As the desert is

photo 1 036John was walking with his father in the desert and he asked him if there was any good reason for the desert to be so big. His father thought for a moment and kept quite. He could not come up with an answer. With the refusal of his son to take no for an answer, he made up something. He told him that the desert was like John. It needed to grow up and to understand the world. It was going everywhere and observed what was going on. His father ended by saying that if the desert could, it would ask question to everyone just like he was doing.

Surprised by his father answer and unable to know whether or not what his father told him was true or not, he told him that maybe the desert wanted to know everything just like him. His father just said: “maybe”. John looked at his father and told him that if he was like the desert, then he should behave just like it. He should be able to go everywhere and see for himself.

Sensing that his son was getting smart at him and realizing that he should have thought a little bite more before answering his first question, he paused for a moment and told him that he did not need to that because human beings had already created schools where he could learn anything about everything. He did not need to travel like the desert was doing and beside how he was going to survive without his Mum food.

John replied right away that his teacher taught them that the desert was eating and drinking everything on its way. Nothing could resist its power. It was swallowing rivers, lakes, seas, trees, animals and even humans. He was pretty sure that if the desert was able to survive like that, he could totally do the same. He did not need to eat as much as the desert did. He would just take a tiny portion and leave the rest to the desert and the others. Beside the desert did not need any teacher. It could go everywhere, whenever, however and nobody could do anything about it except changing the place they were living. Who was to say that what they taught in schools was true and even if it was, why couldn’t he go and see for himself.

His father answered right away that unlike the desert, he had several obligations toward the society. He could not do anything he wanted. The desert was not bound by the same rules. It could do whatever it wanted.

After thinking for a while, John told him that he wished he was the desert. It looked like it was more fun to be at the desert place than his. To which his father replied that he should not envy the desert because he did not know how it felt to go through what the desert was going through. Unless he had lived a desert life, he would not be able to understand the ups and downs of that life. He should be careful because maybe, the desert wished it could be like him.

John grabbed his father hand and asked him to stop walking for a moment and he did. He looked at him straight in his eyes and said that he knew what he wanted to do now and his father asked what it was. He put it simply: “I would be the desert. I will not be bounded by the human beings rules.”

His father cuddled him and said that he did not choose the easiest task in the world. Although he did not know the purpose of the desert, he knew that it had been out there for the longest time and it did not seem to want to leave. As far as he could remember, the desert had always been around and it seemed like it was only growing. It could only mean that it had not yet finished its task. In his mind, being the desert was certainly a very hard thing to do.

John told him that, he had made up his mind. It was more fun to be the desert than anything else. There was no reason for him to be limited as humans were by society. He wished to move everywhere. Whatever it is that he was going to do, it would involve being able to move everywhere. He did not know yet the purpose of his life but he knew that whatever it was, it would require lot of traveling.

Like the desert, nobody would know why he move around, nobody would be able to stop him and he would just keep on moving in spite of what everybody would be, would say  or would do. His purpose would be hidden like the one of the desert. Such a life would be the life that would excite him. Living a life of that magnitude would give him lot of pleasure and joy.

His father simply said that he did not have the power to stop him from being whatever he wanted to be. If his wish was to be the desert, he was not going to stop him even he wanted to. He would just tell him to be careful because he had never heard of someone being like the desert. John immediately said that since his Father agreed, he knew he would do it. He knew that for the first time his father and the others would hear and witness how someone life became as free, immense and mysterious as the desert was.



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