Many rivers to cross

Many rivers to cross

Was our temple so dirty that we have so much clean-up to do? The more we clean up, the more we discover how dirty our house was and is and the more our attention is spent on maintaining the house cleaned. We spent so much energy on cleaning our temple that we want to keep it that way. In order to do so, we stay focus on how, where and what kind of dirt our house or our temple can receive or is receiving. This ensures a constant and permanent awareness of our surrounding. It does not mean that we are becoming control freak about it but we are simply conscious of what is going on around us.

Cleaning up should not be another way to spread the dirt around but should be a joy. Indeed those who are not familiar with the process of cleaning up or what it takes to clean and maintain a temple clean should not be regard as inferior. They should be seen as people who are put around us in order to test our ability to clean up and maintain our temple perfectly washed. It is also a test of humility and a constant reminder that we have to keep our eyes on the goal. Otherwise, we will start judging them and forcing them to do things that they do not want to do. Acting this way will eventually make us be at the origin of the new mess around us. Consequently, instead of being a force that generates appeasement in order for people to release less dirt around them and in the world, we will be a force motivates by our ego and our success. Nothing is more dangerous than taking that road of self-satisfaction or self-approval which often comes with degrading the others and provoke more rot around.

How come we have accumulated so much dirt in one place? How long has it been since we’ve clean-up? How did we abandon our house? How come we have neglected our house so much and for so long?

Where were our eyes when the dirt was entering in our temple? How come we have accustomed ourselves to this situation and never even questioned our existence in such a mess?

How can we be so disconnected from ourselves that we live in a polluted sea and we can not even see it?

We do not see how dirty our house is because something is blocking our vision. The moment we learn how to open our eyes and how to see our house, we become aware of how our house actually is. The realisation of the decay surrounding us has a direct effect on how we behave with our temple. Indeed as soon as we see it, we immediately begin to take steps to change it. The horror of what we see is such that we can not even stand it. If we do not have the courage to face it, we could easily loose our mind. The rotten picture that we see is so immense and horrifying that the moment we have the eyes to see, we will either clean it as soon as possible and as quickly as possible or we will be terrified to be in it and we might become crazy.

The mess we have created within us, around us and inside us is such that it became our natural way of being or at least that is what we think. Nobody believes that we can fix the mess anymore. Everybody is convinced that the way we are, is actually the way we ought to be. We swim in a sea of decay and we are disrespecting the sacred being that we are.

We refused to take our responsibility because we want to live in the illusion that things are beautiful instead of taking our broom-stick and start our cleaning process. We refuse to do our job because we do not want to make any effort. Unfortunately for us, the trade we do when we decide not to do any effort is a lie because we will spend our energy and time in getting things that are going to give temporary satisfaction. Even though it will give us some level of comfort which is very important, once we have it, we will soon feel the need to go beyond. Indeed because we would have neglected the opening of our eyes in the process of getting our wealth, the structure that maintains our eyes closed will be so much reinforced that it would be harder for us to open them. The muscle that leads to the opening of our eyes needs to be trained and exercised. The longer we wait before activating it, the harder it would be to set it of in order to trigger off the process of opening our eyes.

As long as we found pleasure in living in the illusion of things, we will not see the need to clean up. The moment our eyes opened, there is nothing else we would be able to do but to fix our temple. It would be a matter of decency. In order to reach that level, we have to cross many rivers. It is only after we would have undertaken that road that eventually we will be able to open our eyes. It is not easy but I am confident we will be able to do it.


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