Sorry little cat

Sorry little cat, will do it better next time

Joe was working in the streets. He was one of the workers who mounted stages and equipments when spectacles took place in the streets. Whenever there was a decoration in the streets for either festival, Christmas, celebration or whatever, he was among the team who was doing the job. He was working in the streets during summer and winter. Whenever there was one of those events, they had to install all the components and materials of the stages. They did that part of the job during the day.

Once everything was done, they were the ones in charge of the security and they did that usually during the night because these events were opened during the night in order to allow people who were at work during the day to have the opportunity to enjoy them at night time. They took care of the entrance and they made sure people did not break or altered the equipments and the rules about alcohol or behaviours. When the events were over, they had to take to pieces all the equipments they had mounted and they did this part of the job in daytime. There were therefore three stages in his work when he was working for those companies. One was the mounting and assembling of those equipments that took place during the day and lasted approximately two weeks, the second part was the security part that lasted for another two weeks and the third part was the dismantling of the equipments and bringing it back to the storehouse.

Even though the job was tough, in summer the weather condition was pleasant and exciting but in winter at minus 30 degrees celsius outside, it was a different feeling. Joe had an excellent spirit for the job he was doing. He was always ready to do it regardless of the conditions. He never complained about it and if sometimes he was saying something about it, it was only to reinforce that he was pretty happy that he managed to survive such a thing. He kept on applying to these types of jobs and he was employed almost all the times. His network in that field was huge and it was easy for him to find a job. He had never really thought of getting a different type of job. Even when he got a different job, it was always around that field. He was never too far away from that.

One might have thought that since the job was harsh, difficult and done in weather conditions which were extreme that it was probably paid accordingly. But unfortunately, it was not. The salary and the pay situation were always on the edge. The pay was very low and they received their money on a contract basis. It meant that if the contract lasted a month and half, they had to wait till the end of their contract to be paid. Sometimes companies’ owners made them wait another three to four weeks after the contract ended before paying them. They did that either because the city, the state or the organization that employed them did not pay them right away or sometimes because they just wanted to delay the payment of the employees in order to keep the money for themselves. At the end of the contracts, owners often told them that they only had a limited amount of money and could only pay them in sequences. In different occasions, owners simply did not pay them or they paid only the employees who signed a contract.

With the experience he had gathered in the field along the years he had made peace with the tricks employers were using not to pay him or others. He was used to those behaviours at the end. He had accepted them almost as if they were normal. He was no longer surprised by them. As a back-up plan, he had made arrangement with his mum in order to help him in case those situations were occurring. His mum was always there to help him at the end of month when he did not have enough money either to buy food or to pay his rent. He had organized his life around that job and whenever it was tough; his mum was there to give him a hand.

After work, during work and before work, he was smoking marijuana and was living pretty well like that. The others occupations he had were playing video games, watching the season of Montreal hockey team “the Canadians”, watching football, soccer, poker games, playing hockey with his friends, going out with girls when he had the opportunity and partying whenever it was possible.

He was living in a house with three roommates and he had a cat. He loved his cat profoundly and his cat was at his image. Since he did not have enough money, he could not take him to the veterinarian. His cat had difficulty breathing because he was absorbing his hair when it was cleaning himself. Instead of taking him to the veterinarian, the lack of money made him go on internet to look for the treatment that was the cheapest. He found it and he gave it to the cat. Unfortunately it did not solve the problem. Every time he witnessed his cat suffering, he said out loud as if he was trying to convince himself that he was going to take him to the veterinarian but he never did it.

One day Joe was hurt on his fingers while working. The company that employed him was insured and they made him signed all the documents to get him covered before he was immediately sent at the hospital but he had not renewed his medical card. When he arrived at the emergency, due to the expiration of his medical card, the nurses told him that he had to pay $40 in order to be treated. They added that the forty dollars would be been reimbursed as soon as he would have renewed his card but he chose to go home without being treated because he did not have the $40.

In order to put a nice face on what he had done, he told everyone that he was alright and that there was nothing to worry about. He even showed off a little about it. People around him looked at him either with envy or pity. Maybe they did understand what happened and they did not want to hurt him more than he was already in his situation.

Joe was like his cat. He was suffering but could not go to the doctors. When the situation of his cat was deteriorating, he kept on saying that he will bring him to the veterinarian but he did not. He saw that his cat had some stuffs growing on his skin and he was really sad about it. He put a little bite of gel on it but things did not improve. The cat was getting weaker and Joe looked at it every day with sadness. He knew that his cat was sick but he also knew that he did not have to money to give him the appropriate care.

Joe often slept with his cat on his bed but lately, every time he brought the cat in his bed, it left it and went below his bed as if it was hiding. The cat was calmer and calmer and Joe was worry about its strength. He knew deep down deep that something might happened to his cat soon but I guess if he could not pay $40 for his own care, it was going to be difficult for him to pay more for his cat. Joe’s situation was exactly like his cat. They were living the same difficult condition.


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