Himalayan cat and his master

Himalayan cat and his master

The Himalayan cat named Kovi was still in the house and the humans around him were moving around him. It was a funny looking male cat with white greyish hair. It was a calm cat which was spending most of its time sleeping. His owner was a young twenty four years old man named Luciano. He was fascinated by video games, hockey and occasionally women. When he was not working, he rushed home, ate quickly and if there was a hockey game on TV where the Canadian of Montréal were playing, he would watch it while eating ships and drinking Gatorade. If on the other hand, there was no game, he would go in his room and play war video games in network for hours. While he was playing, he had this little phone set on his ears which was allowing him to talk, make comments or yell at the people he was playing against or with. At the end of the came he usually called the people he was playing against either camper or woops or sissy and so on and so forth.

Every time he lost or won a game, he came out and made comments about the people who were playing. They either did not know how to play or they played like sissies which meant that they stayed in one spot and did not move at all but he was on the other hands, somebody who was taking risk of being shot at because he was moving all around and was fighting every one. His roommates listened to him carefully and appreciated that he was so passionate about it that even if they were not particularly into it, his enthusiasm touched them a lot.

He was working on contract in construction and transportation. When there was no work, he was playing during the whole night and day. He spent sometimes thirty hours playing without sleeping. In order to change his mind a little bite or when he wanted to rest before going back to play, he watched football and soccer. He was one of those fans who supported his team regardless of what they were doing. Even if what they were doing was ridiculous, he will still say that they were the best. Nobody could say anything against his team because he would immediately react against it. In order to tease him, his roommates were saying bad things about the team he supported just to see his reaction and it was working all the time.

He was what we could call a meat eater. Whenever he came back home, he usually rushed in the kitchen, took a steak of the fridge cooked it as quickly as possible and ate it with potatoes or ships he had recently bought at the market place. When it was not steak, he ate sausages, pizzas with pepperoni, ribs, grilled chicken bought at the grocery store or sandwiches with ham that he made as fast as he could because he did not want to waste precious time doing those things when he could be sat in front of his giant flat screen TV and play his war video games. He had a world to conquer and the time to eat his food was not going to stop him.

The need to save time was so important that he had mastered the heart of smoking in thirty seconds a whole cigarette in between games. He went out and he only needed three or four inhaling to finish his cigarettes. Occasionally, his friends would call him and they would go have fun in what they call a chalet in the hoods for two or three days. They would drink all nights and have fun in the snow. His mum visited him every week. When she came, they were doing grocery stores together and she was telling him how to cook it. Sometimes when he was short of money, she was buying his grocery or paying his rent.

In terms of love relation, he had his cat. It was the only thing that was making him change his voice. Whenever he entered the house, before saying “hello” to his roommates, he was calling his cat as parents called their kids when they are babies. He kissed him, took him in his arms, asked him how his day went, gave him his food and congratulated him on being a good cat. He did not want anybody else to give him food. It was his way of giving love to his cat.

It was his act of love for his cat and when one of his roommates did it two days in a row and was wondering if it was “ok” that he did so, he told him that he rather gave him the food himself because it was following a clear schedule and he did not want to change it. Deep down deep, he did not want to loose that moment with his cat. It was too important for him. His roommate was surprised but he did not take it bad. When Luciano was watching TV, he usually called the cat to come near him in order to caress him. When the cat was leaving him which was extremely rare, he called him again and again in order for him to come back and when he was not, he seemed very disappointed. He made sure the cat was sleeping with him when he was going in bed.

When the cat was doing something he did not like, he was beating it. Beside giving him food and cuddling him for times to times, he was not taking good care of his Kovi. His cat had swallowed so much of his own hair for so long that when he ate or drunk water, he was chocking. He had difficulty breathing. The lack of money, time and knowledge of how to take care of things he cherished prevented him from bringing the cat to the veterinary. In order to cure his cat, he just went on internet and saw how people had treated these situations. After reviewing it, he usually bought the products that people advised in these circumstances and gave it to his cat. It was not doing any good because the cat kept on having serious breathing problem after eating.

Kovi did not have a good reputation in the house because he was piecing everywhere and it was stinking in the whole house. His roommates were closing their windows because they were scared that Kovi will pie on their bed or in their room. The smell of his pie was so intense that it was spreading in the whole house. One of the girls who complained the most about it made him promise that he will bring his cat for surgical operations in order to stop him from piecing. They wanted to remove out of him, everything that was going to make him pie. It was a drastic measure but everybody seemed to agree that it was the most logical thing to do. Nobody wanted to clean after the cat or to understand why the cat was behaving like that. No one dare told Luciano to abandon his cat because it would have been inhumane. They therefore offered a compromise and it was to permanently stop the cat from piecing.

We will never know whether Luciano was sincere or not when he made his promise but he did it. The fact and the matter is that he was ready to do it. Perhaps the lack of money prevented him from doing it or maybe he did not have the heart to do it. Since no one took the time to understand what was going on with the cat, the problem was going to come on the table once again and he would have to make a decision.

It was strange. All that love for cat was a “facade”. Nobody loved the cat for real. If something was going to disturb them, they were ready to change it right away whatever were the consequences for the cat. Their needs to care for something or to pretend to care for something or to care for something the only way they knew how to care which was not much made them take a pet but the moment there was a disturbance, they had no patience to understand what was going on.

Maybe they were doing something that made the cat react the way he was or maybe the cat did not like to be there or they did not take the time to carefully let him know what to do and what not to do. None of that mattered. They just wanted to get ride of the problem as fast as possible. They did not care how it was done or what would be the consequences as long as it was done, they were happy. They were willing to do the things that no one would consider doing for humans and their excuses were that it was just an animal.

Strange! It was not an animal when he needed to sleep with his cat in his bed every night but Kovi suddenly became an animal when the time to do a surgical operation that will eradicate his capacity to pie for the rest of his life. No one would consider that option for human or for somebody they love but it comes to the cats they say they love and which they beg to receive love, they are ready to do anything. Strange indeed!

Humans!!!!!, we are just the best in the world.



  1. sirena cameron said,

    July 24, 2010 at 11:07 pm

    I want a female like this kitten, maybe slightly lighter for breeding purposes. I have a persian / himalayan, she’s a beauty, but I had her spaded when she was a kitten. But she would of made some very gorgeous babies, symetrical in every way!

    If you have one available, please contact me @ 623-225-4433

    • crazyreal said,

      July 26, 2010 at 12:55 am

      Although, I do not have the cat you mentioned, I will leave your comment on this post in case someone passes by and is interested in what you are proposing. Before I wish you a good night, I would like to thank you for passing by.

  2. ENDEAMCED said,

    December 29, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    белиберда ей богу)))))начало посмотрела на большее не хватило))))

  3. immumbeft said,

    January 4, 2011 at 4:09 pm

    Я думаю, что Вы допускаете ошибку.

    • crazyreal said,

      January 4, 2011 at 7:19 pm

      I do not read this language unfortunately. I would appreciate if you could translate what you wrote in english.

      thanks for passing by,

    • crazyreal said,

      January 4, 2011 at 7:20 pm

      translate in english please.


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