Understanding himself through cats’ fights

Understanding himself through cats’ fights

Since Jane was about to leave for Sheerbroke to continue her studies there, she thought that it would be a good idea to have a cat. The house she was living in with her roommates, few of them had cats and she grew a liking for them. Since Sheerbroke was a new city for her and she knew no one there, she decided to have a cat with her in order to reduce the feeling of loneliness that she saw coming like a gigantic plague in her future Sheerbroke life.

She had been looking for cat since her exams were over. She had mentioned it to her roommates at home and colleagues at work that she wished to have a cat. One of her colleagues named Cassandra saw on a web site that a couple had found two new cats and they wished to offer one to who ever was interested. When Cassandra saw the ad, she immediately thought about Jane and the next morning, she told her about it and they went to the website. She fell in love with that cat the moment she saw it. It was a female cat that was three weeks old. Although she had not envisioned having a cat before leaving Montreal, when she saw it, she ceased the opportunity and decided to take it. Three reasons made her take the cat. First, she was madly attracted to it, secondly she did not know if she was going to find another one that would be as cute as the one she saw on the internet that day and thirdly once she had this cat, she no longer had to worry about getting one. It was as if one problem was solved.

Indeed, having the cat handy was taking off her shoulders a big weight. The loneliness she was afraid of would not frighten her as much. She knew that she would have something to take care of other than herself and something that would depend on her when she would arrive in Sheerbroke. The cat would anticipate her arrival at home when they would be in Sheerbroke and would miss her when she will leave to go to work or university. With the cat around her, her life would not be empty. She would have something to touch, to caress, to hold and to take care off. Coming home would mean something. The cat would make her want to go home. Instead of focussing entirely on her studies which could be at times extremely boring, she would have something else to take her mind off university, studies and her loneliness.

She called the couple and scheduled an appointment on the same day to take the cat. When she got it, she called home to tell her roommates that she would bring home a cat with her. She wondered if it was alright with them and they all said that there was absolutely no problem. When she arrived home later that evening, she was extremely excited to show it to everyone. They all came around her cat and they all commented on the size of the new white and black baby cat. She kept on saying that the cat was cute. She kept on asking everyone in the house: “how can anybody not loving her cute little kitty.” Everybody kept on agreeing with her and congratulated her on her new baby. She was right, it was an adorable little, tiny female cat. Anyone who would have seen it would have loved it.

There was already another cat in the house. It was a male Himalayan cat. As soon as it saw the new one, it made noises that shown that it was ready to fight. The Himalayan cat was not known for being extremely welcoming with others cats. Indeed when the Himalayan cat arrived in the house, there used to be another female cat. When he saw her, he attacked her and started to pee everywhere in the house to mark his territory. The numerous fights it had with this other cat were such that the female cat was scared to go eat alone because she did not want to be attacked. The tensions between those two cats reached such a high level of concerns that the owner of the female cat decided to bring her cat back in her parents’ house.

So, when the Himalayan cat started making those noises, everybody anticipated that there would be a repetition of what had already happened back in the days. To everyone surprise, there were not so many tensions. Nobody really knows what diffused the tensions. Perhaps, the baby female cat was not afraid of the male cat and his noises because it did not represent anything to her yet. Maybe the female baby cat was not aware of the danger that the male cat represented when it made those noises. Therefore when the male cat was approaching her, instead of running away like the other female cat was doing, this little kitty did not move. It waited as the male cat was checking her out. She was not conscious of the danger and she was also checking out the male cat.

Everybody was super extra careful in the house and they monitored the situation very closely because they did not want the male cat to either hurt or kill the new baby cat. The owner of the male cat was scared that his cat would be responsible of any damage caused to the new cat. As for Jane, she did not want her new kitty to be hurt or to die because of the male cat.

The other roommate in the house was not that much into cat. Even though he was not that closed to cats, he had been so shocked by the fights and aggressivity that was displayed with the previous female cat that he too was examining the way things were moving with two cats.

The owner of the cats were scared but not as he was. His fears were based on others factors. There was another dimension to his worries. Having lived in a house where his parents were fighting all the times, it gave him a different perspective to what was going on. Seeing a male cat attacking a female cat was horrible for him. The agressivity that he witnessed moved him in a different way. When he saw the previous female cat running away, hiding from the male one, without realizing it, it shook him deep down deep. It reminded him of his mother who was running in the house as his father was chasing her to beat her up. When those cats were fighting back in the days, he was always there to separate them as he used to do when his parents were fighting. He stood between his mum and dad when he was a little boy when the fights were taking place and later on, when he grew up, he did everything to stop his father from punching his mum. He did it because he wanted to protect his mum but also to protect his father. So when the cats were fighting, he was not able to see the cats’ fights, he saw his parents fighting and he separated them the same way he used to do with his parents. He tried to protect both of them.

It is only with the second female cat arrival that he made the analogy between the cats’ fights and his parents’ ones. Indeed although the owner of the cats were worries about their fights, when the male cat was putting his foot on the female one and chasing her and stopping her from moving, they called it “having fun together”. Even though the female cat was obviously running away from the male one, they all considered it as a growing love between their cats. They said that they were actually connecting. Seeing the difference between the way they qualified the relations their cats were having and the way he was seeing those relations made him suspicious of his behaviour. How come the owners of the cats did not see that their cats were actually fighting each other? How come they called this relation a “fun one” when all he was seeing were major fights between them? He wondered if his vision of the whole situation was not actually bias or altered by something else.

He questioned himself and his ability to see things as they were. It is at that moment that he remembered that this whole situation was between a male and a female. It reminded him of his parents’ fights. Instead of seeing the cats, he saw his parents and decided to defend them. His vision was influenced by the fights he witnessed in his house. Aggressivity was something he could not stand because his parents were fighting and it was disturbing him. The moment he saw something that even resembled to a fight, he could not see it properly. It moved him in a strange way. Thanks to these cats’ fights, he got to see himself differently. He realized that he never saw the cats’ fights, he saw himself.

Those supposed cats’ fights allowed him to see himself and the way his vision could have been altered. When the others were seeing the fights, they called it a game or a moment of fun. Since they were not accustomed to violence, they were not able to see the premise of the violence. He was because he knew violence and had lived through it.


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