Cats’ lovers

Cats’ lovers

The Himalayan cat was sick. It was not moving as it used to. It stood in one corner for hours and even when it was going from the kitchen to the living room; it was doing it very slowly. The cat was vomiting three or four times a day. The first time the cat vomited, it was in the living room. Nobody saw it. It is only the day after when everything was dry that his master and two of the roommates in the house noticed it.  One of the roommates named Josie and the cat master cleaned it.

Three days later, the cat vomited again but this time in the kitchen. Josie and Mady were there when it did it but none of them wanted to clean it because they were disgusted. The cat master was not in the house therefore what the cat threw up stayed in the kitchen. When the fourth roommate named Kali came in the kitchen that day to have his lunch, he did not see it at first. He even stepped on it and kept on cooking his food.

It is only when Mady came back in the kitchen that she brought his attention to the fact that the cat had vomited in the kitchen and that he had stepped on it. She told him that she and Josie were too disgusted by it to remove it from the floor. She was actually cleaning the house when she said that,. Her plan was to clean the house and leave the spot where the vomit was uncleaned.

As soon as Kali heard that he had walked on the cat vomit and that there was some on the floor, he took a tissue and removed it not only what was on his sandals but also what was on the floor. To make sure that nothing would stick on the floor, he even took a wet mop and cleaned a second time his sandals and the place where the vomit was completely.

Few minutes after that, the cat vomited again but not as much as he had done the first time and Mady said that the cat was the devil and she left the kitchen. Kali once again took a wet tissue and removed it. After each vomit, the cat seemed more and more tired. He usually run away from it as if it was scared of what it had just done or if it knew it had done something it was not supposed to do. It looks as if it was either disgusted by what it had done or unpleased to have put dirt in the room. In either case, the cat was not comfortable with what had just happened.

Kali thought about the whole scene in the kitchen with the vomit and he could not believe how Mady and Josie reacted. They were disgusted by the vomit and could not see it in front of them. Instead of taking it away from their eyes, they decided to leave it right there.

Kali thought that if somebody was repulsed by something, he had the choice to either run away from it and never come back to it or to simply remove it. They had chosen to run away from the kitchen which was the place where the vomit was but it did not make sense because soon or later, they were going to need to go back in there since all their food was in there.

Indeed by leaving the vomit on the floor the way they did, they run the risk of being even more repulsed later because the vomit would have turned half dry-half wet and would probably start to smell really bad in the kitchen.

Therefore, running away in this case was not really an adequate solution especially if the objective was to avoid the awful vision of the cat vomit. For Kali, there was only one reasonable solution left on the table if “being disgusted” was the problem and that solution was to remove the cat vomit as soon as it came but neither Mady nor Josie did it.

Later on, Kali was wondering what could have been their motivation when they run away. He realised that they were probably disgusted by the cat vomit but more importantly, they did not want to remove it because it was not their cat. They therefore chose to run away betting that eventually the cat master or Kali would come and take care of it so that they would not do it themselves. This was how cat lovers were behaving. Whenever the cat was in good health, the were running after it to hug it, kiss it, caress it but the moment it was doing something considered nasty or disgusting, they were playing games in order to avoid being the one taking care of it.

Well, this is how our beloved human beings who loved cats so dearly, who considered a good family as one that has a pet in their house, behaved with their cats, dogs or pets. Of course they saw themselves as pets’ lovers, cats’ lovers, close to nature, animals and wild life. They loved TV shows in the jungle with wild animals but did not have clue about how to be normal human beings who have the decency to behave correctly with either humans and especially with their beloved pets. Don’t we just love to be human beings? Well, we surely do, we surely do!

Oh by the way, the cat is still sick and is getting weaker and weaker. His master does not have the money to bring it at the veterinarian. Let’s hope everything will turn out well.


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