Changing our name and our date of birth

Changing our name and our date of birth part 1

Why should we be able to change our name and our date of birth? Alright, I understand, it sounds a little bite crazy. Therefore, in order to digest the pill, I will firstly address the change of name because it is more accepted by our society and in the part 2, I will talk about the change of date of birth.

We are almost used to the people who are changing their names because they are artists or because they want to hide themselves or etc but a taboo is still running around this notion. People are still extremely reluctant to change their name. I am not sure that if given the opportunity to do it as quickly as possible, many who actually want to change their name would do it. Some of them might restrain themselves because they would not want to offend their parents or their family. It would be something to weird even if that is what they had wanted for so long. They might feel like they are betraying their parents.

Many would simply refuse to change their names at all cost either because they are proud of their names and family or simply because they think that it is not a very wise thing to do because it could be seen as weakness or as people running away from their real problem. Others might even see it as a challenge to keep their names no matter what are the circumstances.

Unfortunately, things are not that simple. The fact that our name is unmovable is a huge problem. We can not reasonably be who we are without questioning the name that is being used to introduce us. Our names have a visual, a memory, a sound and it might means different things to different people and in different places. We should ask ourselves if we care comfortable with what our names carry around. Do we vibrate very well with our names? Does it represent what we are or what we want to be? Are we ok with the way it is representing us in the world?

We can even go as far as to ask if there is any logic to the authorization given to our parents to be the ones naming us. Why should it be them? Who are they to name us? What do they know about us? What do they know about what we are going to become? What do they know about what we like and what we would like in the future? Why should it be their decision? Shouldn’t they give us something temporary until we get to know who we are then we would decide what name we want and how we would like to name ourselves? Shouldn’t we have a school that teaches us how to name ourselves and the implication it has for us and for our future?  What is the weight of a name and how can we handle it and live by it?

Having the authorization to change our names will actually free us from our parent’s history, family history and it will free our parents from us. If we name ourselves something different from our parents, their responsibility about us is diminish not in a bad way but in a healthy way. Our parent should not have the weight of us all the times. I am not saying that they do but by changing our names, we introduce a clear difference between them and us. We put ourselves in a completely different live than the one we lived with them. It is as if we are taking trajectory that is not the one they were in. By doing so, they know that our lives are going in direction that they do not know. Therefore we are carried by our own destiny and not by what they have done or what they should have done. The dynamic between parents and their kids is definitely not the same.

In a way, by changing our names and taking a name that is different than the one our parents gave us, the goal of parenting becomes to let go of their children. It does not mean that they can not look at what their children is doing or worry about them but if the goal is to let them go live their lives, the approach of parenting will be somehow different and the attachment will be lesser. There will be a reduction of expectations from our kids and kids are not going to have the pressure to glorify their parents’ name.  If parents know that their children came here on earth to live something totally different than they came here to do, their approach to parenting will be entirely different. The change of name gives us that opportunity.

Our bodies are completely renewed every seven years. Why should we have the same name when everything in us is changing every seven years? Are we the same person after all those changes in our bodies? Our lives are in constant evolution and we are moving all the times and there is nothing except aging and our cars, our houses and our white hair that are reflecting that. Why should it be this way? Why couldn’t we say that at every step, we would change our names in order to mark the switch?

Staying with the names that our parents gave us is a way of removing our freedom. Changing our names should be the easiest thing to do because it will give us a different responsibility. Naming ourselves the way we want will put us in a different dynamic. Choosing our names gives us the right to decide how the world will see us, hear us, fear us, love us, understand us, support us and the way we will act in order to fit the name we picked. By putting that much thought in the process of choosing our names ourselves, we will want to live up to the expectations of that name. We will have a different interaction with who we are. Our understanding of our lives will be entirely different because we will question our ability to meet the challenges of that our names carry. Our investigation about our failures and successes will be deeper.

Maybe people should have a name for us in addition to the name we chose for us. It might reflect the way they perceived us and the way we perceived ourselves and we will live being conscious of those two names. Of course the way they see us will evolve with our evolution. They would be free to change the name they gave us according to the way they see us. Of course they will do that while we will still have the right to choose the name that we would like to introduce ourselves with. Maybe when we will be introduced everywhere, it will be the two names that are going to be used to refer to us. Example: “This is Mr. John the Baptist known as the one who nourish himself only with what nature gives him”. Depending of the number of evolution that he got over the years, all the names that he gave himself and that people gave him would be cited. It would be a more complete vision of who the person is.

By maintaining a single name for our entire life, we reduce our ability to see and perceive our evolution and I will even go as far as to say that it blocked our ability to evolve and move as far as we could if we had the possibility to change our names. When the state decided that we will have only one name, it killed our freedom and our capacity to look for the meaning of our lives and what we came here to do. Finding who we are depends on our freedom to go beyond what has been established and our names are one of the things we should re-conquer in order to live the life that we would have chosen completely.

Changing our name and date of birth Part 2

Well, after spending the first part of this post talking about the possibility to change our names as we pleased, I decided to push the boundary of change further than we are usually accustomed to. It is one thing to change our name but it is another thing to change our date of birth. Alright! you don’t need to say it because I agree with you on the fact that if somebody is thinking about changing his date of birth then maybe he ought to himself and to the rest of humanity to find a hobby or get a life. Having said that, if somebody has the luxury to worry about the possibility to change his date of birth, we should let him pursue that battle because we never know where it will lead him. It might get him to a place where we would have never expected to go.

Now, when it comes to our date of birth, we are accustomed to see something that is fixed and unmovable. Unfortunately, this notion of date of birth is being used all the times by different institutions but nothing is actually clear about it. When we refer to the date of our birth, we usually think of the day we got out of our mum belly. Why should it be called the date of our birth? I think a more appropriate term would be the date of our delivery. Since we all know that we were in her belly for nine months prior to our delivery, referring to that day as the date of our birth is misleading information. Why should we call that day, the day of our birth?

Are we sure that our soul is automatically inserted into our body the day we are delivered? It might be before or after. When exactly is that date? Why shouldn’t we refer to the date of our birth as the day we were conceived? The laws are saying that we can have an abortion up to the 12th week. Following that concept, we can say that a child is actually born when he has past the first 12th week. Before that, everything is possible. What about the children who are premature? When exactly is there date of birth? We take it for granted that it is when they got out of the belly that carried them but nothing is sure. If children are supposed to stay nine months inside their mum, maybe the date of their delivery should not be the one we should use as their date of birth.

We have many birth dates but we keep on celebrating only the one of our delivery. I am not saying that there is something wrong about it but people might want to celebrate a different birth date. Maybe the day they met the love of their life might be more important than the day of their delivery but the fact that people are putting an emphasis on the day of their delivery is taking away from them, the possibility of choosing what is more important for them. If someone is saying that the first forty five years of his life were nothing and that he was actually born on his 45th year, who are we to oblige him to say that his date of birth is still the day he was delivered?

What about people who remembered their past live? Why should we say to them that their date of birth is the day of their delivery when they remembered clearly events of their previous live?

We should be allowed to change our date of birth according to what is important to us. People might think that it is a little bite frivolous to think about this concept but if we do not acknowledge the different phases that our life took, it means that we are not conscious of what happened in our live. Raising our awareness to the many rebirths that took place in our life could put us in a different situation with faith, religion and spirituality.

Accepting that there are cycles in our lives will actually make us revisit the concept of aging. If we recognize and feel the cycle we are in and we understand how privileged we are to actually be in it, we will not have the same vision about age and life. Unfortunately, because we maximised the importance of the day we came out of our mum wombs, we do not recognized adequately the several births and deaths we go through our live. It seems to me that if we were able to change our date of birth to accommodate the vision that we have of ourselves, we will be more inclined to live accordingly to the cycles that our live are filed with.



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    • crazyreal said,

      April 4, 2010 at 12:24 pm

      thanks for saying that

  2. May 14, 2010 at 9:48 pm

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    • crazyreal said,

      May 15, 2010 at 1:32 am

      thank you very much!!!

  3. sreeja said,

    May 28, 2010 at 5:11 am

    sir i would like to change my name by numerology,can you suggest me .

    • crazyreal said,

      May 30, 2010 at 10:49 am

      Hi Sreeja,
      Thank you for passing by, I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, I would not be able to suggest you anything in this matter. There are lots of books out there about it and I am sure that they would be more helpful than anything I would say.

      Once again, thank you for stopping by this blog.

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