Love is the game

Love is The game

The game consists on being in a state of love all the time. There were no particular rules that were imposed. People could do whatever they wanted and almost nothing was going to happen to them. The winner in this game would often appear as a looser in the concrete world and the looser will often appear as a winner in the concrete world. Being a looser was the most feared position. No one wanted to be in that situation. Unfortunately in order to play right and get to the end rightfully, there was no escape to the loosing position. Everybody needed to past by that stage and to embrace it. Those who appeared to win all the times were either liars, in denial or were not playing to love but for something else.

In order to be in a state of love all the time, whenever a situation was presenting itself, the player needed to accept the situation as a gift instead of fearing it. He or she needed to look at the situation with welcoming eyes and gratefulness. Indeed, whatever was arriving in their life was their chance to go to the next level by answering to the challenges of the situation they were in by the means of love. If they were able to love themselves in every aspect the challenge was offering them, they got the opportunity to go at a higher level.

If they did not love, they would simply go at a lower level. The lower level characterized itself by the desire to gain control over things. The more control they had, the more control they needed and the more dependent they were of the control of people and things. They needed to feel that control in order to have the illusion of being satisfied. Unfortunately for them, things are moving all the time and are making them fearful. The movement of things is a constant reminder that they can be attacked by things, people or a situation. As long as they are in that mind frame, they need to increase the control they have even if they see that whatever it is that they do, their control is limited.

The mind of the person who is at a lower level would see things in opposition. He would not be able to unify the world in his head. He would not want to bother with details because he would find them too boring. Going through the details might force him to look at his or her behaviour and he or she doesn’t want to do it. If the people at the lower level start looking at the details, they will do the same thing with themselves and they can not afford to do it.

In order to do that, they will have to accept to give up the control they have over things. Unfortunately, without that control, they are way too scared. They can not live without it. The lower, the level is, the more difficult it is to go back up but it is possible. The lower our level is, the more attracted we are to the lowest of the lowest level and the more fearful we are of the higher levels. The lower we are, the more entangled to things we become and the less able we are of letting them go. The lower levels increased the hatred and judgement of one self.

The mind of a person who is at a higher level is one of peace. He or she does not look for control. They are looking for ways to love things and people around them. Appearances although they are important, they are not submitted to them. They are doing what is necessary to constantly be true to themselves and to remain in reality. They are working hard to reduce the amount of fear they have within themselves. They are aware that a situation is only rough because they lack the necessary love for themselves in that situation. 

The higher the level of someone is, the more demanding his behaviour would be in order to remain in the state of love. Indeed with an increasing state of love, come the responsibilities. Those can not be given to someone who does not understand that his behaviour has consequences that are far too dangerous. If his behaviour does not match the level of love where he is, his actions would be tainted and he would not be able to exercise entirely and completely the will of the above. Being in a state of love involves every aspect of our life. Our behaviour can not escape it. At that level, the magnitude of our actions is so great that if we miss one thing, we might end up doing more damage than good things that we wished to do at the first place. This is why it is important that the one at the highest level of love acquires the understanding of every detail before he takes on responsibilities. The higher level increases the love of one self. The more one loves himself, the more patient he is with himself and the more understanding of himself he becomes. This is the training one has to go through in order to reach the highest level of love and to take on responsibilities.

The higher the level of love someone has, not only for himself but for people around him, the more inclusive he becomes of the whole and the more patient, understanding and accepting he is. On the other hand, the lower the level of love someone has, not only for himself but for people around him, the more focus he is on his fears and the more control he needs over the others because he sees himself as separate or different entity than them. He or she does not see that they are all one.

Love is the only way that allows the possibilities to see everybody as one. The game consists on arriving at this level in a life time. Should people get to that point, they get to chose to comeback and play again or to move to a different dimension and never come back again. Those who do not succeed in a life time are condemned to come back again and again until they reached that level. Love is the only way out of the game and the only way in the game but above all, love is within the game and the key to the game. The player needs to love the game and himself.

It is love that is making the game move, it is love that is making the player move and it is love that is sustaining the whole. He needs to love at that level in order to be in the whole, through the whole and the whole.



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