The loved ones

The loved ones

When we care for someone or when we love someone, we never really see the full length of his or her importance in our life. Unfortunately, even if we care very much about the person and we show as much love as we can, we will never be able to see fully how the person we are with is supporting us in our life. No matter how much we think we love the person and how much we give love to that person, we will not be able to understand the impact of the loved ones. We can not appreciate how adequate they are for us even if we put lot of effort into it and if we do put the effort into it, we will miss the most important thing which is to love the person. We can only have glimpse of their impact in our life because there is what we see and what we can not see yet. The way they move our moral and our being in so many directions is unknown to us in the moment.

It seems as if our eyes are not able to grasp the entire view of their impact in our life. Everything moves in such a way that we are not able to see the different layers and the way they have shaped and influence our lives. There are always many aspects of their presence that we would not completely integrate in our life when they are with us.

The only thing we can do is to try to see how we are when they are around us and see how it is making us feel and be grateful for their presence. Their absences usually make us realize how deep the interactions we lived were crucial and beneficial to us. So whenever we are with someone that we love and care for, we should always do the things we want to do with them because whatever it is that we think about them, we are surely underestimating it.


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