Cats’ fights

Cat fights Part 1


John moved in a house with his male cat where three others people were already living with a female cat. Cynthia was the owner of the female cat and was living in one room. Her friend Julia was living in the room next to her and had developed a great affection for the female cat. That cat rather slept with her than with Cynthia. The other roommate named Ludo had his room in another corner of the house. He was neutral with the female cat. He had no particular feelings about it except for the dirt and the smell that it was creating in the house from time to time. As for John, he took the fourth room in front of Ludo’s one and was living there with his cat.

The moment John stepped in, his male cat attacked the female one and he urinated in the house to position his territory. Few days before his arrival, Cynthia had expressed her concerns about how the cats would react to each other. She was scared that her cat would not like the other one, or the contrary. Her fear grew so much that she kept on talking about it to everyone in the house. The day before John came in, she was already talking about taking her cat back to her parents house in case things were not going well between the two cats. Her anxiety was so high that perhaps she had already made up her mind about it. She had already decided that the two cats were not going to get along.

By talking about it, her roommate friend Julia started to wonder as well. There was some kind of animosity about the arrival of new cat. When Cynthia mentioned that she might take her cat back to her house, Julia repeated that if that was going to happen, she would miss the female cat. Since it was in everybody mouth, Ludo who did not care about the cat in any way, begun to think about how the cats would live together and whether or not it was a good idea to have a second cat in the house. He did not really care about the outcome but the fact that the conversation among the roommates kept on coming back to the subject, he thought about it more than he would have if nobody had told him anything about it.

Even though he was not a pet’s lover, he had got used to the female cat not without difficulty. The only thing that bothered him about the second cat was that he was going to have to adapt again to its specificities. It had not been an easy process for him to find his balance with the female cat but he did. It looked like as soon as he managed to adapt to that, there was now a second one and he had to adjust all over again. It did not particularly please him. When he thought about the situation and realized that he would have to adapt not only to the male cat but also to the dynamic the two cats would have together, he was just exhausted. It was not necessarily a situation he wanted to face but he had no choice. He was living in that house and there he had to be confronted to it. His concerns were about the dirt and the smell that the proximity of the two cats would create in the house.

Indeed, prior to the arrival of the male cat, everybody was at least anxious if not completely against his venue in the house. They all had their reasons for not wanting the second cat in the house. In addition to that, the girls were wondering how they would get along with John and the cat situation did not help their vision of him.

When John stepped in, as soon as his cat saw the female one, he jumped on her and attacked her. She ran away and was scared like hell. He chased her everywhere. She hid herself in the most secluded place in the house. Following his attacks and in order to show that it was his territory, he pied everywhere. It smelled horribly and it stung everywhere.

Few minutes later, Ludo arrived in the house. He smelled the cat pie and was disgusted. He opened the window for few minutes and asked what had happened. John apologized and told him that his cat probably pied but Ludo told him that it was alright.

Half an hour later, it was Julia’s time to come back home. She smelled the pie and she opened every window right away. Although she was repulsed by the smell, she managed to put a nice face on it.

When those cat’s fights took place, Cynthia was at work and was wondering how things were going. She was stressing and wished she could have been there to witness how things were going. When she finished working, she ran into the house. As soon as she opened the door, she was welcome by the scent of the male cat pie. She was enraged and furious. She yelled right away: “I hope the male cat did not start piecing around the house to impose his territory”. After saying that, she went in her room and locked herself in. The message she was sending was clear. She made herself loud enough in order for John to hear it. In others words, she was saying to John that she hoped that his cat was not going to disturb her cat because she would not appreciate it. To put it in more brutal way that her tone was implying, this is what she was saying: “take care of your cat or we would have a problem”.

John did not react to what she said and continued to fix his room. The other two roommates were in the living room. Although they knew Cynthia, they were a bite surprised by her outburst. Ludo told Julia in a sarcastically way: “this should be interesting” and he left in his room.

Julia stayed in the living room and continued to read her book. Cynthia called her parents to voice her anger, to cry about it and to tell them what had happened. After they calmed her down, they told her that her reaction was not the most appropriated one. They advised her to go back and to show a good face because she mishandled the situation. They insisted that it was in her interest to live with John. He was going nowhere. He had signed a contract already and he was going to stay in the house no matter what would happen. If there was a problem with the cats, they could always take back Cynthia cat back in their house. They told her to stay close to the other cat in order to show that she did not dislike him.

Therefore, two hours later, she went in the living room and started complimenting John about his cat. She pretended she liked him and she said that she was extremely happy about his arrival. Hypocrisy was running wild.

The cats’ fights part 2

Since the female cat had been attacked, she stayed in Cynthia’s room. Even when she was hungry, she would not dare go out and eat. She stayed most of the time hidden in either Cynthia or Julia room. When ever he smelt her presence in a room, the male one was chasing her and after that he usually ended his chase by piecing in the room. John was reminded all the time that his cat had pied and every time the girls were doing that, he was embarrassed. He could not throw his cat away and they could not do it either.

Cynthia was pretending to be alright to see her cat being so scared and not leaving her room. She acted as if she loved the male cat when John was around but when he was not, she did not express that kind of attitude.

Although John did not say anything, he was kind of sick to see that the female cat was always scared. He felt like her fear was kind of provoking his cat to attack her. He thought that she was overdoing. He did not want to hear anymore about his cat fighting the other one but Cynthia and Julia kept on bringing the subject up.

At the beginning, when the male cat was attacking the female one, everybody went to separate them but with time, even Julia did not care. Cynthia was taking her time to stop the cats fights when ever she heard them yelling. Ludo defended the female cat at the beginning but later on, he decided against it because he thought that it was a matter that those cats should resolve among themselves. He thought that perhaps, it was not his business to stop what they were going through. Maybe they needed to go through this period before coming back to their sense and find a way to live together.

Or maybe there was some kind of natural cat law behind this. Perhaps the female cat was supposed to surrender to the male one and as long as she was resisting, he was going to attack. Therefore by defending her, they were just prolonging the fights. After thinking that, he thought that maybe he was thinking like that because he was sexist.

Ludo was wondering if the female cat fear was not responsible of the male cat attacks. By being scared, she was saying that she does not want to be around him. Since he felt pushed away at the energy level, he decided to push her at the concrete level. He imposed his territory like a regular male cat would do which is by strength and by piecing all over. When the female cat resisted him, the male cat self-esteem could not take it. That’s why he kept on attacking her.

Few days after, after observing Cynthia behaviour, Ludo realized that what could explain the fight between the cats was the hatred that Cynthia had manifested before the arrival of the male cat. She transferred her fear not only to all the roommates but most importantly to her cat. When the male cat arrived, Cynthia exploded then she decided to go on a hypocrite mode but the cats did not behave like that. They stayed with the real feeling of hatred that people felt in the house. The female cat had adopted her entourage feeling and her fear was only reflecting what had transpired in the house before the arrival of the male cat but also her natural fear. If the people around the female cat would not have been around, the female cat fear would not have been that high.

Before the male cat arrived, she was told by the roommates that she should not like him, that she should fear him and that she needed to protect herself against him. Instead of going through a more natural way of things that might have created a different ambiance between them, she chose as she was told at the energy level to reject that cat more than she would have done if she had been alone.

After everybody mind was set up in that mood, no matter what were the wishes Cynthia made about the cats being friendlier to each other, it did not change a damn thing since her cat had already registered that she should not be friend with the new cat. In order for her cat mind to change from fear to acceptation and surrender, she needed to clean up the fear she had in her but since she was only wishing those things at the superficial level, it did not have any effect. Her cat and every animal for that matter are only in tune with what we feel deep down inside us. They are not at the fake level that most human beings are.

Therefore the moment the male cat arrived in the house, he sensed that rejection and he felt attacked. So, he wanted not only to mark his territory but also to defend himself against that feeling that was in the whole house.

Since John was feeling like he was creating troubles with his cat and he wanted to defend himself against that, his cat picked up that feeling. Although John was careful not to show how he felt inside, his cat expressed it by attacking the female cat. 

The cats were fighting not only because they were cats and they had their own issues to deal with but they were also fighting because the humans around them wanted to kill each other and they were not doing it. The cats’ fights were the expression of their inability to materialize what they felt inside them. The roommates thought that they were enraged because the cats were fighting. But the truth is that they were actually frustrated because they could not do as the cats were doing. Since they were raised to cover-up their feelings, they were fake most of the time. They did not even know the difference between being fake and being real. They hated the cats’ fights because it was showing them what they were feeling inside and what they wanted to do.

Cynthia was angry that the new cat arrived and was attacking her cat. She was also pissed to see that her cat was going to share the apartment with another one. It meant that she had to be careful and that her cat would be compare to the other and she did not like that.

In a gesture of friendly solidarity, Julia was also mad to see her friend being mad and in spite all her effort not to be reassuring to Cynthia, she ended up hating the presence of the new cat. Ludo was scared of the smell it was creating in the house and wanted the two cats out and as for John, he could not take it being reminded that his cat was fighting the other.

The fights between the cats were only representing the fights between the roommates. The cats were fighting because humans were fighting each other. They did not have the luxury or the bad luck to be able to pretend like humans could. The roommates had problems not the cats. As long as their issues were unresolved, the cats kept on fighting.

Finally, since no one saw that they had issues to resolve in order for the cats to be friendlier, they went with the solution that would help them disregard their inner problems. Of course, they did that without being conscious that they were acting as such.

Cynthia decided to bring back her cat to her parent’s home. Julia was sad because Cynthia was sad. John was happy because he was no longer going to hear that his cat did something wrong and Ludo even though he had managed to love the female cat, he was thrill to see her leaving because they were too many animals in the house.

As it was easy to predict, the resentment in the house stayed nonetheless. Cynthia secretly hated the new cat and Julia was thinking the same because she was her friend. John was thinking that he was happy because he had won against the others but he did not say anything and Ludo was just like who care about the cats? But he would not dare say anything because he did not want to offend the cats’ lovers.


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