For the love of the sun

For the love of the sun Part 1

Once upon the time, the sun was travelling in space. It met different rocks and got along very well with them. Having fun running around, they wanted to find a place where they could be together all the times. After moving around for several millions of years, they were able to rent the galaxy we are in. They thought of a game that would make them stay connected. The sun told them that it has the power to shine and could send them some lights. Some wanted lots of lights and the others less. The distance they took from the sun depended on the light they needed. Some were closer others were far away.

Some problems occurred along the way. They sat together to deal with their situation. The sun told them that it could not be everywhere at the same time for everyone. They all realized that it made sense. They came up with the conclusion that stated that in order for them to have fun and to avoid any jealousy within the group, they needed to meet the sun according to their needs and as often as it was required for them to have sun lights to play their part in the game they created. The best way to do that was to turn around the sun at the pace they thought would help them get the lights they needed.

After that, each of them picked up a room in the galaxy that was allocated to them. They chose according to the affinity they had with each other and according to the space they needed to be comfortable. It was a careful balance they had to find. They could not be too close to each other neither could they be to far away from each other. Each member of the group had to respect the space of the others, the speed in which they were moving, the light and energy they were generating and reflecting around them, the needs of the elements living in each rocks and their relation with the sun. 

It was not the easiest task. They had to compromise and abandon a lot of things that made them who they were. Indeed being together would allow them to know, to understand better and learn about each other. Staying with one another would bring them closer and especially would make them see how they could best help their friends to reach their respective goals. They decided to turn around the sun in circle each at the distance that was the most efficient. They realized after few years of navigation that if they were limiting themselves to that, only a single part of each of them would receive the sun and the others won’t. 

They came up with the solution that they needed to turn on themselves from left to right or from east to west in order for each part of them to receive the sun lights they needed. They moved like that for quite sometimes and they found out that the parts located at the lower and the higher points of each rock were not receiving any light at all or what they were receiving was not enough for the whole rock to function appropriately. To solve the problem, they created a system that would enable them to move from top to bottom or from the zenith of each rock to the lowest point of the rock. By moving this way as well, it would not always be the same point which would be at the zenith or at the lowest point of the rock. The system they implemented gave to each of them an opportunity to receive the amount of sun lights they needed and equally dispatched on every part of their surface.

Few millenniums later, they met again only to realize that something was still missing in the way they were receiving the sun. Their system was too rigid and still had many parts that were untouched by the sun. To maximise the spreading and the use of sun lights, in addition to all the movements they were already doing, they thought it best to add another one which was going to follow a sinusoidal curve. For security purposes such as invasion of privacy or space by others, respect of the rules that they created together and accepted to live by, to maintain a good environment that would increase the trust among them and for their own safety, they adjusted their movements according to that sinusoidal curve. It simply meant that each rock around the sun would move in sinusoidal circle. The sun would also do the same except that it would remain the center point for all the other rocks and they would always move around it.

Of course all those movements were done at different speeds and at different times for each rock. They were holding themselves together. They were following their own guidelines and were playing according the rules. Sometimes after many decades or centuries, they stood in line creating different visual effects. The movements of one could only take place if the others were moving as well. They were free to move within the guidelines they have established. Each step one needed to make could only be achieved if it was done in a spirit of togetherness. It is in accordance with others that they took any decision. They needed to be in concert with the rest providing that they wanted to live and create together.

They went from lonely traveller in space with no specific aim except to sometimes destroy others rocks or disrupt others galaxies to submit themselves to something that was bounding them to move together and to avoid collision with one another. They enforced certain rules to stay together. They implemented a system that allowed them to be safe from each other. The only way to achieve that was to be devoted to the love of the others. To reach that goal, they sat up some points that would render them harmless to each other meaning that they would not collide on one another. The coordination of their movements helped a lot in that matter. They rendered their ability to move without any attachment to the will of love. Hadn’t it been for love, none of those rocks would have survived. They would have collided and it would have been the end of it.

The love of each other provided them the means and the will to seek peace, stability and harmony in their movements. By merging their will into love, they became one. It was no longer the rock called Mars, Venus, Earth, Sun, Jupiter or else, when it behaves as described above, there was only one system and the laws it was submitted to. The heart of this system is the sun. It nourishes each rock with the amount of lights that is necessary for them to survive. Each and every one of them is essential to the system. They are partners and they deeply care about each other. They modeled their rules to the rules that applied to the galaxies which had the same needs as the one they had. It is because they understood the rules of the universe that they were able to create their own without disrupting the others galaxies that were around.

They fitted perfectly with the others partners which organized themselves in the same area. Every time there was a rock that came around, they absorbed it together. Everything was done for the survival of the system. All the galaxies are made to swallow the different rocks that are traveling on their own. They have to let go of their wondering around with no objective because it creates instability. All the galaxies that are adjusted to one another can not afford to risk the system they made to vanish due to a rock that has not yet found its brothers of arms or the other rocks it would dance with.

For the love of the sun part 2

Understanding these precepts, Ahmed was walking in the desert with his sheep and wondered what sort of love did they have to follow to be able to stay together for such a long time? If the sun was the love giver, some were closer to the sun than the others. Did it mean that the ones closer to the sun deserved more than the others the love that the sun was displaying? Or did it mean that they were the ones who needed love more than the others? If the ones that were far away from the sun did not need as much sun as the ones closer, did it mean that they could love without the love that the sun was giving? If that was the case, why were they still in our galaxy? And above all, what did they do in order to be so independent from the love of the sun?

Maybe the one further from the sun had figured out a way to give themselves some sunlight without the presence of the sun. Maybe back in the days, they were closer to the sun as well and had accumulated so much sun lights that they could live with just a minimum amount of sun lights now days. After receiving enough quantity for a long period of time, they decided to go far away and left the place to the needier like Earth or Mars. By staying as far as possible from the sun, they made sure that the others would get the maximum amount of energy they needed. They could as well from the place they were, help the sun by providing some sun lights for the stars that were closer to them. Instead of the sun doing all the work, they were actually releasing the sun from some its duties. This allows them to create around themselves another congregation of rocks or stars that would be furnished in sun lights by themselves because those planets had matured enough.

Ahmed realized that they have managed to create within themselves the amount of sun lights they needed and could attract in different ways the light they needed not only for themselves but also for the rocks or planets surrounding them. It was now from within that they grew the love they needed. After years of receiving it straight from the sun, they graduated and moved slowly away from the sun. They had learnt what they needed close to the sun. When they graduated, the sun released them. It was done with great care and attention. It allowed them to take their leave away from the sun at the pace they wanted and according to their level of evolution. They are still linked to the sun and they are free from it at the same time. The sun let them free of their actions and they know they have to respect certain rules. Their ego is no longer playing against the whole group. They have reached a level of submission to love that made them available for the others stars, rocks or planets. Their responsibilities grew with time and now they are at the entrance of our galaxy. They are coordinating the entrance into our galaxy for others rocks, stars or planets that wish to be reheated by our sun. Further from our time, the ones that are knocking on our doors might be the one close to our sun when those that are there now would finish their learning process.

The more the planets that are next to the sun are attached to its energy and take time or do not want to grow, the longer the lists of others rocks, stars and planets are at our doorsteps is lengthening and the less chance our galaxy is able to spread love around and the more we are known to be a place of difficulties. We would attract only planets, rocks or stars that have problems making the work of the sun extremely hard to accomplish especially if it does not have the help of the planets surrounding it.

The more planets are submitted to love and are able to produce it from within, the faster the galaxy is able to educate the rocks, planets and stars how to emanate love from within, to give themselves love and to spread it around. Consequently, the planets that are eager to live on their own and to continue to mature would be attracted to these solar systems where the learning process is faster and less problematic. The planets that still need to grow would not be able to receive the signals that are sent by these galaxies because they are desperate to receive directly from the sun lights instead of living independently.

The fewer planets are submitted to that process in a galaxy, the more difficult it is for the sun and the planets that are already mature in that galaxy to educate the planets that are still growing. It would be harder task for them to explain to those that are closer to the sun that it is in their interest to live on their own and be entirely free.

These galaxies because it contains lots of planets that are not advanced and are taking their energy directly from the sun, will send a signal to planets that are not linked to a galaxy yet (meaning they are not yet connected to a sun) and are desperate to be around one that they can come around this specific sun and attached themselves to it and suck its energy.

They can not be attracted by the galaxies that are sending the signals that they are helping planets to develop the sun they have inside. The planets with low frequencies will see these signals as a treat to their survival because they are still begging for sun lights. They have never received enough sun lights form without to be satiated. They therefore need to experience it for another period of time. Living of the cultivation of the sun they have inside is something they can not respond to. Unfortunately, the arrival of all those planets into these galaxies would accelerate their destruction because it would have been over used. Indeed every low frequency planets will try to come inside these galaxies and it is a lot of work.

Ahmed was wondering who the sun on earth was. Who was the sun in his family? It was his mum and dad. How could he be free from them and still be linked to them? How could he love himself from a love that was completely pure and still be full of love for them? How could he be far from them and still be very close to them? How could he cultivate the sun inside him and still recognize the sun within his parents? What secrets these planets far from the sun were holding to be so much dedicated to love? What sort of maturation have they acquired to be able to be so distant and still feel the love and to give love around them?

The sun must have given them so much love that they felt full. They decided to develop their own sun. The one within. How desperate they must have been when they first met the sun? And how difficult it must have been to grow away from the sun? Today all of them are happy. They did what they were supposed to do. Those planets are actually joining the galaxies where it is easier to learn. They can only do it if there is another planet ready to take their place. They therefore move closer to those galaxies if there is one distancing itself from the sun. Everything moves together. The slower the education is, the slower the advancement of the stars that are far is because they have to stay close to the sun to help the one that are delaying the whole group. While they are being delayed, they are bringing around them planets and stars that are of lower frequencies.

In those galaxies where it is easier to learn, planets learn how to radiate only light. They learn how to become a sun just like the one we have in our galaxy and they can go and help others suns that are suffocating because too many planets are still hanging to them instead of growing to the ultimate level of love which is to be solely submitted to love.

Ahmed was taking care of his sheep and was walking them around and kept on looking at the sky. Love was designed by the stars. The problems they had were the problems we had. We are behaving like our planet behaves toward the sun. We are still too close to the sun therefore our ego is still high.

We have been sent here by the planets that are far away from the sun to grow and mature to the level of the sun within ourselves. The more we would be like that, the more we would be able to help the earth to move away from the sun. It is our duty. If we do not submit ourselves to love, we are delaying the advancement of our galaxy. We have a chance of becoming a galaxy where the learning process is faster. We can resonate with that or we can send the signals to the universe that we rather be a place of choice for the planets that are desperately in need of sun lights coming directly from the sun.

If all the planets around us are moving fast enough and we are the only one moving in the direction that is calling for a delay in graduation for our galaxy, we would be moved to a lower dimension. Unfortunately, the chance we have to move in higher dimension would vanish and would not show itself before us soon. It means all the effort we have done would be in vain.

Our role as human being is to push the planet forward with the energy that we brought from those planets that are evolving without the help of the sun. We are here to help, if we do not manage to accomplish our mission, the whole system is at risk.

Since his job was to take care of his sheep, it gave him ample time to study the laws of the above in order for him to understand the laws of himself. The idea was to understand how the above was working in order for him to align himself with its laws. It was the only thing that would guarantee that he would not move against the sun. He knew that his sun inside him was bound to move the sun in the galaxy the earth habited. Ahmed had the desert to lie down and observed the sky. He would draw in the desert a copy of the sky. This will show him how to move in the same direction that the sun moves.



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