Samia free ways

The imam called for the first prayer of the day and Samia woke up. She cleaned up her face and went back to her room. She took her small carpet, unfolded it and did her prayers. When she finished, she folded back the carpet and went back in her bed for few more minutes. An hour later she woke up and got ready for work. At lunch time, one of her most serious suitors Souffienne came and ate with her. They talked and laughed. He said one more time that he was in love with her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He had not yet saw her parents but he was trying to see if she was interested and if not, he would try to convince her that he was the best for her.

It had been almost a year that Souffienne was after her. He had bought lots of gifts to her but she kept on sending them back to him because as she would say, she did not want him to have the wrong impression. She told him that she would not take anything from him as long as she was not sure of wanting to be with him. Taking his gifts would be as if she would pretend that she loved him only to receive more and more gifts. She did not want to disrespect him or to think later that he wasted his money for nothing. It did not stop Souffienne from sending gifts after gifts.

Every time he found out she needed to buy something, he would always propose to accompany her. When he would propose to pay, she would insist to do it with her own money. When she wanted to see a movie, she would only agree to go with him if he would accept that one out every two times, she would be the one paying for both of them. It would drive him mad but what could he had done. He wanted to please her and was still in the convincing phase. He would not dare to challenge her in this period. 

Although she liked him and appreciated him very much, she was not ready yet to accept his love and especially to allow him to go see her parents. Souffienne was not the only one after her. It is true that he was the one who was working the hardest to be with her but the others had the advantage of not being in her face all the times. They were using the same tactics as Souffienne with less frequency. To show their love, they were giving gifts but she sent them back as well. To prove that they were the one for her they were doing the same thing than Souffienne did. They were bringing her to movies, promised to love her all their life, asking her to marry her, doing everything they could to be present in her life. None of them wanted to risk themselves to ask her hand to her parents without having her consent.

She had made clear to all of them that she would consider them as people who are trying to bully themselves into her life without any consideration what so ever for what she thought of them if they would act that way. She made sure they understood that she would do everything that would be in her power to stop the marriage from happening if they would do such a thing.

Why were they after her so much? What was attracting them with so much intensity? What was making them go through all these efforts to become her fiancé when it would have been so easy for them to go see another girl from another family and ask her parents and the affair would have been concluded very quickly?

It was not so much the beautiful green eyes inside the almond shape people would see below the scarf she was wearing. It was not the different vibrant colors of her scarves that were matching her bags or her shoes. It was not the senior managerial position she was holding. It was not the money she had. It was not so much the big breasts that everyone could guess under the always beautiful silky shirts she used to wear. Although she was covering them, there was only so much she could do. Nature had provided her with breast that seemed to contain all the milk of the world.

It was true that she seemed accessible. Every time they were coming to her, they saw somebody with little virtue. They told themselves that it would be an easy conquest and it would not be long before they got her in their bed. What made her seemed like that was that she was not scared to speak with men. She could joke and have fun with them. Unfortunately, they let themselves fall for that. They assumed that because they were comfortable, it meant that they had a chance. It meant that she liked them. Because she was going at the movies or in the restaurants with them, it meant that she was going to fall for them sooner or later.

Because in their community, girls were not supposed to behave like that unless she was an easy girl, seeing Samia acting the way she was, awaken their desires to sleep with her in different ways. It hypnotised and kept them in a begging position in front of her. When Samia would not accept to fall in their trap, their ego was took it hard. They could not believe that she would not be interested in them. After experiencing such a blow, they either ran away because their pride was hurt and got their revenge against her by promoting rumours about how easy she was when they were courting her. Or they kept on trying to get her hoping that she would accept after many refusals. When they finally realized that they were going nowhere with her, they started to hate her and disappear of her life. After being with her, they understood that they were not ready for Samia.

What had attracted them at the first place was her attitude. She was different than the others girls around. They needed a change from all the perfect girls that they were all used to in their city. Because they were not accustomed to the Samia type of girls, they right away were attracted to her. They brought with them their prejudices and fantasies. Finally something that was out of the ordinary was in front of them. They wanted to have a taste of it and especially to be the first to do it.

When they saw her, her presence allowed them to dream. The other girls kept them grounded. Their imagination could not extend itself with them because those girls were always careful to send a clear image that would remind them that they should behave according to the rules and traditions that were established several hundred years ago. Even if they would dare imagine, the guilt that would follow would cut them in pieces. In order to keep on respecting their own traditions and being able to act naughtily without any guilt of treating the girls of their community as prostitutes as they were forbidden to, they usually behaved without dignity with foreign girls. It protected them from insulting the girls of their community and gave them the impression that they were acting with disdain with people who were less than people since they were foreigners. It gave them the excuse that they were not actually doing those supposed horrible sins that the elder in their community were trying so hard to prevent them from doing.

With Samia, they found something unusual. Somebody from their community gave them the illusion that they could behave with them as they behave with foreigner girls. Deep down deep, they all wanted to sleep in the most “degrading way” with girls from their community but traditions stopped them and opportunities were not available. They could finally do it the way they have always dreamt of with Samia. It was quite exciting for them.

Even though she would not like to admit it, Samia was more like the girl of her community than the foreign girls. If even the foreign girls were not like the people of her community thought they were, how about Samia? 

She expected respect in spite of her behaviour with men. She had it when they were in the phase of trying to get her in their bed and as soon as they realized that they would not have her, they called her names. She could not handle her reputation being tarnished especially by those she was close to. Samia liked to act like men but she forgot that she was a girl and most of all, a woman of her community.

She did not expect that after the deception they would feel for not sleeping with her, they would attack her as every woman has been attacked since the beginning of time: on her sexual behaviours. Although nothing was there to prove anything, it did not matter. The actions that sat her aside from the other girls were enough evidence for everyone. Samia was cast as a girl with little virtue in her community. Men were not able to handle her free ways but it looks like even she could not handle her free ways.



  1. January 2, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    Amazing story, did not thought reading it would be so interesting when I saw the url!

    • crazyreal said,

      January 2, 2010 at 5:43 pm

      thank you very much for stoping by.

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