Holding each others asses

Holding each others asses


On a lighter note today, I will just say that it appears that we are shifting our behaviours or it is just me who is noticing that just now. Is it just me? Or lovers are grabbing each other asses more and more or am I just discovering this just now? I was just walking down the streets when those two lovers obviously extremely happy to be together were holding their buts instead of holding their hands. They were not caressing each others asses but they were literally holding it as if it was the new way of doing things.

I was wondering if it felt comfortable to walk like this but then again when the first person on earth decide to hold the hand of his or her lover, it must have felt strange to the rest of the world but today, everybody consider it as a natural way of being. Perhaps we are living this new and fabulous trend which is to hold asses in the streets.

Since our beloved couple was ahead of me in the streets and I was going in the same direction, I decided to observe them since I was walking behind them. I wanted to see if it was just a temporary gesture that was meant to touch different parts of their partner’s body because quite frankly they were sick of holding each others hands and the best way to do that was to hold their asses. Consequently, they needed a change and welcomed it. If they had not done it, they would have probably killed themselves. Or maybe it was a strong desire to make love that almost brought their hands mechanically on each others asses and last but not least, perhaps it was just their way of being.

Well, I must say that our couple was doing this gesture as if it was the most natural thing to do and they seemed to have mastered the way to walk elegantly in this position. As curious as it may, once you have past the surprise to see them in this curious habit, you would have clearly see that there was nothing vulgar about them. They were not trying to do something inappropriate. They were simply grabbing each other asses because they felt like people have held their hands way too much over the past centuries and no new initiative in that domain has erupted since. They felt like it was time to move this lovey-dovey sign of love to the next level by holding asses and I could not agree more.

We should admire and congratulate people who took this fashion and decided to move forward with it. I think it will only refresh the relations we entertain with our lover and it will boost our desire to go further in that direction. Now, it is important that we decide right away whether we will continue to look for different parts of our body to grab when we are walking down the streets or not. If we choose to answer yes, I think we should think about either the elbow or the knees could enjoyable parts to grab. If we want to spice it up and raise the standards about this, we should definitely think about holding penises and vaginas in the streets. This will simply increase our freedom. Once we would have done that, we would think about holding our lover’s hair while walking in the streets.

If we choose to answer no to that question, well! We will be responsible to stop the natural evolution of human being. Do we really want that? I know I don’t. What do you think?


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