For the Love of God

Once upon the time, a king named Overma was ruling his land with the help of his wife named Sidonia. They had four girls and were unable to conceive a boy. Although the king would have wished to have a boy to rule his kingdom as it was the customs and the habits in his land, it did not take him long before he accepted that destiny wanted his land to be ruled after him by a girl. He therefore past several laws that allowed women to be in power.

He loved to observe his daughters grow up. He was telling them that they were the most beautiful things in the world. When they were asking him who was the most beautiful of all of them, he used to answer that God made his first daughter Lucia and he could not believe how beautiful she was. Then he decided to challenge himself in order to see if he was able to do something that would please him as much as Lucia and that would be different. He worked hard and the result he came up with was astonishing. Indeed when he made Lilli, she was not only beautiful but he was amazed by the fact that Lilli’s beauty was not challenging Lucia’s one. It was when they were together that they were the most beautiful. They needed each other light in order to shine with the utmost grace.

Encouraged by what he had done, he decided to see if his next creation would be as powerful the first two. He went back in his workshop and arranged all his instruments. He begun his work and two years later, he made Stacey. Although she was beautiful, what made her different from the others was her discretion. She was not trying to stand out or to be revealed to the world. It was as if she always wanted to be away. She was never fully completely inside or outside. In public, she always allowed her sisters to glow together and then she was revealing herself in the back. Due to her discretion, the qualities that came out right away with her firsts two sisters did not appear right away when people looked at her quickly. If someone wanted to see her confidence, her softness, her kindness, her love of life and her compassion for people, he had to observe her for a long time. She did not allow people to see how she was at the first look. Although her beauty was shown on her face, it was not for everyone to see.

As for the last one the father said, after God had surprised himself the way he did with the first three girls, he wondered what his next creation will look like. He then created the fourth one named Sally. She had something different that her sisters did not have. God did not want to fix her beauty on her face right at the beginning. He wanted her beauty to grow according to what she wanted. He gave her the capacity to choose how beautiful she would be. He did not want to decide the kind or the level of beauty she would have. Therefore, He sent Sally after Stacey. Sally was to be guided by Stacey into the different worlds of beauty. She would have the beauty of her first two sisters and the one of Stacey to open her eyes to the possibilities that the world offers. This is why years after years, Sally’s beauty was evolving and almost changing. She needed to experience all the possible beauties available before choosing or even creating the one corresponding to her.

The pleasure of God was to be amazed by his creation. He took great satisfaction in loving his creatures. Every day that he made was to look at them interact. Every night that he made was to give them the time to rest in order to be able to amaze Him the next day. The king told them that God put them around him not to judge what He, the Almighty had done but to nurture it.

He told them that he was there to give them the space to live and to grow. The more space and freedom they got, the more beautiful they became. The more able they were to discover who they were, the more pleased they were to find out how refine their construction was. Once they realized that it was only love that had motivated their creation, they fell in love with their Creator. It was by love, through love and within love that God had created them. He put them in the care of Overma in the land he gave him to rule in order to see which way those girls will choose to realize that they were actually Him.

They were created by Him, for Him and they were within Him. They were all love by the almighty because they were the almighty. As a father, Overma told them that he could not decide who was the most beautiful among them because every God creation is beautiful and has its purpose. He was not there to judge what God made but to love what He had made. He intended to do just that with the people God put in his care because it was what God wanted him to do. He kissed them all for the love of God.


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