Acknowledge Haiti and the deads of earthquake

Acknowledge Haiti and its death during earthquake

We heard so much about the earthquake in Haiti that I am almost sure that people are suffering from an overdose of the reportages about it. Unfortunately, nothing that could make us see what has happened as adults has been said. Everything is done to make us see these events as people who are living a drama. There is indeed a situation that is dramatic but making us behave as sheep who are being hit by fatality is absolutely nonsense. It is only maintaining us in a state of mine that babies have. Nothing is being provided to us in order to help us see these events as people who can take the news and analysed it. Everything is done to avoid that we behave as adults in front of that earthquake.

Maybe because we are not a society which is mature enough to deal with this issue according to adults’ standard. Instead we talked about helping Haiti, the destruction, the risk of diseases, the reconstruction, the history of Haiti, the dead people etc. I am not at all suggesting that those concerns are not important and need to be dealt with as soon as possible as we are doing right now but it can not be all. We need to go beyond those rituals because if we do not, we will never understand the way the world is.

It seems to me that the most natural thing to do in this situation will be to try to understand what had happened beyond the explanation of how the earthquake actually happened. We have a responsibility to try to understand this as the most natural thing that could happened in a society. I am saying that especially to those who believed in God. Anybody who believed in God must ask himself what is the big picture God is designing behind this earthquake? What are His objectives? Since He is Good in and everything he is doing is by definition Good, we need to ask ourselves, what are the benefits of the earthquake that took place in Haiti? What exactly is in the making? What exactly is He cooking for us? These are adults’ questions and we need to ask ourselves those questions in order to take our entire place on this earth.

We should stop acting like kids who are not able to understand or who do not know how to think. We are not doing ourselves a favour by pretending that we can not and do not understand what is going on. Acting as such prevents us from having the impact we could have on earth. We are reducing our level to the lowest of all because we do not want to grow up and ask ourselves the right questions.

It is in our interest as humans being to understand why God has decided to do something like that. If everything God is doing is an act of love then this act is also and most certainly an act of love. Knowing that and believing in it and accepting it, will allow us to see what has happened in Haiti in a different light. After the tears because we are sad about the death and the difficulty to say good bye to the people who died there, we can not stay in that mood for a long time. If we do that, it would be as if we are devaluating the act that the people who have accepted to die during that earthquake did. It is as if we miss the point and they died for nothing. If God decided to activate the earthquake, his sons and daughters who died during the earthquake chose to go with that earthquake. Consequently, we should be happy that they left because they have realized what they came here for and in their gesture; there is great hope for humanity.

Once we reach this kind of understanding, we can not stay in the drama because if we do, we will not be able to recognize the beautiful act they have committed by dying that day. They have accepted to leave the earth with the earthquake and to be the ones who would signal that something was happening on earth. We should be grateful that they have decided to do that. We should acknowledge their departure as an heroic act. They decided to leave in these atrocious pains in order for us to continue to do the duty of God. I am not at all suggesting that they are greater than us but because of their brave death, we were able to choose a different path to serve God. By recognizing that, we are actually recognizing our own mission.

Now perhaps, the most important question we need to ask ourselves after seeing what they have done is this? What am I going to do with my life? What was the choice I picked when I came here? What was the understanding between God and Me before I arrived here? Am I following that path or did the circumstances bring me somewhere else? By dying the way they did, they were actually reminding us of how submitted we are to God and its actions on the earth.

We should cease this opportunity to get closer to our purpose, to question our life and our objectives. If they have left like this for us, do we really want to live the way we used to without considering who we are and what we are supposed to do here before leaving? Are we going to be undeserval of their death? Are we going to continue to behave like kids or are we going to wake up and start growing up in order to do what we came here to do?

I have heard that Haiti was cursed the other day and I am sure many people are probably thinking the same thing even if they pretended that they were scandalized by the comments made by Reverend Paterson. The fact and the matter is that Haiti is not cursed. It is only our lack of understanding of the world as a whole or as one that is making us misinterpreting what has happened to Haiti.

When all those natural catastrophes are happening in Haiti, they are not happening to others places in the world. By taking all the painful thing, Haiti is actually a blessed place because it is preventing the others parts of the world to suffer the same faith. Those things are happening in Haiti because Haiti is the door through which the changes are coming. Because of what has happened to the earth, the rest of the world can continue a smooth ride. If Haiti and the Haitian had not accepted to bear the consequences of those changes on their soil, those things might have happened all over the world. Thank God, Haiti decided to take it on its soil.

We should be grateful that Haiti exists because thanks to their sacrifices we can continue to live happily and peacefully. If we are not grateful and thankful, we behave like people who are undeserval of their actions. We need to be grateful to Haiti and the Haitians for the grace they have shown us by taking all those troubles on their soil. They did it so that we do not have to suffer the same thing wherever we are. Our life today is continuing nicely in the rest of world because they took on their shoulders the suffering that could have been spread all over the world.



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