Gratitude is the right place to be

Happiness it to enjoy what we are

Abandon the fight against your life. Abandon the fight against what life offers you.  Abandon the fight against your path. Abandon all resistances against yourself.

Allow life to nourish you. Allow your life to nourish you. Life does not have an issue with you. You have issues about your life and life in general.

The lack of understanding of our life is putting ourselves against our life, against what is planned for us and against enjoying what we have. Most of our time is spent to have more of what we have or to fight against what we are.

We rarely see the things that come our way as something that has been given to us and that we need to enjoy. Instead of enjoying, we spend our time securing what we have. Security calls for danger. Security goes along well with danger. Security needs danger to exist. Danger needs fear and fear needs security.

Happiness is to love what we are. Once we understood how to enjoy what we are, loving our place will come easily. Once we love our place, we enjoy what is given to us. Abandonment is to be able to accept our place and enjoy it. 

The moment we find who we are and what we are, we are able to love what we do because it comes naturally, easily, simply and without effort. Indeed, at this point, what moves us is an invisible hand. Abandonment is to accept that this invisible hand moves us. We are at our place when we can accept and rely entirely on that hand.

Fighting that hand is to fight our true place in order to establish something that we would have supposedly implemented solely by our will. We refuse to say thank you because we have been disappointed. We want to prove to life that we know better and that we can do better without it. Unfortunately for our little self and luckily for our higher self, we are life. We breathe life and we live through life. We need to realize that we are life and it has been offered to us to serve life. Our place is the one of gratitude for the opportunity to serve life the way life wish to be served. Gratitude is the right place to be because what we are is only given to us temporarily. Prior to our arrival here, we ceased the opportunity to serve and when we arrived, we were diverted away from that goal. We need to comeback because we would not want to miss an opportunity to serve.


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