Love Boat

Love boat

Two boats coming from different directions and with different history met in the middle of the ocean. They liked each other so much that they decided from that moment to float together on the sea. In order to make sure that they were not going to be separated by the wind, waves, big sharks and wars, they attached each others to one another.

Needless to say that they were unaware of the real reason they forcefully attached each others. After finding how much they appreciated each other and finding how much wanted to be around each other, unconsciously, they attached each others to one another.

 They moved on the sea nicely and were impressed by how much they loved each other or were happy together. They never really wondered about their past because it never seemed to matter since they enjoyed each other presence. The subject never came up. Six months later, during the night, one of the two boat named the blue boat saw in the horizon a red boat that had accompanied her for quite sometimes in the past. Since the brown and white boat which the blue boat was attached to was sleeping, the red boat came close to them and started talking quietly to the blue boat.

The red boat explained that it was happy to see her because it had missed her and had looked everywhere on seas and oceans for her for the longest time. It told her that it wanted to come back to her just like the old times and it would behave better this time around then it left.

After hearing such a declaration, the blue boat could not stop thinking about what the red boat had said but she did not say anything. They had lived a beautiful story but the red boat did not care enough back in the days. Blue boat had expected a declaration such as this one so many times in the past that, it heard red boat speaking as such, it moved her.

The next morning, brown and white boat woke up and was completely happy as usual and noticed that blue boat was asleep. It was not in its habits to oversleep. Later on during the day, blue boat did not feel alright. It was absent from the conversation that brown and white boat trying to have with her. Blue boat pretended it was interested in what white and brown boat was doing but it was not. Whenever brown and white boat wanted to go east or west or north or south, the blue boat was slowing down the movement. Nothing was working like before.

Then few weeks later, in order to breath, blue boat asked white and brown boat if they could replace the chains that were keeping them together very close with chains that could enable them to be far away from each other. White and Brown boat (wb) was surprised and could not believe what it was hearing. It thought it did something horrible and hated himself for it. It stayed in silence mood and was scared to loose blue boat if it did not meet her requests but at the same time, fear of being detached from the blue boat was increasingly attacking him.

The wb boat lost his joy and happiness. It was no longer calm and ready to go everywhere. It knew it had to accept what blue boat wanted but it had a hard time to deliver it.

Few days later, during the night while wb boat was pretending to sleep, something told him to do what blue boat wanted the following day even if it was hard. The voice that was speaking from within it said that after doing it, it might discover something that will allow it to come back to the calm and happiness that it had before. The voice insisted that the fear was only stopping him from going toward a place that would be better than the one it was at that moment. The fear was there to test its determination and its desire about what it really wanted.

WB boat felt good about what it heard and the next day, it increased with difficulty the length of chains that linked it with blue boat. It had tears on its eyes but it did it anyway. As soon as it did that, blue boat started floating away from wb boat. WB boat wanted to hold on the chains but it did not. It was hard but it managed not to do it. Blue boat was so far away that wb boat did not see it for more than a month. WB was heart broken. It had done everything it could to keep blue boat close to it but it failed. It was wondering what was wrong with him.

The little voice came again and told wb boat that the fact that they were attached, did not give them the time and space for both of them to breathe or to do their things or their own. They needed to be separated because they were two different boats. They had visions that were not the same and that needed to be expressed completely on the sea and it could not be done if they were constantly attached to each other. The voice then said that wb boat had an attachment problem and that the events that unfolded in front of him were just there to bring him to the awareness of that problem and to have a chance to solve it.

It was hard for WB boat to take the news but it did. When a month and half later, blue boat came back and explained that it needed to be alone for while after seeing red boat, wb boat was shocked but then it remembered what the little voice had told him. Everything that happened was because it needed to solve its attachment problem or in others terms, its addiction. Even though it was stunned by the news, it took the time to think and told blue boat that, they had done a mistake at the beginning. They paid the price of that mistake. Attaching each other to one another the way they did was the ingredient that made them suffered and it explained that it wanted to remedy that. It was ready to let blue boat leave if that was what it wanted and the only way it could do that was to cut completely the chains that were still linking him to blue boat. It told blue boat that for now on, they will move freely on the water. It will allow them to breathe and live the life that they want without being attached. It will be tough and scary but it was an adult life and was the life it wanted to live for now and on.

WB boat told blue boat that it accepted the past of blue boat because it also had a past. It added that since they were attached, it kept themselves prisoners and closed them from their past and their future. They did not allow their future and their past to interact with them and it was a mistake. They lived with the fear of loosing each other instead of living with the joy of discovering each other and loving what they found out. The best way to solve their situation was to remain free of their movement.

After that, wb boat thanked red boat for entering in his life and for enabling it to view the flaws it had created in his life. WB boat and blue boat started to know each other, understood each other, accepted each other and loved each other better. They were no longer scared to be away from each other and were free to talk about anything. Since then, they lived a life where both of them were free to do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted but they always made sure that the other party was involved in the decisions they were making but most of all that the direction that they took was the same.


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