Give me the power to create

Give me the power to create

Take my hands and guide my fingers toward writing the stories you wish people to read

I am in the process of freeing myself in order for you take place within me

I want you to find in me an available home where you can come and stay

I will help you express what you want and you will help me express what I want

Together, we will create out of love, by love, through love, within love and for love

Allow me to learn from your love in order for me to reproduce love in every shape or form

Let me be a lover who is not afraid of love when he gives love, who is not scared of love when he receives love and who is not frightened by love when he has to accomplish things through love

Teach me how to be a being of love, one capable to love because everything that I am is made out of love

Open my heart to the secrets of love and let me enter in the kingdom of love

You are the love that made me. It is only out of love that you allowed my vision of love to be blur

You did it in order for me to learn about love while I was seeking for it. You want me to love again the way I used to before you and I agreed that it was best for me to learn about love while seeking for it

You patiently stood there and waited that I finished trying every other way before recognizing that the only way to be is to fall in love with You

I took my time before I surrendered to you but you were not offended,

On the contrary, you infused every aspect of my life with love in order for me to seek the only love that is real and that is lasting forever

The way you love me is beyond anything I had ever imagined and I am looking forward to grow in order to be amazed once again at how far your love go not only for me but for the entire creation

It is submitted to your love that I want to show you and the world what your creation is capable of doing on earth,

I want to be the proof that carried by your love, we can achieve love at the highest level of humanity

Let’s be partners, pour me with your love as you always do and allow me to diffuse it wherever, whenever and however you want

Together let’s be partners in creation and let’s accomplish whatever we want

The love we have for each other will be express trough our creation

The proof of our love will be our creation

Give me the power to create


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