Sharing true love with his cat

Sharing love with his cat

Whose happy eyes are those? What exactly are they happy for? Where is this gentle, soft, caring and loving smile coming from? What is at the origin of such an appeasement?

Daniel was playing video games and in between each party, he ran toward the kitchen to make coffee and on his way he usually saw his cat. It was always with great enthusiasm that he often took his cat with his right arm, stood up and brought it at the level of his eyes. Every time Daniel did that, his face changed completely. When he was rushing to the kitchen to make his coffee, he was stressed but the moment the cat was in his arms, his face changed from dark to light. His expressions were turned upside down. He went from anger, frustration and desire to destroy everything that stood between the game and him to a total smile all over his face. All this transformation was happening just because of he saw his cat.

For few seconds, the world did not matter. His voice changed and he looked like whether or not he was killed in the game, he did not care. It was as if he knew instantly that if he was to be killed in his game, his world will not collapse because his cat was still there. If he had to die in his video game, at least the cat would bring him happiness. His face was enlightened when he saw his cat.

He caressed his cat with his left hand and he talk to it as parents usually talked to their newborn children. He told his cat with that same kid’s voice that parents enjoyed taking when they are talking to children that: “ohohohh!!! You are so happy to see daddy right? Right honey? I love you too kitty, I love you too. You do love your daddy right? You’re the best.”

As soon as he said that, he put back the cat on the floor and he went in the kitchen to make his coffee. When he finished, he took his coffee and on his way back to his room, he asked his cat to follow him. He kept on saying to his cat: “You do want to come and stay with daddy right? Come with me, don’t be afraid. Follow me. Do you rather stay in the living room, alright; I have to go play now. Take care and see you later.” and he ran back in his room because he had a mission which was to kill enemies at his video games.

This little interaction with his cat gave Daniel such joy that it was easy to imagine how important the cat was for him. In the house, the cat was almost the only thing that was bringing on his face such a smile. The cat was running to him every time he came back from work or from the grocery store. When he left, the cat was following him trough the door as if it did not want Daniel to leave.

It was the only thing that was able to take Daniel away from his video games. If it was not for that relation with his cat, Daniel would have had a life completely immersed in the wars and killings of his video games. Thanks to the cat, they were few moments of love in his life. If it would not have been for the cat, his life would have been filled with smoking marijuana, seeing his girl-friend three times a week, killing enemies in his games and being happy about it or yelling at people because they were camping instead of taking risks in the games and calling them names because they were hiding themselves too much and made it difficult for him to kill them. Thanks to the cat, his daily routine had few moments of love.

It is not that his girl-friend did not give him love or he did not give her love but he did not live with her. He only saw her two or three times a week during the night. His day to day caring part of his life was with his cat.

Most of the love that he share and receive was with his cat. The little attention he gave was to his cat. The compassion, the tenderness, the gratitude he felt was toward his cat. His girl-friend was important and he did clean his room whenever she was coming in the house or he did take a shower before he went to see her which meant a lot for him but the cat was different. He did not have to do all those efforts for his cat. The cat took him as he was and that was how he liked it. The girl-friend required that he had to stay away from video games for couple of hours during the week and that was purely insane. She did not realise that the type of efforts it took for him to do that.

Even though he was happy to see her, he told his friends that sometimes when he was with her, he was thinking about playing and the numbers of hours he was missing because he was with her. He knew it was disrespectful to think like that but he could not help it. His friends suggested him to bring the video games at her place but he said that if he was to do that, he would completely forget about her. He would play the entire night. He had to pay attention to her. As for the cat, he just had to give him food, kiss him from times to times and he could go back to his passion which was video games. He joked with his friends about the ability that girls had to destroy a dream life once men were attached.

Daniel who did not have lots of visits from either his parents, brothers, sisters or his friends had his cat to connect with love or to give love. He was not completely in a different world. He had something that he was sharing with his cat and that was love.


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