Flying Scarf

Shafika was in the park with her three brothers, four sisters and her parents. Family friends had joined them for a barbecue. They were enjoying themselves, playing ball and running around. Although the sun was strong, it was extremely windy at times. As they were playing, Shafika scarf was getting louse on her head. She was having so much fun that she did not take the time to fix it properly. She was just doing the minimum to maintain it on her head.

Somebody threw the ball and as she was running to catch it, her scarf fell down and she did not even notice it. A guy on her left told her that her scarf had fallen. As soon as Farid told her that, she immediately stopped running. She was ashamed, embarrassed and confused. She put her hand on her head to cover her hair and to make sure the scarf was no longer on her. When she went backward to take her scarf, the wind started blowing and as she bended down to take it, the wind pushed it ahead. She made few steps more to catch it and the wind pushed it again. She started running to take it but the wind would not stop pushing it further.

The wind blew even more and its power maintained the scarf in the air. It was flying all over the place and Shafika was running after it. People around were looking at the scene with much curiosity and a little bite of amusement. Shafika was chasing her beautiful silky green scarf flying alone. She was jumping to catch it but the wind was playing “catch me if you can” with her and her scarf. The games her families and friends were playing stopped when they realized that something was going on. They turned around to check what was going on and they saw Shafika running after her scarf. First her sisters ran after it as well and since they were not able to catch, her brothers entered the chase. They all went after it but the wind was pushing it further and further as well as higher and higher.

The longer it took them to get it, the more people were aware that she did not have her scarf and the more Shafika and her family were embarrassed. In order to help them, the family friends joined the game of catching Shafika scarf. Instead of playing ball, everybody was playing catching Shafika scarf. Shafika was so ashamed that she did not know where to put herself. The people around were laughing and enjoying the show. Little kids around stopped their parents and shown them the flying scarf. Everybody wanted to know how long it would take before someone caught the scarf and they watched Shafika family and their friends trying to grab it with a smile on their face. The wind was pushing the scarf in every direction and they were following it.

Then the wind stopped and the scarf fell into the hands of a child who was with his mum. She took it and brought it to Shafika. She thanked her and the mum told her that it was a beautiful color and she left. Shafika put it back and one of her brothers told her to strongly attach it this time. He added that he did not want to run around again after her scarf. Shafika did not go back to play. She sat and was sorry she was the cause of such a scene. She felt guilty she did not pay enough attention to it at the first place. She felt like she embarrassed not only herself which was bad enough but her family and her friends as well. They did not deserve that. They just came to have fun and she put them in a position that was not comfortable. She felt bad that because of her, they were the source of jokes. She did not appreciate to be the star of such a strange show. If she could go back in time and erase it, she would.

Everybody in her family and friend were a bite shaken by what had just happened and instead of going back to play, they started commenting on the show that the wind and the scarf gave. As soon as they managed to remove the little awkward feeling they had after that scene they started laughing about it and they called Shafika the flying scarf. They laughed at it and talked about how the wind made them run around for five minutes. They asked her if she did something special in order for the wind to pick her scarf instead of the others. The girls and her sisters told her that they were jealous of her. Everybody knew now that she had a beautiful scarf. Her sisters told her that she did not have to go to that extend to be noticed. They saw how beautiful it was the moment she arrived. They told her that maybe God really like the colour of her scarf and he was surprised by what humans were able to do. He took it to see what the material was. They continued and said that maybe they sinned when they run after it because they refused to give God something that he really wanted. Maybe God liked her hair so much that he did not want her to have the scarf. They joked about it and Shafika felt good again. They all continued their afternoon activities in the park.




  1. Neeqa said,

    June 9, 2010 at 11:38 am

    what was that country??

    • crazyreal said,

      June 9, 2010 at 12:20 pm

      thanks for stopping by. the country is canada

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