all raised like that and for the first time, a mouse would be part of this family.



  1. November 17, 2009 at 3:24 am

    Are you a writer? Do you allow guest posts? Nicely done, Steven.

    • crazyreal said,

      November 17, 2009 at 3:17 pm

      thank you for passing by. I am a writter and I could allow guest posts depending on the subject they want to talk about.
      take care,

  2. chaishicank said,

    November 24, 2009 at 8:00 am

    Amazing Article , I thought it was remarkable

    I look ahead to more similar postings like this one. Does your website have a newsletter I can subscribe to for new posts?

    • crazyreal said,

      November 24, 2009 at 2:58 pm

      I am sorry, I do not have a newsletter but I am writing one story/day. so anytime you want to check it out, feel free. Thanks for the comments.

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