Thank God for the lack of love

Real love is the result of the knowledge of what love is not. True love emerges from the discovery of what the lack of love is.  The absence of love triggers the search of love and is a great motivation to reach the absolute state of love.

Love is a path that we need to take in order to be ourselves. It is only by going through the dissolution of the fear that stands between what we think we ought to be and what we truly are that we can reach a state of genuine and true love for ourselves.

Our mission consists of discovering the path of love we drew for ourselves before we entered our bodies and to be able to undertake it no matter what are the circumstances.

To love ourselves is to find that path and to allow ourselves to be moved by that path. Only an incredible desire to find true love can lead us toward that goal and thank God, we have the lack of love to motivate us to reach that goal.


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