Fortune Teller

Fortune teller Part 1

Julia got down from the bus few stops before her home because she wanted to walk a bite. Her day had been exhausting and she wanted to breathe a little before arriving in her apartment. As she was walking without following a particularly clear direction, her steps led her into a street where she had walked before but never really paid attention. Her eyes were looking around without objective. They were simply moving from left to right or from right to left. There were absolutely no expectations to find or get anything that would satisfy or pleasure her eyes or thoughts. Julia was in a mood to walk around alone. She was neither unhappy nor thrilled. It had been a regular day that demanded a lot from her and she needed to clear her head. She felt like since the sun was finally shining a little bite in Montreal, a walk would diffuse the stress she had accumulated during the day.

Her eyes caught up a door where it was written fortune teller. Before she could understand why, her steps had brought her in front of that door and without being conscious, she had already knocked on that door three times. While she realized she did not know what she was doing and why she was going there, a weak voice said enter. She found herself pushing the door and she saw an old woman with white hair that was attached with a small Asian wooden joystick. After welcoming her, she invited her to seat in the chair on the other side of her office table. She introduced herself as Marlene and she asked her why she came there for.

Julia told her that she did not know it herself. She explained that the moment she saw the sign fortune teller, she did not know what happened. She was immediately moved toward her office. Marlene asked what she was thinking prior to her arrival in the street and Julia told her that there was nothing in particular in her head. She just wanted to clear her head from an exhausting day. Marlene smiled and looked at her straight in the eyes and said: “I guess this is the reason”. Julia did not know what to answer to that.

She had not call for this meeting. Nobody forced her to go see her. She entered her office without any prejudices or expectations. She could leave at any moment but she chose not to. Marlene presence and her office did not inspire any fear to her. She felt comfortable and relaxed. She wanted to stay since she was feeling so good inside herself. She could not remember feeling so much in peace even in her apartment. She was quite surprised by well being.

She looked around to see what was causing her to be in this state of mind. Nothing around her would give her any clue. It was certainly not the orange curtain or the red wall or the scent of lavender oil that she smelled the moment she stepped in. Maybe, the old woman was reassuring her.

Marlene was observing Julia and she saw that she had lots of questions in her head. She suggested this time with less authority in her look that perhaps they could start working on the fact that her mind was exhausted. It might open the door to others challenges and help her to clear her mind. Julia agreed.

Fortune Teller Part 2

Marlene mentioned to her that it was quite strange that she wanted to clear her head and she came in the house of a fortune teller. She reminded Julia that her job was to tell people about their future and it had nothing to do with clearing their head. Marlene added that maybe Julia made a mistake by coming to her. When people came to her, they usually wanted to know something about their future or they wanted to see if the decisions that they were about to take were either aligned or not with their life plan and to verify if the consequences of their decisions or actions would be great or terrible. Sometimes, they wondered if the people who surrounded them were trustworthy or when were they going to betrayed them. There was a variety of issues that led them at her place.

She asked Julia what was uncertain at this point in her life that made her see her door and crossed it. Julia was observing the old woman talking. She looked at her and was trying to figure out a way to get inside her head while she was giving her explanation. After hearing Marlene, Julia started to think that maybe she was not exhausted because of her hard day at work.

While Julia was in her thoughts, Marlene walked to her drawings. She asked Julia if she did not mind her continuing with her drawings. She added that it would give her ample time to process the information she had just received and as soon as she would be ready, she would just need to make a sign and she would switch back her focus to her.

She accepted the deal. She actually preferred not to be scrutinized while she was thinking and enjoying her stay in the old woman place. Anything that could prolong her stay there was welcomed. She came back to the question Marlene asked her and she saw that her mind was not clear because it was filled with things that were exhausting her. What surprised her the most was that she was not even aware of them. If it would not have been for Marlene pointing out the reasons why people went to see her, she would not have noticed what was going on in her head. Instead of focussing on those thoughts, which obviously were bothering her a lot, she wondered How come this white hair woman who had just met her seemed to know her better than she knew herself.

There was a kind of pleasure she felt about having someone who knew her that much and who could understand her so well. It also brought a fear that whatever she had inside she would not be able to hide it because she did not know first that there was a problem and second she could not figure out what the problem was. In front of Marlene, she felt naked. She did not know how it happened but she could not cover up her troubles anymore. She was curious to see if Marlene would reveal her more about how she felt that day. Julia looked at her and she saw that Marlene was completely absorbed in her drawings. She was so focussed in what she was doing that Julia had the impression that Marlene had forgotten all about her or even worst, she did not remember that there was somebody else in her office.

Julia was wondering how Marlene could be so free and careless about everything. She did not care whether Julia was there or not. Julia almost felt like she was more present in that room than Marlene was. She envied the old woman and many thoughts were going through her mind about how Marlene was capable of doing that? Was she manipulating her? Did she belong to a sect?

Sensing that Julia was embroiled in the game her thoughts were playing inside her mind, Marlene said few words which came out of the depth of her soft and appeasing voice. She reminded Julia to bring back her attention to what was stopping her to clear her mind.

It is while tracing a line on her paper and without loosing her concentration nor moving her head in Julia direction that she told her to stay vigilant and aware of what was going on inside her.

Instead of observing and carefully listening to what was going on, Julia was adding unnecessary thoughts to the already filled and heavy mind she was carrying. It hurt Julia to see that she was again so unaware of what was going on inside her and to be “seen through” by somebody else. Even though her ego was shocked by what took place, she continued to play along.



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