Being human is a strange thing

Being a human is a strange thing

Being a human being is a strange thing. Many things are asked to humans and if they are not careful enough, they can easily forget how capable they are and limit themselves to the smallest version of what they can do. If they are carefully distracted, they can pass by some of the most important thing in their lives without realizing it. They can run away from everything that can help them because nobody told them how to be in this world. Mechanisms have been put in place to scare them of their power and abilities. They were not taught how their being works. They look like people who have discovered a nuclear bomb and who don’t know what it is but they are playing with it. When it blows up on their faces, they are surprised and they do not even realise that it is the nuclear bomb that is responsible of their trouble.

Whatever happens, they refuse to learn about the instrument they are playing with because they don’t have time, they like the fun they are having with it a little bite too much. They do not want to stop their fun to learn about the instrument they are playing with. Maybe, deep down deep, they know that if they learn about it, they will have to take their responsibilities. They know that they would have to be careful and pay attention to what they are doing and none of them would like to do that because they rather have fun than taking their responsibilities. They prefer blindness to the truth because the truth supposedly takes the fun away from them. When you pretend genuinely that you don’t know and believe that you don’t know, you can destroy everything and not being linked to it. You can blame others for your own mistakes and you do not have to do any effort. If they go that way, they know that it will never stop. This explains why they prolonged their childhood even if they are adult. They fake adulthood but their behaviours are childish. Rare are the humans who have the tenacity, the will and the patience to take the time to know themselves, to take their responsibilities and to do what must be done.

If they dare investigate, they will probably know what they already know. They will realize that they were using an energy that has been provided to them without any consideration or respect for it. It is not so much that people should not play with the nuclear bomb but it is more like people are the nuclear bombs when they do not know what they are and what they are capable of. The danger that they represent for themselves and the world around them when they are ignorant of what they are and unaware of how they function is making them a greater danger than the nuclear bombs that they play with.

The nuclear bomb is of little danger compare to what they are because the energy that is moving humans is of greater strength than any kind of energy that we would ever see in a nuclear bomb. Love is the energy that is moving them. When they do not know how to use Love and they do not understand the rules of Love and especially when they do not follow the rules of Love, they run the risk of being destroy by what they are.

Let’s follow our actions to find out who we are and what we are made of. Once we know that we are love, let’s follow the rules of love in order to align our actions to the rhythm of love. We need to recognize love for what it is which is the most important thing in us and the most important thing we can give and receive. When we are submitted to love and its rules, we are able to move love in the direction that will please us. At the end of this process, we will love Love and express it in its purest form. We are indeed a strange species.



  1. notjeffery said,

    August 12, 2010 at 12:16 pm

    A strange species indeed.
    Love is key to all.

    Thought provoking at some points, if not all.


    • crazyreal said,

      August 12, 2010 at 12:51 pm

      thank you for passing by.

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