Invisible woman in black

Invisible woman in black PART 1

Merouala arrived in the city called Said-Al-Fariz. She came with the simplest outfit. She did not have any luggage. She was wearing a black robe that was covering her from neck to toes and the neck of her robe was surrounded by a kind of black scarf that she had on her head. When she entered in the city, people were surprised to see her. They knew it was a woman but they did not know who she was. The lack of luggage and the absence of men who were accompanying her was unusual for them. Even though she did not come in with a caravan, she seemed clean. People were staring at her in order to put a name on that body that was advancing without caring of what was happening around.

A woman traveling alone was not something they were accustomed to especially if she was not using the regular means of transportation. The nearest city was at 100 kilometres. Rare were the men who would travel by foot that distance. The questions which were in everybody mind was: “where was she from and how did she traveled?”

She kept on walking face down in the city. People could only see her silhouette advancing without any sign of fatigue or sign that she was lost in a land she did not know. She arrived next to a small hill and she went on top of it and sat there with her legs crossed. People could see now from far that there was a seating human form covered with a black robe with a scarf on the head on top of the hill that was in the middle of the city. The sun projected its lights around her. Everybody around could see her. They were wondering what she was doing and what she was up to. Nobody had so far the opportunity to see her face. She did not pay attention to the looks that had followed her and were now surrounding her. It seemed as though she was completely turned inward.

The city she was in was a big one and prince El Hajj Karim controlled every corner of it. Few minutes after she entered the city, he received news of her. His men were waiting for him to decide what would be the actions they were to follow. The first thought that came in his mind was that she might be a prostitute and she came in his town to propose her services in his city. If she was that, there was a better way to do it. No one wanted to be flagged as such anywhere in the world. He knew the different channels prostitutes were using to get clients. This one for sure was either completely stupid not to go through those channels and avoid being arrested or killed by the villagers who would not accept  that something like be done in public or she wanted something else. Her entrance and her posture in the middle of the village were only proof that what ever it is that she had in mind was going to be public. It would attract the attention of the public and maybe create disorder.

Her behaviour was troubling to the traditions in place in his city. He knew how fast the news of her arrival circulated. He guessed that many had already created around her venue many scenarios. They were probably wondering what he would do in the face of this challenge. He needed to take actions before things got out of control. Her presence had the risk of disturbing the public order. Before she had done anything against the public order, in which ground could he arrest and interrogate her. Maybe she was just passing through and would stay for one or two days in his city? Maybe she needed help? He did not want to be seen as someone who did not help a woman in need nor did he wanted to seen as someone who was so afraid of woman that he overreacted to her presence. The moment she sat foot on his land, she was already a problem.

Staying without doing something about her presence and her behaviour could only exposed him to greater difficulty in the long run. To avoid that, he decided to send a signal to people that his administration was doing something about it. He sent 6 policemen to ask her some questions without arresting her. Following the questions, four of them would remain next to her just to show the population that they were controlling her.

They went there and she did not move. They introduced themselves and gave her the purpose of their visit. She welcomed them without showing her face. All they heard was her beautiful voice. When she said those few welcoming words, they were all touched by the sound of her voice. They did not know exactly what was going on but they felt extremely good hearing those few words she exchanged with them. They almost felt bad to have disturbed her in her silence. They excused themselves for what they were going to do.

She told them that she understood very well and was ready to answer her questions to the best of her capacity. They asked for her name which she gladly gave. The second question they asked was where was she from? She replied that she was coming from the same place they were coming from. They would find out later she added. One of them wondered why nobody knew her then. She told them that she had always been around but only the ones who had the eyes to see met her. The others sensed she was there, talked about her, revered her in the most outrageous way but they never actually tried to be with her.

Even so another policeman asked, the rare person who met you would have remembered you by now and we would have know your name before asking you but none seemed to know. Therefore, we have to ask this question again: “where were you?” She did not say a word. Everybody was silent. It true that she had kept the same position since her interrogation started but now, even the wind stopped. Everything paused for a moment.

The heat of the day, the interrogation, and the worries collapsed. Everything fell down at the same time in their head. They did not know what was going on in them and around them, nothing seemed to matter. They felt like they could do anything and did not understand why they have not done so before. They could not understand what had restrained them from taking the steps to achieve what they wanted. What the prince wanted was none of their concerns anymore. They felt so good that they had to ask: “who are you”. “The state you are in is what I am. How would you describe it?” was her answer.

They were stunned by how happy and appeased they were. They could not describe the state of mind they were in. Even feeling it was too much for them. They could only cry. The tears were not of pain but of gratefulness. How was it possible that they were able to feel so good and were never able to materialise it. While they were in that strange state of mind, they sat around her and stared at her in silence. They were joyous. It was as if they were now her disciples. They had forgotten that they were members of the police force.

Since those scenes happened in public, people started to question the presence of those officers around her. They wondered if she had bewitched them. Word was send to Prince El Hajj Karim about the incident that was taking place. As soon as he heard about it, he decided not to give the impression that he was panicking. The people should not know that he lost control of his men. He would deal with them when they would come back.

In order to prevent any movement toward her, he decided to send military forces this time not close to her but at every entrance of the place she sat preventing anyone to go next to her. Their mission was to stop anyone who wanted to approach her.

Later, the first six policemen who were sent to interrogate her woke up from their state of mind. They were still in awe of the experience they just had. They thought it had been just for two or three seconds when judging by the place the sun was, it had been four hours they were immersed into that well being. They did not know how they would explain that to the Prince. They looked around them and saw that people were now staring at them and did not understand. They were supposed to diffuse the tension, instead they increased it. Now, it was too late for them to change anything. What was done was done. They just had to deal with the consequences.

Although Merouala did not say a word, they heard her saying in their ears: “Do not be afraid my little ones. What you felt here, you will feel it anywhere. As I told you earlier, I was always there, I am here and I will remain here whether or not you do see me. Go and answer the questions the prince of this city would ask. He needs to know. He sent you here because he needs to accomplish something. Answer as truthful as you can and to the best of your ability. Precious ones, I am grateful, you came to me. You can go now.”

They paid their respect to her in front of everyone without knowing exactly why they did it and they left. The population was amazed. The military men at the different entrances did not understand. Everybody wanted to know what was going on. What did she said that made the policemen showing her that kind of respect. A respect that was only supposed to be given to the prince. Why did they stay for such a long time in front of her. Those were not newbie’s in the police force. They were well known by everyone. They had done great things for the city in the past. If they were that fascinated by that woman, either she was a witch or she was a saint. In either case, they needed an explanation.

For the moment those policemen owned the prince a clarification. They went there without knowing what they would say when he would be in front of them. They just knew that her presence would be felt there as she promised. They would therefore feel the joy and comfort they have felt in her presence. They arrived together and the headquarters of the police force. They appeared before the prince and he looked at them with his dark eyes. Their destiny was settled at that moment. What had to happen would and they were ready for it.

Invisible woman in black part 2

Instead of being scared of what was about to happen to them, they were calm. Usually, the dark eyes of their master would have frightened them but this time, they were able to see beyond it. It is true that he was trying to impress them but there was more to the story. The dark eyes were equivalent to the treat he felt at the time. The calm they had in them gave them the ability to see through his eyes. He was as frightened as they were. For the first time in their life, they were not supporting his fear by being even more frightened than he was.

Their calm increased his fear and he was even more enraged than before. He started yelling at them and wondered where the hell they were, what the hell were they doing and why did it take them so long to come back? He reminded them that they were supposed to diffuse the situation but the only thing they had been able to do so far was to inflame it. He told them that because of their actions, he had to deal now with something bigger than the problem they were supposed to solve.

The prince noticed that they were not shaking and that he was the only one angry in the room. It meant that whatever he was saying did not have any effect on them. It enraged him even more but he needed to change the situation. He went to the windows and look outside while thinking of changing tactic with them. No matter how angry he was about the way things turned out to be, they were the only one who could give him information about her. He decided to change his posture. 

He put his hand on his back and went to them this time with a tone of voice that was calm and trustworthy. He asked them what they could tell him about her. The elder of the six policemen said that her name was Merouala and that her voice was the most enchanting he was given to hear in his entire life. Next to her, they felt like for the first time of their life, they were safe. He thanked the prince for letting them see her.

Nothing seemed to change the calm they had. The audacity they demonstrated toward the prince gave him another reason to worry about her and to be offended by their behaviour. This time he did not react. He asked them if she said why she came, what she wanted or how long she was planning on staying in his city and what she was going to do. Another policeman said that she told them that she was from their city and that she had always been here but only the ones who bothered themselves to look for her were able to see her. As for the rest of people, they could not have seen her because none of them shown any interest in finding her. Only the one who wanted to see her were allowed to notice her presence. They added that when they tried to put pressure to have a better answer, the miracle took place. An unexpected well being occurred and they were not able to say how it came about but they had never experienced anything like it. They added that it was so good that they did not see time past by. What took four hours seemed to them like few seconds at best.

By the time they finished their stories, the prince had gone back to his chair and had listened to everything they said carefully. He was observing the face of the officers who were surrounding those six policemen. He studied the effect that story had on them. He realized that they all wanted to go see her as well. They believed those six policemen. Even he believed them. How could he not? He trusted those men. He sent them to her because he knew he could rely on them. He knew the population loved them because they had done in the past valuable thing to their city.

The tales they gave only proved him that the problem he had was bigger than what he could have anticipated. A woman who was capable to remove the fear the men in charge of his security and the one of the city had of him, was not something that could be tolerated. What he needed to do now was not to play on fear because it was no longer working with them. He made a foul of himself the first time. Anyway if he had kept on trying to do that with them, it would have diminished his stand with the others policemen. If few of his men did not care of what he had to say, it would have a dramatic effect on the others. Now was the time to be wiser than anybody around him.

Therefore, he decided to separate those six men from the others and stop people from talking to them or to come next to their location. They were not allowed to hear what was going on in the city. Even their family could not see them. He accomplished that in a paternal style. He told them that the experience they had must have exhausted them and that they were probably extremely tired and in order to protect them from anything that would harass them even more, he was going to place them in solitary confinement until further notice. He ordered twenty men to guard the house he secluded them in.

After he did that, he still needed to finish with the treat that woman was. He needed a story to tell the people and his entourage in order to keep them away from her. He assembled his most trustful advisers and he told them that the woman who came was clearly a witch. He gave as proof the fact that none was able to see her face, she wore a black robe and she walked hundred miles without being neither dirty nor tired. He used the stories the six men had told him as proof of the witch power she had that could endangered the good people and good Muslim of his city.

He explained that it had broken his heart to see those six men trapped by the power of that woman. He did not want to expose another man and the good people of his city to her. The risk of falling in her trap was too high. This is why he decided that they would burn her on the hill she chose to reside. The military men who would execute this task would not be allowed to speak to her.

Unfortunately, her powers did not give them any others choices. They needed to act as quickly as possible. He was only doing his duty as a Prince and as care taker of his people and as a Muslim. As a sorcerer, this woman had bewitched people and he could not let the population be exposed to her. He explained to his audience that, it was paining him to do that but sometimes, the work of a ruler was to take tough decisions and this was one of them. He needed their help to accomplish the will of Allah he said. He told them that it was their sacred duty. They would need to explain that to the population by midnight because around 10:00 am the next day, they would burn her.

The general assembly applauded his decision. They prayed and asked God to help them realized their part in this affair as brave men. At the end they congratulated themselves and praised the prince who once again did not fail to do what was right for his city. They said to themselves that were truly lucky to have him as their leader. He was a gift from God. The prince was touching his bear and was listening to the comments his advisers were making. He looked at each and every one of them to see their reaction. He wanted to be sure everybody was convinced that it was the right thing to do and they were. When they left to go tell the people what was going to happen and why it was going to take place, he was pleased with the results.

Invisible woman in black Part 3

As everybody left to implement his instructions, the prince stayed quite for a moment. Even though he knew that nothing could stop the sequence of events that would lead to the killing of Merouala by fire, he could not help thinking that if she was able to impress the policemen he sent the first time, what could stop her from doing so the second time around with his advisers and the population. He reassured himself by saying that with the kind of excitement against her that the leaders he assembled earlier would diffuse in the city, no one would be seduced by her. The fear that was about to be instigated in the population about her was going to be so high that his plan had only one way to go and it was toward her execution by fire.

On the hill where Merouala was, nothing had changed. She was still wearing black. She had not move once and her face was looking downward. The military men were still guarding every entrance that led to the hill she sat on. Their presence around her, made the population curious about her. They came close to the entrance to have a glimpse of her. They did not understand and rumours were running fast. Everybody remembered how the first six officers were when they went close to her. They knew she had done something that made them react differently than the way they usually did. They wanted to know what it was that made them so care free and appeased as they were when they went near her. They all saw that she had not touched them. How come the few words they exchanged with her made them stayed at her feet for so long? How was it possible that they shown so much respect to her? A respect that they were only supposed to give to high ranking officials in the city and especially to the prince. What inspired them to behave in such a way?

The advisers of the prince dispersed themselves in every part of the city. They gathered the population and explained as they were told by the prince who was that woman, why she was to be avoided and why she would be executed the next day. The people had few questions about the policemen who went to see her received as answers that she had bewitched them. They were told them that the prince as well as the advisers understood how disgusted they were that the men they trusted so much fell on the trap of that witch . Luckily, because their prince was a good man and above all a good Muslim, he decided to take care of them and would do whatever it was to bring them back to their regular state of mind.

The advisers told them that the only person responsible of that was the invisible woman in black. If they did not want to fall in her trap, they needed to act swiftly to eliminate the treat she was for the entire city. Nobody was safe as long as she was around. The prince was just doing his duty which was to protect their families, their children, their live and above all he was fighting for Allah. Who would take a chance of being against what Allah wanted? Wasn’t it the mark of a just, fair and responsible prince to take the matter into his hand so seriously and so quickly in order to protect them? They all agreed and applauded the prince.

One man though asked if it would not be easier to just tell her to leave their city instead of burning her so fast. An adviser tried to explain and the population started to wonder why they were going at it so brutally after all it was just a woman. Seeing that people were having doubt, another adviser named Farid jumped and asked them if they could not see how she was already dividing the city. He said that the man who asked the question and started to divide the population was probably attracted by her evil ways. He demanded that the policemen arrest him and put him in jail right away and it was done.

He continued on guarding them not to fall into too many questions about her. Their prince had seen through her clearly and had taken a series of measures to protect them. If they were to follow their basic instincts to question what was being done, surely it would mean that they were already possessed by her. Another man in the crowd asked how he could stop himself from thinking and Farid looked at him and looked at the population and single him out as another man who was falling in her trap already. With a sad face he told the crowd that he had no other choice than to arrest him and send him in jail where he would be treated for his sins.

He told the people that if they were really good Muslim, they would know how to stop their thought process form being infected by her. Since that had difficulty with it, he had to suffer the consequences. Good Muslim would know and bad ones would question themselves.

He stressed that this was an example they all witnessed with their own eyes. They saw the work of the devil. They needed to pray more in order to stay away from that woman. He invited them to pray right away which they did happily. When it was over, he stood up, advised them to look around them for people who were asking too many questions about what they were going to do with her. It was surely a sign of their possessed soul. He advised them to run away from them and denounced them to the police. He said that if they would not do that, it is possible that they would be possessed themselves and might be set on fire with the evil woman in black. He wished them luck and encouraged them to pray during the night to save their soul. With his wording, Farid controlled the situation very well and all the others advisers followed his footsteps.

When all the advisers finished their announcement, it was already around 11:00 pm. They all went back to see the prince to report how things went with the population. They all came exhausted. They told the same thing to the prince which was that everything went fine. They had to arrest few men here and there who were questioning too much the motivation behind what they were going to do and to make an example of them.

Farid suggested to the prince that the people they arrested in addition to the policemen be burnt with the witch the next day. He explained that if that woman was evil and the policemen were fascinated by her, it means that they were under her control. They needed therefore to be executed like her. If they did not want her to have followers in their city after her death, they had to burn all of them as well. All the advisers agreed with him.

The prince looked at everybody and was impressed by the way Farid mind was working. He paused and wondered for a moment if he was indeed the only one who could see that this woman was guilty of nothing. Was he the only one who could see what was actually at stake here? If they really believed what they were saying then if he chose not to act against them, he would appear as the one who is weak and maybe they might think that he was also possessed.

He knew that woman had special power and ability. If his entourage and advisers were not able to see that, it was their problem. He knew it and he perhaps was the only one who believed in her around them. Being aware of the special skills she had made him carry the thoughts that maybe something else would stop her execution by fire the next day. Maybe secretly he had hoped that a different outcome would have happened when they went to reach out to the population. 

He was surprised that things went so easily. Maybe he had indeed over reacted but now it was too late. If that woman was that powerful, she would have done something to stop the masquerade that took place in the evening but she did not. It simply meant that there was nothing to fear about her.

All that had happened during the day was a charade. He had over reacted and now instead of burning just that woman, he had to order the execution by fire of many others. He had a long breathing and asked Farid how many men were arrested. Farid replied that around 300 were arrested. He looked at Farid and could not believe what he had just heard.

He observed everyone and said: “and you want me to kill all of them”. Farid said that it was a matter of fairness. If they had fallen into her scheme, they should suffer the same ending than her because now they were probably her obedient slaves. If they were left to hang around in their city, the risk was high that others might join them and later, the consequences would be terrifying for everyone.

The prince tried not to show that he was shocked by the way things were going. He stood up and went to the windows, looked at the moon. He seemed so far away. One of his advisers smiled and said that he could not believe that their prince, the great El Hajj Karim had second though about killing 300 more people for this thing. He went on saying that they had killed much more than that for little less than this crime. Now that it was something that was touching the heart of their city which was the belief in God, their beloved prince was hesitant. They all laughed.

The prince turned around and smiled back at them. He did not want to loose face. He told them that he did not have second thought. He was just worry about what they said to the population. They told them that they would be cured because he was a good prince and the next thing the population would see was that he broke his promise. He did not want to appear as a leader that they could not trust.

Another of his adviser named Saïd said that it was a simple matter to deal with. They could always say that after looking deeply and carefully into the details of each of those cases, they realized that they would be able to bring them back to normalcy. Indeed they had sinned at such a high level that saving them was a desperate caused. God himself demanded that they die. After being touched in any way by the devil, the only cure left was death. 

After all, it was the weaknesses and sins of those men that led them to be influenced by the forces of evil. They were only going through the consequences of a life that did not follow the path of Allah. Wasn’t God the greatest of all, if they had at least tried to live according to his rules, God would have done something to prevent them from going through this. Unfortunately he has not. Therefore, they are guilty and they should be punished for. It would be an even bigger crime if they, the one responsible of the city health would become soft with in this affair. It was a matter of protecting the others and to preserve intact the religion that their Beloved Prophet Mohammad came to give them.

The prince looked at them and thought that maybe he was the one who was trapped. Instead of being trapped by that woman, he was trapped by the logic of his power. He had to order the execution of these men even though he knew, they had not done anything wrong. It was not so much the injustice of what he was about to do that hurt him. He had done far worst in the past and it was part of his reputation as Saïd said. It was more the realization that in fact he did not have any power. The logic of his system was deciding things at his place. His advisers could topple him down if they saw that he was not respecting the logic of the power he implemented. 

Who was ruling his city? He was a subject of his power. More than that, if he did not respect his power, it would destroy him. He was the slave called prince El Hajj Karim. A slave of his power, a slave of his image, a slave of his entourage and advisers, a slave of his family and a slave of the events occurring around him. What exactly could he have done now other than to follow the will of the situation? He was just a pawn in everything.

The woman in black at least had chosen her faith. He could not do the same for fear of loosing everything. He thought he had everything when he did not. Being the prince was just a title he received to do things that he did not really want or care about. Understanding his situation, he finally decided to order the execution of those 300 men with Merouala at the hill the next morning at 10:00 am.

Invisible woman in black Part 4

When everybody left, the prince stood there alone in his office. He was relieved that his advisers left. He wanted to be alone. The situation took a turn that he had not anticipated. He looked through the windows and he could see the hill where Merouala was sat. He thought of what was going to happen and his inability to stop it. He did not care about that woman nor did he care about the three hundred men who were going to be burnt with her. It was more the fact that the circumstances were pushing him to do things he did not particularly want. For the first time in his life as a ruler, he was conscious that he did not control anything. The events were at best pushing him in one direction and at worst obliging him to move in one way. When he did not obey to what the situation was calling for, he usually took major risks of being attacked by the system he helped put in place. Therefore, most of the time, he was doing what his system wanted in order to avoid any break down of his power. To maintain himself there, he went to a lot of compromises.

They were doing what he wanted he had always thought. Was it what he wanted or what the system imposed on him? In this case, the system went in a direction that did not please him. He was a responsible of the crisis that the city went through and the final was to be played in the next few hours.

Aside from the six policemen he sent out to see Merouala the first time, perhaps he was the only person who was not scared of her in the town at this moment. He knew that woman had done something special to those men in order for them to be so calm in front of him. Usually people would be frightened even when he was smiling. They were scared that he would get upset and maybe do something against them. When they came back from their meeting with Merouala, they did not care about anything. He was intrigued by their reaction. If one person could make them act this way, his power would mean nothing in few days if she was allowed to move around or if people were allowed to go see her freely. His system would collapse in a matter of days. Therefore he had no choice than to do what he did even though the outcome was not to his liking. The survival of the system depended on it.

What could he really have done? It was either the system took actions to survive or the beginning of his destruction. He was not in control of the venue of Merouala in his city. He had to take immediate steps to prevent any trouble. As a prince, it was his duty. Failing to do so, would have compromised his stand in front of the nobles and his population. Once the first step was taken, nothing could stop the setting off the steps that followed. Considering his situation, he realized that Merouala was more the person moving things around.

She chose to come in his city. She did not do anything to anyone. She clearly saw the army and his advisers calling for her death the next day by fire but she had not moved yet. It seemed as if all the events in the city did not make her blink not even once. She did not take any action. She just entered in his city and she sat on top of a hill that nobody had ever used or even looked at. On the other hand, he took several actions, he was scared, his officers and advisers were shaken by the whole situation and beside all the actions he and they took, he and they did not have the calm Merouala had. How come his peace of mind did not give him any power? Or how come his power did not give him any peace of mind? He wanted to know her secret.

The only people who could help him at this moment were the six policemen he confined in a special residency. Accompanied with several men, he took his horse and went to see them. He was surprised to see them awaken and in a meditative position just like Merouala was. They all stood up. They expressed their embarrassment for not being prepared to receive him. He told them not to worry about it. After all he was the one who should be have apologized for coming unannounced and abruptly in the middle of the night. He sat on a chair close to a table and asked them to join him around the table which they did.

He asked them if they knew what was going to happen to them. The older of the policemen told him that they knew that he ordered their killing at 10:00 am the next day and they were prepared to die. The prince asked them if they were not afraid of death to which they replied that death in itself was definitely not the problem there. It was more the little amount of time they had left to see their family that was bothering them. They wished they could stay with them a bite longer in order to explain them what they saw or felt before they die. Unfortunately, life was not about to give them that. They had already accepted that and were “ok” about it.

The prince asked them if they were not angry or desperate or mad about what was going on. They said that they were but they had the choice to die frustrated or to accept what was about to happen and leave in peace. They felt blessed that Merouala would be with them. They were certain that they would not feel a thing while burning the next day. They just knew that nothing was going to happen to them because they would be around her. “How could you be so sure?” the prince said and they replied that if he had talked to her, he would have been able to understand.

Another one told him that he was in front of them and was the one who ordered their death but he seemed more worry than they were. What did it say about being alive or staying in this life? The prince nodded in agreement. One of the policemen brought some tea and they drunk it together. The prince looked at them with a distant smile and told them that he could not understand how someone so powerful would let them die when obviously they were her followers already. How come she was going to let them die? After all they were father and members of their family were depending on them. Letting them die without doing anything was a bite inconsiderate. The least she could have done was to save you from my men. After all, if it would not have been for her, you would not be in this situation. She is responsible of this.

She is not responsible of anything. We chose to go meet her. We could have said no. We could have pretended that we are sick or that something happened but we chose to go. We assumed that responsibility. We are not going to put that on her or on you. She already saved us replied the policemen who brought the tea. We are no longer scared and we do not have an army. We know our family would be alright because every life that comes, there is something or someone that would take care of it. Our family have chosen their life. We are confident that they would be well even if we are not around. Of course we would like to be with them but we understand that it is our time to leave. We are no longer attached to anything. The moment we met Merouala, we were ready to see her for what she was. Once we did see her, we saw ourselves and everybody else. The moment we met her, we stopped holding anything in our hands. We left everything and everything left us.

“Am I to understand that none of you would fight for your survival?” said the prince. “We already survived. What has to happen now will happen regardless of our readiness or not. We chose to be ready for your decision my lord” answered one of the officers.

The prince took a moment to think and finished his tea. He thanked them for the tea and told them that he was sorry and would have like to give them more time with their family but the system went faster than he had presumed it would. He wished them good luck and they looked at him and told him that he should not be worry. Everything would be fine. He was just playing his part. He left the table.

Invisible woman in black Part 5

As the prince was walking back to his castle, he thought about how quickly the live of those six men plus the three hundred others had changed dramatically since that woman arrived. He did not know about the other three hundred men but he knew that the six policemen were better than they had ever been before. Unfortunately for them, the day they reached that level of happiness was the day they were sentenced to death. Even though he understood what led to these events, he could not help thinking that it was a strange faith. It did not encourage people to be happy. He needed to understand why things were the way they were.

The realization he made for himself and his curiosity would not let him rest unless he got more answers. The only person who could help him find peace was Merouala. If he was to understand anything, he needed to talk to her right away because in few hours she would be burn and no one around him would be able to help him. In the middle of his way home, he decided to go see Merouala instead of going back to his castle. He and his men galloped until they arrived where the army was guarding the entrance to the hill Merouala was sat on. He got down of his horse and asked his men to stay in the back. He told them that he would go there alone. He did not want them to know the troubles he was going through.

He was a bite worry about meeting her. He feared that he might turn like the six policemen but then again she was the only one who could give answers to his questions. Much to the surprise of his personal guard and the military who were stationed there, he walked toward her. The closer he got to her, the more intense was his fear. He was sweating. In the middle of the way, a soft wind came around him and appeased his fear. It was as if somebody was holding his hands and carrying him to her.

When he came next to her, he introduced himself as the prince of the city. She told him that he was welcomed and she asked him if there was anything she could do for him. He said that he was more likely to do something for her not the other way around. In her situation, if there was somebody who needed more help, it was her because she would be burn the next day. Merouala smiled and told him that if this was the case, how come he had spent the whole night thinking of how impossible it was for him to change what was going to happen in the next few hours. She told him that for someone who did not need help, he seemed to seek a lot of answers from the people who were close to their death.

Shocked that she knew of the internal struggle he was into, he told her that only witches were able to read people thoughts and mind. “Why are you insulting the reason you came here for. You need answers, I asked you what I could do to help you and you are not satisfied. Do you rather me begging you for my life? Would that make you more comfortable? Unfortunately, I can not do that because as you are starting to know by now, you are not the one who gave me my life and you are not the one who will take it back. The one who would take it back have good reasons to do so. I can not beg the person who is only there to merely execute what was decided above. You have realized in the last few hours that your power was just an illusion. You were more the servant at best or should I say the slave at worst of this power. I am like you only I realized it a long time ago and I have accepted it. I am trying to follow the path that has been created for me. I am at the service of the above. None of what you can do or say will change that. I believe I have already answered few of your questions even though you are too shy or proud to ask them” she said.

The prince replied that: “Since he seemed to be completely naked in front of her, she probably knew his next question would be how come the above after giving you so much power would let you die tomorrow. Nobody can envy that. Was that the message that the above wanted us to see? Do the above want them to find happiness and die? Who can be attracted by that? Who would wish to go through it? Why the above does not save you then?”

Merouala told him that he was talking as if he wanted to follow what the above wanted. The above does not need to look attractive to us because what ever it is that we do, we are submitted to its rules. The game is to realize it and to submit ourselves knowingly. As for the people dying after finding happiness, it is very important to loose everything, to be completely detached from everything in order to rebuild our live according to the rules of the above. Those men whom you have condemned to be burnt tomorrow with me, have to die to who they were to reborn to whom they wanted to be before coming here. If that means that they have to loose everything along the way, they will loose everything. The only thing they have to do is to continuously trust the choice they have made and to keep on submitting themselves to there reality.

As for the men who would be burn tomorrow with me, by acting the way they acted, they have chosen their faith and the above will take care of them. The rules of the above are not the rules of men. It is completely the opposite. The ones considered princes above are the ones supporting and caring for everybody. In the laws of men, the ones who are supported the most are the ones called princes.

The prince looked at her and said that he thought that being next to her would enlighten him like the six policemen. She told him that he could not because he was far from understanding the mechanism of the above because he was the most supported. In order for him to be touched the way those policemen were, he needed to be a servant like they were. She told him that he had too much to loose. He was too much attached to worldly things.

The prince smiled and asked her sarcastically if he had to be poor or a servant in order to deserve the benefit of the above. She told him that it was not necessarily the case. The fact remains that having lots of money, houses, wives and power made it difficult to be detached from things. The more things people have the more dependants they are of these and the less likely they are to be submitted to the above. They start living for those things. If somebody is poor, he has nothing to loose therefore it is easier for him to abandon things. If somebody is a servant, he or she is more likely to understand the dynamic of serving the above without bringing yourself or ego into it.

Having said that, it does not mean that one can not be rich and have many servants and serves the above. On the contrary. Many examples through the years have been seen of people who were able to do it. It just requires an incredible self realization and a distance from things that only great masters were able to achieve. Maybe, you would be one of them after our death.

Invisible woman in black Part 6

Merouala continued and said: “Since you came here because you were interested in the power that you think I have, I will tell you what it is. We have little time ahead of us so I will try to be brief. What you have noticed, are not powers. It is simply not being dependent on anything that is on this earth. I do not mean that I do not recognize the importance of people, nature or our soil but I mean that I am not attached to them. If they help me today, I will gladly welcome and accept them but I will not compromise myself for them in order to gain their support. It is not an easy path because when you see people around you gaining special position or power because they are saying or doing things that are contrary to what they believe, it hurts to see yourself falling in the back at the last place because you have not compromised yourself. You know a lot about that because you have surrounded yourself with people who were compromising themselves every single day.

I am not saying that you should not have them as your advisers it but I am saying that the people who are around you either are scared of you therefore they will never say what they want or they want a position from you and they say exactly what you want to hear. I am sure it is easier to rule when people around you are obedient and scare of you but does it help you? When people know what to do in order to please you, it is easier for them to manipulate you and no one will tell you what you need to hear or the truth. I admit as well that having people around you that are challenging you on a daily basis is neither the easiest thing nor the most fun.”

The prince looked at her and said that she contradicted herself when she was giving her little speech. He told her that she could not tell him to surround himself with enemies and to avoid having around him people who agreed with him. As far as he was concerned, he could not do the things he wanted because the people surrounding him and his population were against it. Therefore he did not surround himself with obedient people.

She told him that if he was not able to change things, it was only due to his pride and his desire to remain in power. Everybody around him including himself intended to remain in power. It was determining their every move. Even when they told you to burn the other three hundred men including the six officers, they were acting to suppress anyone who would dare contradict your power on which their own power relied on. It was certainly not because they were expressing their opinion. It was simply because they wanted to stay in power. Saïd proposed that idea because he wanted to impress you and the others in order to be at your place or at the one closest to you in order to feel the power you have. You did not stop them because you did not want to contradict the logic you have instigated to protect your place as a ruler and a prince. You wanted them to see you as somebody who was logic and who was legitimately angry about that woman. They carried your wishes further than you had expected and you found yourself in a position where if you had stopped them, they would have doubted you and the logic that made you reacted at the first place. Your image or the image that you wanted to project would have suffered and they might have plotted against you or started to question whether or not it was a good thing that they relied on you.

The prince looked at her and asked how dare could she say something like that? She reminded him that she was not one his advisers who wanted something out of him. She had no attachment even to her life. This was the only power she had and it was because of that she could say whatever she wanted. She told him that their actions were only the results of their wish to maintain an image. Unfortunately, she had to say that it was an image that was far from the truth. They managed to lie to each other that they were doing something for their people, for their city or even for their family when the truth was that they were acting solely to maintain themselves in position of power. What was true of his advisers was doubly true about him.

She added that they had an obedient population because they had spread an incredible amount of fear inside them by the killing they had done along the years. Today their population did not even want to think for fear of being killed. This is how you have manage to keep yourself in power. She told him that she was not suggesting that he changed but since he had came to see her for answers, she felt like she had to tell him what made her different from him.

The prince told her that she seemed to have listened to the conversation he was having with his advisers and knew them very well. The kind of freedom she gave to the six officers impressed him a lot. She asked him how she was doing that.

She replied that after everything she told him, the only thing that matter to him was the power she had. It was the proof that he was completely glued to his power. His only concern was how he could get the ability she had. She told him that the only way for him to have her ability was to be able to live without his power. Everything that he will do that will increase his power will only distance him from the possibility to find his own abilities. She stressed that it would require him to abandon everything he has in order to be everything. She looked at him and said that as long as he would be scared of loosing his power and for good reasons, given the numbers of murders he had done, he will not be capable of reaching his unknown power.

The prince said that he wanted to do that. She answered that he should not say those things lightly because among the powers she had, was the one of granting wishes to people. If he wanted to do it, he had to mean it because the angels around her were listening and they would make him get what he wanted. She insisted that her path was not the easiest way to follow. He would have to loose everything even the idea of himself. He would have to renounce to everything and everybody would reject him. His kingdom as he knew it would be lost. He would have to visit all the people he had killed in the past and ask for their forgiveness. He would have to forgive himself for his sins. The hatred of the path she proposed him will fill his mind but he would have no other choice than to stick to it. He would hate to have made this choice. He would regret to have ever met her. It is only after many years of hardship and sufferance that he would see the world as she saw it and recover his abilities as a human being. He needed to think very clearly before wishing for something of that magnitude.

Invisible woman in Black Part 7

The prince insisted that he wanted to reach that level. She told him that he would not say in the future that she had not told him how difficult it was to follow her path. The angels around Merouala listened to him and accepted his demand to walk into the path of love. She added that once in, he would be free to leave at any time should he wish for that. It was already 8:00 am. Merouala told him to accept whatever was going to happen in the next few hours. He asked her what was going to happen and she told him that he should not worry no matter what will happen.

The prince had not realized how fast the time had past. He turned around and saw that he had been completely unaware of what was going on behind him. The soldiers were making the preparation for the fire to burn the condemned. They were all looking at him with surprise. The number of soldiers around them had increased significantly and the population was stunned that he went to talk to her. Indeed wasn’t it the woman they depicted as the angel of Satan? Didn’t she have powers so dangerous that no one was supposed to speak to her for fear of being enrolled in the devil’s way? How come their prince who has condemned many of their brothers and sisters for just questioning the reasoning behind their intervention against that woman was talking to her now? How come when they were talking to her she was the devil and when he was talking to her she was not? Even though the population was told not to question themselves about what the administration was doing, the prince action was too much in their face for them to ignore it. It chocked them and they could not help wonder what was going on.

The prince apologized to Merouala for having to leave now. She told him that it was alright and she wished him well. As the prince left, all eyes were on him. The soldiers and the population were starring at him. He arrived where his horse was and the soldiers he came with were no longer there. They had been replaced by others and they told him that they had to bring him in the castle immediately. The prince remembered that Merouala had told him to accept everything that was going to happen in the next few hours. Although he was surprised by their attitude, he followed them.

When he arrived in the castle, it was surrounded by soldiers and they brought him in front of a counsel that was led by Saïd. He entered and looked at all his advisers and asked them what was the meaning of this escort and why did he have the feeling that he was on trial. Saïd was the first one to speak. He told the prince that he did not give them any other choice. By talking to that woman he condemned himself all alone. Apparently she found the way to get him as well and they could not act otherwise than to arrest him. Another said that they could not allow somebody who have been seduced by the devil whore to rule them. It was against their principals and above all against their religion. They needed to take all actions that were necessary to prevent that from happening. This is why they have gathered this counsel and they have decided that he was no longer fit to be the prince of their city and he would be burn with the others.

El Hajj Karim looked at everyone and smiled. He told them that he understood that this was a coup to remove him from power. He told them that what has happened the last twenty four hours have changed him drastically. He could never be the same. It had been more than twenty years that he had been in power and has ruled the city. He knew how to get away from this situation but he was not going to do anything about it. Power lost the excitement it uses to have for him. The last few hours taught him a lot about himself, his entourage and the actions they took in the past. After experiencing the power of men and women, he wanted to experience a different kind of power. He knew it existed and he knew he was capable of finding it. Staying with them was not going to help him. If he chose to fight them, he would continue to be swallowed by the system he implemented with their help. It was time for him to go.

Saïd looked at the others members of the counsel and said that this was another proof that the prince they knew was no more and they just had to confirm that he would be burn with the others and the city will go back to its tranquility. They all agreed and arrested him. It was 9:00 am. He was brought to the others six policemen house for few minutes. When they saw him, they smiled and welcomed him. They saw that he was a little bite nervous and they ask him to calm himself. It would be over before he knew it.

The soldiers took them and brought them to the hill where Merouala was. The others 300 men and women were already there and they were shaking and scared. They were assembled around her. Woods for the fire had been put in between them and around them. The population was applauding the destruction and the death of evil doers. When they saw the prince El Hajj Karim among them, they were happy that he was suffering the same faith than the others were. They were yelling long life to the new prince El Hajj Saïd. Merouala was still sat at the same place and the noise that was made around her did not seem to affect her. She remained calm and steady. They placed the prince and the six policemen next to Merouala.

The new prince Saïd arrived around 10:00 and the soldiers in charge told him that they were ready to proceed at any time. He gave the order to start the fire. People were rejoicing to see evil forces being destroyed. As soon as the fire started, the black robe Merouala was wearing lengthened itself and got carried by the wind. It went around the men and women who were in the fire and they were enveloped by that robe. All the people could see was that the fire was getting bigger and bigger. None of the 300 hundred men, or the policemen, or the prince, or Merouala were burnt. She took care of them first with her black robe then, a white robe came after to support them and when the fire was seen intensively red by the population, she took them away from that place.

No one in that place saw anything but one thing was curious to them. They did not hear them cry nor yell. The new prince said that it was the proof that they were not human beings and that they did the right thing by killing them. He was applauded and celebrated.

As for Merouala and the people she took away from that city, they landed in the middle of the desert where no one dare come. She told them that they were scheduled to come here at this moment. They had a mission to accomplish and they needed to be prepared. She would begin their teaching to the path of love as soon as possible and once they would understand it, they would be able to go and immersed themselves into every town around the desert.

Invisible Woman in Black Part 8

The next day, Merouala assembled them and told them that they had a lot to do: “They have chosen this faith and it was normal for them to feel a little disturb because of what happened. Prior to their arrival on earth and in that city, they all agreed that they wanted to follow this path. Her arrival signalled to all of them even though they were not conscious of it that it was time for them to leave the place. This simple fact explained why all the drama was caused when she arrived. Even the people who stayed in the back agreed to be the ones witnessing your departure. As you can see now, you did not burn. The thing they saw was that you all burnt. None of them saw us evaporating like it actually happened.

Do not worry, the fact that you arrived at this level is the proof that things are advancing on earth. Saïd will continue what he has to do and you will do what you have to do. Do not be scared because it would only postpone your departure from here. The sooner you will get what you came here for, the sooner you will go back in the world to realise your dreams and what you came here for. After going through this path, fear will no longer have the same impact on you. You will see the mysterious ways that the greatest Architect above brought to you through me.

Many things are expected from you up there. You picked the hardest path because you wanted to serve the world and I am telling you that they are very proud of you. Do not be sad because of the people who were left behind. They have something to do there as well. They have to realize themselves in a different way and remember that if you met them once, you will meet them again.

Fear, shame and the guilt are the three arrows that are stopping you from achieving what you came here to do. The system installed by humans to which you have participated and dedicated your life so far, enslaved you for so long because they made you believe in fear, shame and guilt. My principal role would be to free you from the jail they were able to maintain you for such a long time.

When I would have finished with you, you will be free to do whatever it is that you want. You would choose either to go back in the world and try to do something or to leave this world for good. It would be your choice. For that, I would not have any recommendation because there would be no bad choice. Anything that you will do would be considered a great thing above.

The work you are about to do is already immense enough job and would help a great deal the earth to move forward. Therefore whatever it is that you do after is a bonus that would be well appreciated. Therefore even if you would decide to go, you would be welcomed as well.

I love you all equally. Some of you have reached a higher level already. The moment I came, they recognized me right away and gave up many things they believed in your city. Those ones are the six policemen. It does not mean that the others can not reach their level or even go beyond them as quickly as possible. Then you have the prince who was at an intermediary level which made him asked lots of questions but he took the right decision when the time came. As for the rest of you are at the beginning. This explains why you were crying when they put the fire and you still feel lots of fear even away from that city. Like I said, I love you all but due to the difference of level, I would have to treat you differently and expect from you more or less depending on the level and the potential I know you represent. The above will also help me in my task by telling me what is required for each and every one of you.

During your training, three of the six policemen would be at my right and the other three would be at my left. The prince would be two stairs below in front of me holding the lamp that will help the rest of you to see what is beyond the reality you are use to.

After deleting the walls of the jail you are in, you will fall in love but for the first time, it would be in love of yourself. You will feel grateful for what you are and what you went through in this life and the previous ones. You will forgive yourselves for whatever you have done to yourself. It is not that you have not done anything to others, it is just that all the things you did to others, you did it primarily to yourself. This is why you will ask for their forgiveness and then forgive yourself and then the rest would be between you and God.

Congratulations to all of you. I am Merouala, angel of God at the service of the Universe. During this period, I would be both your Mother and your Father. I am you and you are me. May God facilitate what we have to accomplish.”

After her speech, she told them that she would meet them the next day. They all went back in their tent and she left.



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