The cat was the mirror

The cat was the mirror

Looking at the cat that was living in their house, Joe found out that he and the cat had the same life. As if the cat was just a projection of his own life. Indeed, Joe knew that he did not have enough food to eat but he had not realized that the cat was in the same situation. After he spent few minutes observing the cat, he saw that it was going everywhere in the house to look for food because his master did not have enough money to buy some. Before, whenever he saw the cat on the table licking the rest of the food, he used to be very angry at the cat. He threw it on the floor right away without thinking twice. In these hard times, Joe could not help feeling extremely sorry for the cat and understanding of its behaviour.  It is at that time that his compassion for the cat grew. The cat was mirroring his own situation. He became less irritated when he saw the cat on the table. He was actually doing everything he could to make the cat feeling safe on the table. It was his way of being close to the cat and most of all to be close to himself.

He understood the cat because he was the cat. Since Joe did not have lot of money and was living in collocation, he was going everywhere in the house, fridges, lockers, closets looking for food or should we stay, stealing the others food. At the beginning he felt bad about it but with time, it became something natural. He understood something about life which is that whenever someone does not have food, he takes it automatically wherever it is without any shame or regret. It is just the way of the world. There is nothing else he can do. He can look for a job at the same time but until he found one, he would have to eat and the first reflex would be to take food wherever it is. It gave him a sense of closeness to the cat. Whenever the cat was surprised on the table licking the left over food, he was scared and run away. Whenever Joe was taking the food of his roommates, he was always scared that he would get caught. He saw in the cat his own attitude. They were experiencing and living the same life.

When Joe was going in the kitchen, the cat was making sounds that were clearly indicating that it wanted Joe to put some food on its plate. Joe looked at the cat and his eyes were saying that how can I be the one giving you food when I don’t even have enough for myself. He understood what the cat was going through but there was nothing he could do in this particular circumstance. The cat situation moved him so much that instead of cleaning the table after he had eaten as he used to do, Joe did not this time. It was his way of leaving something for the cat. It was his way of being close to the cat. It was his way of helping himself. It was his way of saying to the cat and to himself that he had done everything he could.

Few days later, on the same day almost at the same time, Joe was able to get some food and the cat master received part of his salary and bought food to his cat. The cat was so hungry that he ate everything in one shoot. After Joe bought the little groceries he was able to afford with his money, he went back home and cooked. He sat on the table and saw that the cat was sleeping. He knew the cat had eaten because he was not turning around him like he used to when it had nothing to eat.

He looked at the cat and felt a sense of closeness with it. Both of them finally had something to eat. Since the cat was calm, Joe knew he was going to be calm as well. He smiled and finished his food. He wanted to leave on the table the left over but he knew that if he was going to do that, it would be pure laziness from his part because it would have nothing to do with the cat. He cleaned the table. The cat no longer needed to eat what was on it. They both had their stomach full of food.


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