Jealousy, one of the teachers

Jealousy, one of teachers

Jealousy was walking down the street and was feeling lonely. She did not have any friend. She arrived next to park Lafontaine and decided to go there because she liked to look at people who had friends. It usually gave her an idea of how friendship was working. She stood there for a while looking around and was thinking that people who had friends were really lucky. They did not realize the luck they had. Even though they took their friends for granted, they had a lot of fun with them, they had people to whom they could rely on and they could have strong arguments against. It was part of a beautiful life she thought. Although she was happy when she looked at them she could not help wondering if one day something like that could happen to her.

Sadness took her and she stopped looking at them because it reminded her that she was alone. She left the bench where she was sat and walked in the park looking at the soil that was brown and humid because the snow had just melted. At the beginning she tried to rush her walk on that soil because she did not want to walk on something that could get her shoes and her jeans dirty. As she was running away from it, she felt like the humid and brown soil was kind of absorbing each of her steps as if it was trying to hug them. She liked the idea and slowed down. Her instinct led her to move as gently and softly as possible because she wanted to observe how the soil was grabbing her. She put one step at a time and saw how the wet and brown soil was holding her. The more she allowed herself to be supported by the soil, the better she felt. It was as if she could release all her worries to the ground. Each of her steps was just taking away the pain of her sadness and the feeling of loneliness she had within her.

Although it was still cold, she took her shoes and socks off and walked on the soil. It felt even better. She did not care about what people would say because even if she did, they were not her friends anyway. She avoided the dry soil and walked solely on the parts that were wet. She believed that they were more welcoming of her presence and indeed they were. Her breathing was aligned with the way she was walking and she had the impression that the earth was really holding her entire body. She felt embraced and loved completely. All the bad feeling she had within her left her and she realized how lucky she was to be alone.

Indeed none of the people who were having fun with their friends in the park could experience what she was feeling. She was alone and there was a reason. In order to be one with the earth, she needed to be alone with herself. It was unfortunately the only way to experiment new things, or to discover what nature had to give providing that the person looked in that direction.

The earth and the trees started communicating with her and they told her not to worry about her loneliness. They explained her that people did not want to be her friend because she knew too much about them and about the world. If they took the time to listen to what she had to stay, they would eventually have to change the way they were living. Since none of them wanted to do that because they did not want to loose what they had, they were running away from her. It is not that she had something bad within her or something that caused her to be rejected, it is just that people made choices that were not the best for them. It was not her fault.

The earth told her that she was a teacher providing that people wanted to listen to her. “Unfortunately the things were put in such a way that, the more people rejected you, the more you are going to appear in their life as something they want to get rid of. They do not realize that the only way to make you leave is to accept what you have to give them. Even that, they are unable to do because no one taught them how to do it. They only way they can take you away from them is to love you entirely because you are there to teach them something.”

Then the earth invited her to look around her to see if she was alone. She took her eyes off the ground and looked around and she saw others teachers of the earth. Their names were: sadness, fear, loneliness, worry, disgust etc.

They applauded her and welcomed her in their gang. They told her that they were working together in order to help people to realise who they really were. They added that it was their mission and it was the only way the “Architect of the World” had found to help humans. They acknowledge the effort and difficulty she went trough and told them that she was one of them. They insisted on telling her that as long as people rejected them, they were going to suffer but the moment they were to love them, they in return would transform themselves into teachers who would protect them beyond whatever they could ever imagine.

Being rejected was not the sign that she was not good; it was only the proof that there was a lot of work to do in order for people to understand how they could receive the teachings they “the gangs of helpers” were able to give. She could not be discouraged or behaved like humans whose eyes were kept in the dark. She needed to constantly love what she was doing because it was not only her duty but it was the only way they had found to be efficient in order to help humans. 

All the new friends she had gathered around her and lifted up her spirit and they told her that anytime she will need support, she just had to go in that park and everything would make sense again. They walked a bite together and they all left to their assigned duty.



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