Dead men walking

Two dead men met in park Lafontaine. They sat at a bench and started talking. Their ego discussed about their wives, children, houses, vacations, work, how much money they were making, their political views and the world. After a profound comparison of who they were, what they were able to achieve and a deep evaluation of their status, they promised themselves that they would invite each other in their respective houses. Indeed their finding made them want to know more about each other and continue to compare what they had in details and the best way to do that was to see where they lived, how was their wives in reality in order to know if one was lying or not.

A football game was about to start when the two teams realised that they were missing players. They asked the two dead men if they would want to play with them which they gladly accepted. They played nicely, they threw the ball at each other and when they scored, they jumped and laughed together. They were happy. After the game, their team mates thanked them for joining and congratulated them for the way they played. They felt good about themselves because they were able to show to those youngsters that they were still able to play as well as they did. It is true that they were tired but they were pleased with their performance. They sat again and opened their small lunch box and they ate.

While they were silently enjoying their food, another part of them began another conversation. They told each other that they were pretty satisfied to have a moment of silence because it gave them a chance to speak now. One asked to the other if it was making progress connecting with the ego of the body he was in. The other answered that sometimes, it has the impression that their might be a chance but it always come close enough but never reached the goal. The first said that they all had to face that problem and they were worry about how things would turn out at the end. Everybody seemed to be dead nowadays. They were walking, talking, working, making love, making babies, spending money, building many things but none of them were actually connected to what they were realizing. Dead men were walking pretending to be alive but deep down deep, they did not even know that others parts of their being was trying to reach them.

The other replied that he understood what he was saying. He explained that sometimes he yelled so much to be heard but the ego always seems to have a bigger microphone. It did not matter how many warnings he had sent because the ego was always one step ahead in finding ways to dismiss them. Unfortunately, when the aftermath of the mistakes they made regardless of the signals I sent came, the ego blamed it on him and never on itself. Instead of disqualifying the ego’s advises, he blamed himself and kept on going with the ego. He continued on saying that when he watched the flow of those unnecessary tears due to those mistakes, he thought that it was like a comedy show. Everybody pretended that they did not know of our existence. They kept on ignoring what we were here for and what we are supposed to tell them and when they suffered the consequences of it, they all said that life was unjust.

The first one said that there was nothing though that they could do except to keep on trying to wake them up. Maybe one day, they might surprise us instead of suppressing us. It is by the way our duty. It is the only thing we came here for. We do what they want regardless of what we know. We are here to help them to learn or ameliorate themselves. I have met on rare occasions, people who have been successfully connected to us but it is almost one in a million or ten millions. We should just continue to do what we are doing no matter what are the consequences for them.

The other agreed and noted that the ego was about to take over now that they had finished eating. The first said that: “well, I guess it is time to go back to noisy time. Let’s just watch the show. It was nice to meet you. Since they have promised to visit each other, I will see you quite often now”

The other replied: “It looks like we will see each other. Good luck with your ego and see you next time”

The dead men continued to exchange about their views on different topics for another two hours. They appreciated themselves and the way the conversation was going even though it was going no where and would not benefit any of them except to maintain them in the position of dead men.



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