Our failure to love

Our failures in love

Has anybody wonder why we have around us so many people who are failing at the love scene? Of course we have. All the books are about that subject and they are talking about ways to help us being more successful in that arena. All those books, movies, tv reports, soaps opera, news magazines which are dealing with the subject are saying very important thing about it and I do not think that people have necessarily the need to hear about it one more time or to hear what I have to say about that subject. Having said that, I do have a blog, I love to write, I want to talk about it and today it is the only thing that comes up to my head. Therefore, I would ask you to bear with me for a moment.

This whole notion of love is being redefined as we speak because of our interactions in love arena. Our experimentation has led us to completely reposition the notion of love and maybe that’s the way we should look at this love situation we are in. All the ideas that were clearly established about love have taken a huge hit and even though people still refer to love as if we were in the 18th century, the reality is no longer that one.

It seems as though, at this moment we are demolishing every aspect of love that we have inherited from our ancestors. We tested their ways and when it did not work, we tried another one and we kept on going in that direction till today. At this moment, our experimentation is so vast and it explains the number of failures we have.

Things are happening as if humans’ beings are cleaning the notion of love of all the wrong ideas and perceptions we had about it. This is why we are failing so much in our love relationships at this moment. The people who are going through that phase are actually doing a service to humanity. By failing, they are showing to the world another vision of love that was wrong. By going through their share of bad experiences, they are lightening an aspect of love where darkness has been installed for ages. They came here for that and it might be the only reason they are here.

Over the centuries, our leaders have tortured the notion of love by entangling it in our spirit with the most repugnant, barbarian and repulsive behaviour that human beings can come up with.  Their propaganda worked so well that it has nurtured the most disgusting views about love. Therefore anybody who is on earth was not able to acquire the purest form of love if he was not going through some extremely demanding efforts. Love which is something natural became something extremely difficult because everything has been done to complicate it in our head at best and to keep us away from it at worst. The plan of those leaders has worked very well. Since our spirit was blocked from going through the notion of love easily, our creativity went in the direction of darkness. We were prevented by all means necessary to move in the direction of the purest love by mocking it, by scaring us about it, by ridiculing it and by physically abusing us when we went toward it. Therefore every notion of love we had was mixed with darkness. We decided to create within the limits that were given to us. Our notion of love evolved into the most horrible conditions and toward the most painful and hurtful for our life. We distanced ourselves from love thinking that we were actually understanding it better. We failed at the simplest thing for human being which is to love. It is the easiest thing to do but we have to realize that we are far from realizing it or living it due to the association we made with love. The plan that our leaders implemented in order to prevent us to know what love is, worked beyond their expectations. Indeed if we do not know what love is, it is easier to control us. By distancing ourselves from love or by making it so difficult to understand, they not only managed to control us but they enabled us to co-create the most disgusting vision of love one could have.

The people who are suffering today are doing an extraordinary job. They are paving the way for future generations. Because of the experiences they are going through and the difficulties they are enduring during their love relationships, they are destroying the wrong visions of love that the earth swallowed over the years.

The amount of failures we have at this moment only proves how our notion of love was totally false. The number of ways we fail only reflects how seriously injured our vision of love was and is. In order to re-establish the right notion of love, we need to undergo these massive failures. It is the only way to reveal to the people who are living on earth that love is not what they thought it was. The people who are suffering now in love just have to remember that, it is their duty to go through that now. They are preparing the entrance into a new era where love will be seen completely differently than the way we see it today. By going through their difficulties, they are actually helping the coming of that day. If they were not going into that, we would not have a chance to enter into that new era. They are participating into the creation of that new vision of love. Everything is moving now toward that moment. Their experiences are part of the process. The people who are going from failure to failure should ask themselves questions in order to remedy to their situation but they should also realize that because of what they are doing, they are purifying the idea of love. What they are going through will help the people around them and especially the people who are coming after us. Because we would have gone through these hardships, it will be easier for them to go to the next level of love.

This is why what we are suffering now is of the major importance. We need to go through that completely in order to eradicate our old and false notion of love. The clean-up that is taking place is so deep that we have to undergo a huge amount of failures before we arrive to a vision of love that is wash out of all the bad precepts. We went so far into the darkness that we unfortunately have no other choice than to vacuum our house if we ever want to see how pure our house was and has always been. We are the one who do not have the eyes to see because we have sands in our eyes. Our experiences are helping us taking the sands of our eyes.

We have a long way to go because our creativity in terms of bad things has been huge and is still big but with the effort we are putting right now, I am confident that we will be able to reach the goal of taking of the earth our bad perceptions of what love is.


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