My Son! Welcome back in your house

My son! Welcome back in your house

After spending millions of years on earth, pure B.S asked for a meeting with God. When the Almighty received his letter, He immediately granted him an audience because it had been a long time they had not discussed together face to face. The angel Gabriel was charged with the duty of bringing the letter confirming the date and time of their meeting.

As soon as the angel Gabriel arrived on earth, he went straight to B.S and gave him the letter. B.S opened the letter and was thrilled by the idea of seeing God after so many years. Gabriel looked at him and asked if there was any good news and B.S answered that it was the best news it had ever had. Gabriel probed further to discover what the object of the letter was and B.S just told him that he will know soon enough. They took their dinner together and Gabriel excused himself because he had several missions to do before going back to Paradise. They shook hands and Gabriel left.

On the day of his departure, nobody knew that B.S was leaving for Paradise. God had sent instructions to his devotees in Paradise to arrange everything as if somebody extremely important was coming but nobody knew who he or she was. He asked that everything be at their utmost grace and beautifully displace in and around Paradise. The angels executed what He wanted without knowing who was supposed to come. They had cleaned up everything and added beautiful scriptures, art decorations, sculptures etc. God himself was supervising their work. None of the angels dare asked God why they were extra careful about the house cleaning because they knew that if He had thought to be necessary that they knew about it, He would have told them. Since he had chosen not to say anything about it, it was certainly because they were better of not knowing who was coming.

Even though Paradise was cleaned up every single day and there was nothing to say about it, God had not been directly involved in the clean-up as He was prior to the arrival of B.S. The excitement and curiosity were circulating among the angels. Everybody in the higher spheres was talking about it. They were wondering what was going on and why God had decided to do this little shake-up without telling them what it was all about.

Before leaving the earth, B.S gathered his team and told them that they were going to work on earth alone and without supervision. B.S requested that they stay focus on their job and duty during his absence. It was important that they kept B.S on top of their agenda. They could not allow anything to divert their attention from that objective. He told them that their ability to maintain human beings in their B.S was of the utmost importance. None of them could be kept away from it.  They could not miss any delivery of babies because in order to keep somebody in the B.S for the longest time and to have a big impact in his life, an action by the team of B.S as soon as he or she arrived on earth was required. He added that with the number of babies increasingly higher and higher and the team he had remaining the same; their vigilance and their awareness were even more requested in these times. Indeed, if they missed just one new baby arrival, chances were that he might be free of B.S and could infect all the others around him. He told them that he did not need to remind them of the consequences of the fact that they missed Buddha, Krishna, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohamed, Ali and others. He told them that he did not want his departure to be another failure of that kind.

He gave few advises to his team to tighten their surveillance and to relentlessly spread B.S all around human beings. He gave them the number of his Iphone and told them that if there was any emergency, he could be reached at that number at anytime. He asked them to copy him on every email they were going to send to each other during his absence. He wished them well and they wished him to have a nice trip. None of the team members asked him where he was going and he did not tell them. He just told them that he did not want anybody on earth to know that he was not around. He knew people on earth might be excited and could try something funny. He reminded them that they had great enemies and their lack of attention could have devastating impact on earth especially if humans’ beings were not ready. They all agreed and he left.

B.S took an anonymous ship and went straight to Paradise. When he crossed all the planets on his way, he used a faked ID and nobody recognized him. He had been on earth for so long that people did not even remember what he looked like or even had any recollection of him anymore. It had been a long time since he had not left the earth. He took pleasure into passing by the things around him like galaxies, planets, comets, asteroids, suns, black holes, different dimensions etc. He was really excited about his trip. He could not stop enjoying and loving what was around him. He even saw some of his friends but he could not talk to them because he did not have enough time. The only thing he could do was to look at what they have been doing along the years in others planets and he was amazed by it. He wished he could stop and discuss with them but unfortunately, there was no time for it.

Finally, after twenty of earthly years, he arrived in Paradise. Prior to his entrance, he gave his right ID and was admitted in. When they all saw him, they applauded him as if he was a rock star. Angels were crying and gathered around him and were extremely happy to see him. They said to each other that God was good to keep that as a secret because they would not have been able to work the way they did if they had known that he was coming. They would have been too excited. They were happy to see one of the best among them to come back in Paradise. They understood why all the preparations were done and were amazed once again at how great God was to have kept them in the dark about his arrival.

B.S was happy to be around them and to see them finally after all these years. They looked at each other and tears were coming out of their eyes. They kept on saying thank you to B.S for the work he had accomplished on earth and for the things he was still doing. It had been a long time since he had seen so much beauty around him. Everybody wanted him to tell stories about the life he had lived back on earth and before he was able to say anything, he felt the presence of God around him looking at him gently, softly with care, compassion and love. He turned around and God said with pride: “MY SON! WELCOME BACK! WELCOME BACK IN YOUR HOUSE.”


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