The power to love

The power to love

Among the multiple powers that humans have, is the power to love. I am not talking about the power of love which is very close to the one I am going to talk about but I want to insist on the fact that I am talking about the power to love.

Unfortunately, love is underrated by human kind and they are suffering because of it. Nobody told them really the effect of love. Nobody sat with them and really took the time to explain how and what were the mechanism of love and how to use it at its highest level. They never really saw the actual benefit of love on their every day life.

This is why, it is important to remind humans that they have the power to love. The greatest strength any human being would ever have is the power to love himself. Many humans do not know the extend to which this is true. If they knew that by constantly choosing to love themselves they would the happiest people and that nothing would affect them, they would all look for a way to find out about how it works and how to implement it.

Unfortunately, they are way to accustom to see and witness cynicism and hatred triumphed over an often misunderstood notion of love and a misused of love. Consequently, they do not trust love. It even gets worst because the people who taught them about love understood very little about it when they did not know anything about it. In this case as in everything, those who speak the most about it have absolutely no clue about it and those who know usually stay quit and observe the games and interactions humans have thinking that they are practicing love.

So, here is the big secret: by choosing to love everything that we are under any circumstance, we use efficiently our power to love. Love of our circumstances, love of our life, love of every action that we took in the past, love of the reactions we had, love of our action in the world, love of the difficult situations we are in, etc. We have the power to love, let’s use it all the time. It is out there and abundantly available for everyone. There is no shortage of love. There is no need to save or keep it in a bank. It is available for everyone to use.