Our sole purpose is to love

Our sole purpose is to love


If we do not support who we are, who will?

With everything that we see in the world, if we do not love ourselves, who will?

Even if at time it seems too much to bear, if we do not love who we are in these moments, who will?

Even if everyday we go a little bite further into the worst of what human being can do or produce, if we do not love who we are, who will?

Even if the people of love can see that after crossing each forbidden line, we look at ourselves and we congratulate each other for remaining alive regardless of our horrible behaviour and we keep on crossing, the people of love must still love each other. It is their duty to others and most of all to themselves. If they do not love, it means that they are not doing what they are here on earth to do.

We are so accustomed to cross the lines that it is no longer a matter of crossing them anymore but of being the first to do it and by doing so; we show how courageous we are. Even if this is the case, the people of love should keep on loving us.

When we see how low we descended, sometimes we just want to go in a remote mountain and stay there, far away from everything where the only thing we will see is nature but if we do that, who will stay among us to love us? The people of love can take a break but they can not run away from their duty. They have a mission to accomplish and that mission is to love us.

Today even the distant places on top of the mountains are no longer protected against the decadent behaviour our society as whole carries within itself therefore, the people who are moved by love can no longer retreat. They need to be in the middle of the mess just to love, if they do not do it, who will?

They should do it not even to show the people who are in the mess that there is another way to be but just to love without expecting anything in return because that is what they are supposed to do.

They have to create different ways to love the people around them, if they do not do that, who will?

Even if everything is completely degraded as we can see, if they do not love who we are as a whole and they stop pouring their love in the world, the only consequence will be an increase of the degradation not for the society but for them. The only protection they have against the invasion of the degrading ways within them is to love people. The conscious people of love have a duty to love. It is their only way to survive. If they renounce to love who we are as whole and they stay away, then they are not fully using their capacity as human beings of love. They are not fully doing what they are supposed to do. By abandoning the people around them, they reduce their ability to love.

The more they will love the others, the more they will love themselves and the greater will be their ability to love the other. If they restrain themselves from loving people no matter how they are, how they behave, or who they are and what they do, they will fail to know how high they could have love themselves and how much they could have accomplished.

Once someone becomes a body of love, the only way to nurture that love is to love the people around him or her without expecting anything in return. It is not easy but it is the only way to be efficient as a human being of love. I know it is redundant but I needed to precise it.



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