Conversation between Love and people

Conversation between Love and People

Once upon the time, Love was passing by Lafontaine Park in the beginning of spring. It observed its creation and everything seemed to go according to the choices people had made. The ones who were suffering happened to live the consequences of their choices as well as the one who were happy. Love continued its deep and careful search in the Park by looking if there was anything it could do to help or adjust something that was going unnecessarily too much in the dark side of emotions.

After thorough investigation, it came across a girl who was crossing the bridge of the park and a guy who was on the bridge looking at the snow melting. Both were in need of a little push in order to go to their next level of life experience. They were in the same situation. They both had lost their loved one and even though they were no longer with them, they were still going through moments of pain because they missed them. Love decided to bring them together in order to teach them something.

Love made the girl stopped at the bridge. She was also looking at snow melting and hearing the noise that white birds were making because a woman was giving them some left over bread. Both of our lost little people were so absent and unaware of what was going on around them that they did not notice that they were next to each other. Love chose that moment to interfere. Since they were completely abandoned and had no resistance, it decided to communicate with them by thoughts without them realizing. To the common outsiders, those two were just at the bridge completely absorbed by whatever it was that they were thinking but to the experienced ones who had the habit of communicating with the invisible world, they would have seen that they were being taught by the highest master of all. They might have even asked the Master if they could attend the teaching. When love managed to get the full attention of the girl and the boy, this is what it told them.

Love: “you two are so desperate about life that I want to help you but in order to be helped, you will need to do things differently then what you have done so far. Your understanding of love completely destroyed you and is still hurting you. You miss your previous lovers because you are missing the way they were making you feel. What you have not realized yet is that, you can not feel something that is not already inside you. If you felt whatever it is that you felt, it was solely because it was within you. The people you were with were just there in order for you to see that you had those feelings inside you. Your mistake was to associate them with those feelings. Now that they are no longer there, you have no way to get to those feelings. You have no way to feel the excitement you felt when they were around. There is nothing that is bringing you close to that level of happiness or what you thought happiness was. Unfortunately and fortunately, I have good-bad news for you. It all depends on how you will take it.

The people you were in love with had nothing to do with how and what you felt. Everything you felt was within you and still is within you. You just don’t know how to get it. Nobody taught you how to go there and I will even go as far as to say that you don’t want to do the work that will help you get there. You rather have somebody who will generate those feelings within you instead of going through the process of finding how to make you the person creating these feelings at will. You want to fell enthusiastic and full of energy about things but you do not want to do the work to get there.

You prefer the easy way which is to have someone automatically creating that “zaz” within you without you understanding how it came about. Unfortunately, this can only bring you to sever attachment and great dependence that can also generate this kind of sadness and self-pity that you currently feel about yourself.

I want to help the two of you to understand what I have just said. I think that the two of you should get in a relation and experience what I have just said. When you decide to be involved in each other life, should you choose to do so, remember, you should not be attached. The attachment is the sign that you decided that the other was the one generating those feelings instead of observing how you are actually the one pushing those feelings up. If you agree, I can make you try to live this experience.”

Both of them agreed and Love told them that as soon as it will leave them, they should start talking to each other. Love wished them well and released them from their hypnosis. When they woke up, they did not remember anything. They just smiled at each other, joked a little about the sound the white birds were making and how it was similar to the ones babies were making.

Few months later, Love came back to check on them and he found that although they were happy, they were completely attached and had not been able to put in practice what they had agreed on. Well, Love looked at them, smiled and went to the next troubled souls.


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