Master Cat

Master Cat

A cat will always come to you when you least expected. I will even go as far as saying that the more you are reluctant to be with him, the higher are the chances for him to come to you. He will do everything in order for you to be comfortable with him. He is not plotting to make us desperately in need of him but he wants us to allow him to adjust our feelings and emotions whenever we need. As a cat, he is a master healer and if we resist him, he will not be able to serve that purpose. It is the only reason why he is around us. He has a healing duty to do and he needs us to be open to his presence.

He is an excellent Master-Trainer. Once we are begging or craving for his attention, he runs away as if he wanted us to see how our behaviour was abnormal. He does not want us to be dependent of him. He is an incredible master.

By staying away from us when we want him closer, he is forcing us to look at our dependency and to do something about it. He wants us to see how childish that dependency is. As long as we behave as beggars who are dying to receive a little bite of his affection, he stays away. He has no interest in having slaves or addicted people around him. He is not close to us to be the drug that we will be addicted to. He does not want to be our king nor our slaves. He is doing everything to fight against the place we are putting him on. He is constantly connected to his sole purpose which is to be a Master-Healer and Trainer.

It is as if he is saying to us that he is the cat and we are the humans. He does not want us to be less than what we are. He is pushing us to behave like people who are perfectly installed in ourselves. If we are not like that, his attitude will remind us that we ought to ourselves to be more than the affection addicted that we delight ourselves to be.

His role is to bring us to a higher state of human being. It is the only way his attitude can be fully understood. He does everything he can to solve the problem of our addiction. When we use him in a way that simply increases our desperate need of his affection, he does his best to leave us and to make us feel dissatisfy. Instead of feeling rejected when he does that, we should question our behaviour but instead we take him by force in our arms.

It is only when his attitude can release a little bite of the emotional pain that is making us craving his presence that he comes near us. We have not realized that our attitude and dependency toward our cats are the signs of something that we are lacking in our lives. We are trying to compensate it by using the cat but reality is that we are missing something and what we need is to acknowledge it, to recognize it and to do something about it. When the cat gives us the attention that we so desperately need, we need to enjoy it and then grow up. Our desires to keep on having it and to rely on it are signs that we have not grow up. We keep on behaving like children. It is not a healthy situation for us because we can not walk on our two feet even though we do not have any physical handicap.

We are all surprised to see our cats next to us when something is disturbing us but we should not because that is his role. Most of the times when we realize that we feel better because he was around us in those moments, we want to prolong his stay with us but he usually takes off right away. He does not want to create a dependency of him even if we are doing everything to create it. The moment his job is done, he does everything he can to leave. Our addiction or need to cuddle him is of no interest to him. He usually runs away from that when we are doing too much that caressing, cuddling and touchy-touchy thing.

As humans, we have been provided with everything that could help us to be at the highest state of human beings but most of the time, we are not able to reach it. Cats are there to remind us that we have not reach our goal yet.



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