Dissolving judgement

Dissolving judgement

Whatever happened, do not look back. Just carry on. If the past comes up in the form of images, welcome it and listen to what it has to say and move on. Do not fight in your head the same battles you already fought in reality and either won or lost. Do not try to ameliorate what you did in your head or to excite yourself with what you have accomplished. It is the recipe for failure and to maintain yourself in those situations. It does not make any sense. You are just giving more energy to what already happened and it will keep on coming if you still want to fix it. Above all, you will not be able to bring different experiences in your life because you are living in the past.

Once the past comes up, even if the situations that you remember are the ones you were at your worst, open your heart. After all, it is only you that you are facing and nothing else. It is only what you did. Those scenes are just revisiting you in order for you to clean them up. They want to leave your body and your spirit. Do not reject them. Do not judge them and do not judge yourself. When they appeared, it is your opportunity to face them and thank them for what they want you to learn about your life in order to be free. They want you to be free from them. They have an interest in your happiness and your appeasement. If you express exasperation, disgust about them, you are just signalling to your mind that you are not capable to deal with them and that you rather stay with them and suffer instead of making the effort to release them and be free. Consequently, they will be stored or they will come up in forms of nightmares, diseases or images in your head that will scare you. Ultimately, you will keep yourself in a situation constant fear.

Exasperation is not an option. This behaviour will not change anything to the situation you have already lived in your life. It will only make everything worst. You need to address the situation and confront them if you want them to leave you alone. It is not an easy thing to do but you need to do it.

In order to be in peace with your life, you need to love your entire life and the way to achieve that is to face everything you have done without judgement no matter what it is. If you did something, do not judge nor congratulate yourself. It means that whether or not you did something that you are not proud of or that society condemned as a whole, you should not judge yourself. I am not saying that you should not seek the forgiveness of not only the ones you hurt, from the above and from yourself but what I am saying is that you should do all that without judging who you are. There is a difference between recognizing what you have done, the damages it has caused and judging yourself.

When you judge yourself, you can not fully realize how much you have hurt others because you are consumed by the hatred of what you have done. It is another form of egoism. Instead of giving your full attention to the consequences of your actions, you choose to spend time on judging what have done. It is the worst situation you can put be in. It is even better not to care about what you did than to judge yourself because of what you did. At leas the one who does not care, does not pretend that he is mortified by his actions but the one who judge himself, he pretends that he cares but actually, he is only focussing on himself and he does not want ask forgiveness to others because he thinks that he is so superior that he can not see himself doing what he has done. He can not face his reality because he still believes that he is on top of the world and he can not accept that he has done those actions that he is ashamed of.

Perhaps the most difficult thing to do is to stay still and to remain calm in front of the actions or the things we did that we consider good or that the society approves. This gives us the greatest pleasure and the biggest approval rating. Everybody loves us because of our accomplishments and we love ourselves for those. Unfortunately, it is the biggest trap of all. Indeed if we are in love with the things we have done, it means we still hate the things we consider bad. This can only lead us to attachment. The moment we judge, we are attached to things. Unless the judgement comes from above, we should not judge.

You should just watch, observe and see what is happening inside yourself and whenever the judgement arises, it is the sign that there is something that you are attached to or to put it in another terms, there is something about you that you do not like or that you hate. The only way to get rid of it is to investigate it and once you find out what it is, you have the occasion to clean it up and to be free of the judgement about yourself. The judgement is the only thing that is making you suffer. Get rid of it and you will be free.


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