End the curse of the eldest sons

The archangel Uriel was looking at some families that had been on earth for two or three thousands years and wanted to see if they had made any progress in reaching the ultimate state of gratitude for life and everything that took place in their lives. He came upon one family based in Mbalmayo. The grand father named Richard had ten children. All of them had at least ten children each and nothing seemed to slow down Richard’s grand children from continuing the legacy of having lots of children as well.

Even though they were very proud of themselves, they were not able to understand why each of the family eldest usually started very strong in life and then all of the sudden would stop working hard or fighting to get more out of life. It usually took those eldest ten years after they started working to cut themselves from world of work. During these years they would give everything they had to succeed and they would reach what they had wanted and for whatever reason, the machine would no longer move forward.

When they were young, they were extremely ambitious and almost scared of the outside world. The moment they reached adulthood, they did what ever was necessary to achieve some of the things they wanted and what they family expected them to do. They quickly realized that it was pretty much easy and they had nothing to gain out of it. They kept on doing the same thing anyway until they could not continue. Something needed to change. Their ambition simply collapsed. They tried different things without putting their will into it. Their energy was not in getting those things anymore. They were not able to explain it or to fix that problem. The only thing they ended up doing was to go back and stay in their village. They were doing just the necessary to survive.

They were the subject of laughter for the neighbours, worries and irritation for their families. They could not accept that those ones who used to be so passionate, so dedicate, so full of energy would just live a life that was so at the opposite of what they used to be. Most of all, they did not even care about the shame their families were going through because of them. They used to be the ones helping the others and now they were begging their brothers or people to help them for everything. Nobody could believe what they saw with their eyes but it was the truth. If there had been only one or two of the eldest that were behaving like this, it would have been alright but it was all of the eldest that followed this trajectory.

The others members of the family were not that successful but at least they were trying and they had not given up already as the eldest had between thirty and forty years old. It was such a young age to abandon all the effort. People were supposed to give their best during these years. For the eldest, it became the time to completely turn their back of that reality. Some of the eldest just lost their mental stability. It was an awkward reality that Richard’s family had to face.

Among Richard’s children, there was one called Earnest who left the country with his wife and six children to work in another continent that was very far from his village. They traveled for some years and they lived in different continents and countries. They lived now outside of their country and they were coming to visit their family from times to times.

Earnest eldest son named Apocalypto behaved exactly how the others eldest sons had in the past and kept on behaving now. He started his life very enthusiastically. He was a workaholic. He made lots of money and had the most stable life of all the children Earnest had. He was the one who was creating the least amount of worries for his parents at this stage of his life.

While he was working hard and saving his money, he had only one joy and it was the self search and discovery of the truth behind all things. He read books about it, followed different seminars, went in many retreats and did a profound work on him that proven to be both deep and beneficial to his behaviour and the quality of his life.

Slowly but surely, he grew detached from his work and the goal he had sat for himself. Although he was able to reach those goals, he did not have the feeling he expected to have. He was a bite disappointed by the supposedly good life he had. People were envying him but he could not find ecstatic joy into what he was doing. His interest started to shift. He was more and more willing to settle for a simple life with no goals except for the unity of all the parts that were composing him. His knowledge of himself and the rules of the universe increased and he had more joy, happiness, calm and serenity in him.

His desire to be free from society and from his work went higher and his wishes to install himself permanently into a life that was dedicated to the pursue of God inside him took over. It was not long before he was fired from his company. He ceased this opportunity to continuously cut all ties that were linking him to the hypnotic lives that society is constantly offering us in order to move us away of our real self. It was not an easy process to achieve. He had to be free from his world views, from his families’ expectations, from his hope for the world, his families and himself. He had to find a balance that would allow him to be in this world but from a different world.

As his mum saw him drifting away, she was increasingly worried about his state of mind and the distance he was putting between him and the world. She went to see him and told him about the curse that was running in their family. She wanted to protect him from that. She told him that he would end up like all the eldest of his family if he would continue this way. He would settle for nothing. She did not want him to follow that life even though it looked like he was already deep down deep into it. She cried a lot. His mum used everything she could to make him stay within society. She used the fear of sorcery, she pushed to make him have children and to get married, she asked him to go more in church and to study the bible with a priest that would indoctrinate him. She thought and told him that it was the only way to save him.

Wishing to please his mum, Apocalypto was ready to abandon everything he had discovered. He could not bear the though of being responsible of the sufferance of his mum. He made different adjustments to go back in church, to find a wife and make babies and to go back to work.

The archangel Uriel saw that and thought that this was a family that was expecting something that only Apocalypto could give them at this stage. They were all waiting for someone who could succeed in following his own path. None of the others eldest were able to go as far as he did in self discovery and understanding of nature.  None of them had access as he did to the knowledge he acquired while being away from his country. If he was to stop his search, it might take another thousand years before Richard’s family got another chance of infusing spirituality and knowledge of the rule of the universe in their lives. They had been around for too many years and had experiences every single feeling a human being could experience. They were mature enough to live a life that was filled with invisible things instead of material things. They just did not know where to start. They were not closed to people who could help them get there. Even if they were, they had been trained by church to stay away from it because it was seen as sorcery.

The archangel Uriel put in front of him a number of difficulties aiming at revealing to Apocalypto his true mission in life. His arrival and his purpose were to help his family spiritual life. The others eldest were already disconnected from society but they did not know why it was so. He had to find a way to tell them why they were in this situation. He had to show the younger ones that if ever they feel at one point of their lives that they no longer want to stay attached to the society, it was a good thing and there was nothing wrong with it. They should not fear it. It is just that they had to do something that is different than what the others are doing. They should be proud of it and get close to the people who could help them. Instead of feeling like marginal, they should feel proud of it because it means that they are meant for something else which is spirituality and self discovery.

They needed to see with their own eyes that someone inside their family, around them, did and he was successful at it. They needed to have it registered in their cells that it is possible to do that and to go beyond the fear that had stopped the others eldest to make the necessary step to discover themselves. They needed to know that they could lift up the curse. By acting the way Apocalypto did, he actually encouraged them to realize that they were not cursed. Life was just expecting them to make a move toward this other reality that they were designed for. It was for them to see should they have the ears to hear it and the eyes to see it.

This would become a reality for them and maybe others generations would not be scared of this type of evolution. Apocalypto was there to end the curse of the eldest sons. With the help of the archangel Uriel and the others, Apocalypto continued his pursue of being one with everything.



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