Master of snakes

Master of snakes

Little Joe woke up, took his shower and went to take his breakfast. When he arrived at the breakfast table he saw that his father was already there and after asking how his father’s night had been, he quickly went to the subject that was on his mind.

He told his father: “they came again”. His father smiled and looked at him. Joe insisted: “I am not joking, they came again”. Again his father looked at him with a proud smile that his son was not able to translate. Joe was expecting a different reaction from his father and seeing that his father was not as alarmed as he was, he asked him: “why are you smiling like this? I would like to know because I am beginning to be worry about all these things.” The father: “why are you worried? When somebody is coming to see you, it is because they want to see you. They might have something important for you. Maybe they like you and they appreciate you.” Joe: “if they were that good, how come everybody is so scared of them? How come everybody who would be in my situation would be at least as anxious or even extremely scared or frightened as I am? If everybody hated them and still do today, there must be a reason.” The father: “well, I don’t know what you are doing but they certainly like you very much in order for them to come to you as often as they do.” Joe: “what is it that I am doing that is attracting them and above all, why aren’t you as panicked as I am?”

The mum joined the conversation and said: “how many were they?” Joe: “a lot, lots of them”. The mum: “were they doing something to you? Were they attacking you? Were they running after you?” Joe hesitated and said: “well, they were not exactly doing any of those things but their presence was not reassuring. I got scared the moment I saw them. When I tried to run away from them, they were still there and I woke up.” The mum: “what did I tell you last time you saw them?” Joe thought for a moment and was a bite frustrated and said: “yeah but, but…..”. The mum: “but what?” Joe: “but…, it is easier said than done”.

The father: “Once again my dear son, you allowed your fear to decide things for you. What did we tell you last time?” Joe: “you told me that I should face them and asked them what they wanted.” The father: “and did you do it?” Joe: “no I did not.” The father: “and why didn’t you do it?” Joe: “I was scared, I panicked. I could not stand the vision of so many of them. I thought that they would swallow me. I lost it.”

The mum: “you do know that by acting like that you are telling them that they should not talk to you right? You are telling them that they should not have a decent conversation with you. You are telling them that the message they have to deliver to you is of no interest to you. You are telling to your entire being that you rather be ruled by fear than by the truth. I understand that you panicked but if they come to you, it is because they know that you can receive their message. They know that you can understand and translate what they have to say. They keep on coming because they know that you have to do something for them and they have to do something for you. You have a contract with them. You can choose to run away from it or you can choose to face them and you will see.”

The father: “Everything we are saying is not to tell you that you should not be scared. It is perfectly understandable to be scared of them but when something is coming to you as often it is either because you called them or because you have something to do with them in either case you need to go beyond your fear in order to see them for what they truly are.” Joe: “what if after that, they keep on coming every single night? What am I supposed to do? I don’t want to see them every night especially if I did not invite them. I want to sleep like a baby.”

The mother: “you are a baby but you are not sleeping like a baby. We are giving you the answers to your worries but you are not implementing them. You do everything you can to avoid applying what we told you. Fear is taking the best of you. Trust me son, we all want to sleep like babies but in order to achieve that, we need to take the appropriate actions. That is what we do in order to sleep like babies. Sleep does not come for free. It does not come alone. You need to be logic with yourself. If you choose to be more fearful than free than do not complain about seeing them. You have all the answers in front of you. Use them and you will see.”

The father: “if you want, after our diner tonight we can review what you are going to tell them when you will see them?” Joe with a voice that was expressing his tiredness and disappointment about his behaviour and with the acceptance of the fact that he should stop fighting his destiny said: “No, I remember. I just need to welcome them and to thank them for coming to me. After that, I shall ask them what can I do for them or if they have a message for me and then I wait.” The mum: “very good. Just do that and you will see that they are more at your service than anything else. As long as you fear them, you are never going to understand them or to be able to move them at your will. They come to you because you are a master to them if you reject them; it is as if you were abandoning them. You behave as if you are telling them that you do not want to be their master nor do you want to accomplish what you and them came here to do. They want you to recognize them. They belong to you. I should say that you belong to each other.” Joe: “alright! Next time, I see those snakes, I will do that.” The father: “very well son, very well! Have a wonderful day or should I say a wonderful night.”


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