Apprentice of love

Apprentice of love

After cleaning the dishes, Jonathan was confused about the path he was engaged in. he cleaned the house to start the process of clearing his head. He went in his room and decided to call his master. He exposed all the facts to him and this is what his master told him.

Master of love: “Apprentice of love, what are you looking for? Apprentice of love what are you up to? Apprentice of love what game are you playing?

Apprentice of love, take me and let me follow you where you know misconceptions about love are still standing

Apprentice of love, take my hand and do not be afraid if I take you close to the abyss, I know the depth of what you are going to see

Apprentice of love, allow your body to be used for the purpose of the discovery of love, love for yourself, love for your life and love for the situations you are in, were in and will be in.

Apprentice of love; love yourself enough to be able to recognize what is not your path and what is not really what you want to experience.

Apprentice of love; do not let yourself down because if you do, no matter who will be around you, you will not be able to love yourself.

Apprentice of love, since you are the love of your life; allow the others to open you up in order to increase the love of yourself. Let them touch you. Let them be close to you. Let them take you where you are going to discover how far the love of yourself can go. With them by your side, you will have the chance to go where you would have never risked going. They will help you see what you are scared to see or do not even imagined you have in you.

Apprentice of love, let what you are feeling be and observe if it stays for a long time. See where it leads you. Do not confuse control and vigilance.

Apprentice of love do not judge yourself whatever it is that you are feeling,

Apprentice of love, you have indicated the way you wanted to take, now that it has materialized itself, live it, embrace it even if you are exhausted. It is the path you have called for and now that it is there, take it. Nothing last forever. Just tell yourself that you are building your next move and this time you will be more careful about what you are asking.

Apprentice of love, live your life proudly as if it was the best life ever because it is actually the best life you could possibly live. Apprentice of love you are not supporting your life but life is supporting you. Walk proudly because you represent this life and you are the only one on earth who is doing that. No matter what are the conditions you are under, remember, nobody else accepted to take the challenge you took. You are the only one doing it therefore; walk proudly because you are the best thing the universe has as everybody else is.

Apprentice of love, fall in love and become one with love.  Apprentice of love, when you are tired of being apprentice, remember that love is waiting for you since the beginning.

Apprentice of love, take my hands and let’s renew one more time our agreement for love. Apprentice of love, now that you know me a little bite more, shall I call you lover or love.

Jump into love; do not be afraid, I will always be there with you. I am always with you. So what is it going to be? Lover or love?

Jonathan: “I, apprentice of love, accept one more time to renew our agreement for love. You have seduced me since the beginning. I have moved with great difficulties toward you and I am sorry about that. I guess the path to love is not as easy as I thought it would be but I am happy I took it. I know I am not in the best shape at this moment but I am sure it serves the purpose of love and maybe one day, I would be able to see love and stop being an apprentice. I am doing my best to let you be in me as quickly as possible but I guess my learning skills are not as I thought they were. I am working on them and on everything else.

Although my enthusiasm may seem weaker today, I would like you to know that it is only an appearance. Indeed the more realistic I am about the path of love, the more I know about its demands and consequently, the more conscious my commitment to love is. Maybe, the real commitment is a conscious one.

If love is the way and the way is love therefore my commitment to love is both to love and to the way. At the end, even my commitment is act of love and I can only say that I am a servant of love because I am love. Love is moving me, love is opening me, love is guiding me, love is supporting me, love is putting me on the edge, love is dissolving everything in me, love is every step I make, love is my front and back door, love is my garden, love is my breath and love is everything.

May love continue to guide our relations Master of love. I, the apprentice who is determinate to love today more than he was yesterday because if yesterday he took the decision to follow you out of appetite for love, today he is doing it out of the will to serve love. Thank you for your patience and your time.”

Master of love: “You’re welcome or should I say, I am welcoming you. I will see you around.”



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