Dialogue between Simon and Money

Dialogue between Simon and Money Part 1

One day, as Simon was walking toward the “National Library” in Montreal, Money came to him and asked if he was alright. Simon said that he was very good but the weather did not allow him to be perfectly comfortable. Money asked him why he was walking instead of taking the bus or the metro. Simon said that he did not have money to buy the ticket. Money was surprised and asked him how come he did not.

Simon answered that following a series of events, he had resisted the call to have money. He told him that in his family, his mum was always warning him against money.

Money tried to remember what it had done to his mum and could not find anything and then it said to Simon that it did not have any recollection of having done anything that could have been harmful to his mum.

Simon told him that it did not know what the problem between the two of them was but he knew that his mum was always scared of money and of people who had money. Every time he was friend with people who had money, she was always telling him to be friends with people who had the same amount of money than him.

Money wondered why she was acting like that and Simon replied that perhaps she had seen to many people being ridiculed, being offended, being hurt, being jealous, loosing themselves because they were in love with money and were staying with rich people for the wrong reason. They had lost every sense of human behaviour. They sold themselves to people who beside the money were absolutely not worthy. They became their slaves. Their behaviours were no longer natural.

She also witnessed how rich people surrounded themselves with people who applauded their every move. She saw how they treated those people and she did not want her son to go through that. She was scared that Simon would become one of those guys who will close his mouth in front of people who had the money just because he thought they were superior to him because they had money.

Simon added that he could not blame her after he saw how the world was being moved by the people who had money. He said that he could not find people with who had not done something wrong.

Money looked at him and smiled and said: “So, this is why you are walking under the cold at -15 degrees Celsius instead of having a bus pass or a car. Everything you said might be true but it has nothing to do with money. Money can not be blame for what humans beings are doing with it. I know I am not responsible of any of the things you mentioned. If people forgot about their manners and how to be human beings when they have money, how can it possibly be my fault? I am just the means that people have used to create what they wanted to create. I never told them what to do with their money. They decided what they wanted to do with me.

If I understood you correctly, you do not want money because you are scared of what it would do to you. Look at you! You are suffering the cold out there because you do not have money. What does it tell you about the lack of money? Is money that bad? Now that the series of events you have told me about had led you to this point are you satisfy with your situation? Are you still scared of money? You are suffering now because you are scared of something that could make you much happier. You decided to avoid money because of what your mum told you. Are you obeying to your mum because you think she was right or because you want to be a good sun?”

Simon looked at money and was confused. Money asked: “are you going to keep following what your mum told you or are you going to realize that her fear are controlling you and take your own path? What is more important for you? Is it being your mum’s son or being your own man? Now that you have discovered that your mum did not know what she was talking about or that you misunderstood what she was trying to say, what are you going to do about it?

Simon thought for a moment and realized that money was right. He could have money but he had done everything to avoid it because of what his mum had put in his head. He had chosen to believe her because he wanted to please her.

After experiencing the lack of money, he realized that his mum message was not clear enough. She was warning him against what she considered as bad behaviour and to make her point clear she scared him about money.

Since Simon wanted to be the perfect son, he completely surrendered to his mum belief. He was a little sad about it but money told him to avoid sadness because it will lead him nowhere. Money added that the only thing, it needed to do was to say thank you for the lessons his mum gave him and the experience he lived. It was the only thing he needed to do in order to move away from those beliefs.

Then Money asked Simon: “What do you want?” and Simon said: “I want to be free of all the beliefs that are blocking me from having lots of money. I want an enormous quantity of money. I want a lot of money and to be extremely happy about it.”

Money replied: “well said my son, well said”.

Dialogue between Money and Simon Part 2

Money told Simon to talk to the Source of all things about what it wanted and what it had learnt. It might help him to turn the will of money toward him. Simon thanked money for the discussion and the money looked at him straight in his eyes and said: “please do not make the same mistake again and remember I am for everyone who really wants me. Those who really desire me, clean everything that is in them that does not go well with me. They purify themselves of every thought that are against me. Do not forget to be well with me and treat me with kindness. I have only your best interest at heart. Look my time is up and I have to go.”

Simon said: “it was nice to meet you. I will miss you” Money answered right away: “I am always near you. Do not believe that I am far. If you believe that, I will be far. Alright? I am always with you.”

Simon replied: “Alright I get it. I am glad to be your friend.” “so , am I” said money.

Instead of stopping at the “National Library”, Simon decided to continue till Atwater. On his way, he talked to the Source of all things and this is what he said.

May the Source of all things forgive me for being fearful of money

May the Source of all things takes away all the prejudices I had toward money and people who have some

May the Source of all things delete the vision I carried within me everywhere I went in the world of people being dominated by others because of money even if at the surface I usually said the contrary

May the Source of all things forgive me because I rejected the money it sent me

Instead of experiencing money by myself, for myself and with myself, I chose to believe what other people told me about it

I run away from it, I treated it with disdain, I gave it no respect, I told it that I could live without it,

When it wanted me to live easily and happily with money, I looked at it with the fear that others installed in me,

Fear that I did not have originally but that I adopted because I wanted them to love me

May the source of all things forgive me for loving the people around me more than myself, more than the Source of all things,

After experiencing the lack of money, I saw with my own eyes what it was and I thankful for having to live through it

I know now that everything I have been told about money was either wrong or I misunderstood what they were trying to teach me.

I know now that money is an absolute great thing and I have no fear about it anymore.

I know how it has helped me in the past and how it will continue to help me in my life.

I am for now sure that it will also help me to be closer to the Source of all things

I will no longer be the prisoner of the beliefs of people who are around me because I want them to love me,

Source of all things, I will love myself because you made me just like you made the others

You made me for a purpose and I am sure it was not to swallow what others people believe but to give to the world what you put in me before I arrived here

Source of all things, please erase all the bad memories and the false beliefs I put in my head about money

Bring me back to the love of money as a way to achieve what you want me to accomplish

I know that you put money on this earth for us in order to realize what we had in us to realize

And for now and on, I will attract money from everywhere because it will help me to achieve my dreams and consequently being more available to achieve your dreams

Source of all things, make my dreams become your dreams and together let’s achieve all things that I came here for.


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