Nobody knows how they would have done it without the cat

Nobody knows how they would have done if the cat was not around

Once a upon the time, there was a big house where four people were living as roommates. One of them had a cat and was taking care of him the best he could. Few weeks after the cat arrived, everybody started to give food to the cat and his owner told everyone that he would rather be the only one nourishing his cat because he wanted his cat to eat at a fix schedule.

Everybody in the house heard it and was a bite disappointed. Nonetheless, every time the owner was not in the house and the small cup for the cat food was empty, they all took the opportunity to replenish that cup pretending that they did not know whether or not the owner had already given the food to his cat.

The cat seemed happy to have the food available whenever he wanted even though he was not eating everything. In order to avoid any suspicions from the owner, the others roommates were putting in the cat cup just a small amount of food because they were sure he would finish it before the cat owner came back from work. It was not really a good strategy because when he gave food to his cat, he was no longer finishing the amount of food he used to give him. He did not say anything either because he did not want to create any problem with his roommates or maybe he did not notice it.

Nevertheless, his roommates were all conspiring to give. They did not accept to be deprived of an act of love. They were doing it because it was a natural act to do. It was a spontaneous gesture of love and they did not think of the consequences. They were fighting to love regardless of the instructions they received. Were they conscious of what they were doing? No one will ever know.

They were doing their best to show their appreciation of the cat directly to him. After being given the opportunity to caress the cat, to touch him, to sleep with him which they were not allowed to (following the owner instructions), they wanted to give something tangible to show that they had acknowledged the influence of the cat presence in their lives. They received something that they needed and that they were not able to see or to quantify. They were not probably aware that they needed it but when they received it, they felt really good about it.

The moment love appeared in their lives, the natural flow of love started to happen and to  materialise itself by the process of “give and receive”. In return of the privilege they were given to show and share their love, they wanted to give something to the cat. To receive that amount of love was an occasion to discover what they were made of. After being taken care of by the love the cat gave them, it felt right to give him his food. They had received and they wanted to give.

Embroiled in the middle of all the things that were taking place in their lives, love was still happening even if they were not conscious of it. There natural flow of love was rehabilitated. By recognizing the cat intervention in their lives, they made it possible for love to flow naturally again in their lives. It was an opportunity they ceased and they were not going to let it go because somebody told them that they should not nourish the cat. With the cat presence in their house and in their lives, the roommates had something to take care of. They found out that they were natural care giver.

After they received something they were not able to neither qualify nor quantify from the cat and especially whenever they wanted, they needed to thank him by giving him something. It was their way of saying to the cat: “thank you! Without you, I would not have known love. I would not have known how it works. I would not have been able to see it alone. Because of you, I am aware now of the constant flow of love. It feels so good to know it that I don’t want it to stop.” The food they gave expressed the love they had and the gratitude they felt and they could not stop themselves from doing it no matter what the owner said. The truth of their love was unstoppable.

Beyond our daily activities, something is happening that we do not see. It is a pity that we are not in tune with that because if we were, it would give us more satisfaction than we could imagine. It would fill our lives more than our daily routine does. We are fighting to get those things in our work, associations, sports, investments when the things we are actually looking for are right in front of our eyes but we can not see it. We keep on looking in different directions because we are scared that if we stop for a moment we will loose the momentum.

The roommates were fighting to nourish the cat because they were craving to do something genuine and something that would give them love and satisfaction without any addition. They were dying to do something like that even though they were not aware of it. They were fighting to accomplish that act of love because around them they did not have lots of opportunities to do it. They were begging to be people of love. Thank God the cat was around. Nobody knows how they would have done if the cat was not around.



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