Earth, water, air and fire unleashed

Earth, water, air and fire unleashed

Well, it would not be a surprise if I said that these first 5 months were a clear reminder of the capacity that the earth had to move in different ways that could affect our life in the most dramatic fashion. All the elements have reminded us that if they were unleashed, we would suffer the consequences. By elements, I mean the earth, air, water and fire.

As we speak, the fire is manifesting itself in front of our eyes. Indeed, the volcano in Iceland is preventing many travelers to move either within Europe or from Europe to US and the rest of the world and according to many scientists, there is another volcano in Iceland that is threatening to erupt and could have even more damaging consequences for any flight in Europe and US.

The earth has spoken as well since the beginning of the year and in the most tragic ways by making the earth shakes by several earthquakes around the world. We had of course the major one in terms of victims in Haiti, the biggest one in terms of magnitude in Chile, there was one in Mexico, in California, 2 or three in China in March, April and May, there was 1 or 2 in Indonesia just to name a few. Twenty houses were swallowed by the earth the last two weeks in China and the same thing happened with one house just outside of Montreal. They called it landslides. There was one major landslide in Brazil that killed 200 people last month.

Water also created damages with the numerous floods in Europe, and US. The air with twisters in the United States and perhaps the most impressive manifestation of air troubling the life of citizens was in China with the sand coming into major cities and blocking the traffic and creating invisibility throughout the cities it entered.

Many would argue that these things are nothing new. Earthquakes exist all the time and now people are aware of it just because it happened into populated cities. Those earthquakes usually take place in the sea and have no consequences for humans therefore they are not even aware of it. But now that it happens where humans are affected, they panicked. The scientists who are sent on the media to give us that explanation are making me laugh because this is the weirdest explanation that they could have come up with. If their goal was to reassure us, they probably did for some of us. But for those who take the time to think a little bite, they can not take that explanation and be satisfied with it.

I know! You would tell me that because I think I am superior to others, I want the government to give me a different explanation. One that would suite not even my intellect but that would satisfy my ego and you could continue by saying that the government does not have to give a better explanation just because I need one, it has to give the explanation whether it satisfy me or not. I agree with that argument 100%. I am sure the government reached its goal with some of us with the explanation that it gave but when we think about it, there is absolutely nothing reassuring about it. How come those earthquakes are happening in the cities now? Why were they not happening in our cities before? How come we have so many earthquakes in such a small period of time everywhere in the word? They have shown us movements of plaques and gave us some explanations but when those earthquakes are taking place in the American continent, then in China and Indonesia etc, we need to wonder a little bite more than we do now. Who is able to give any explanation about that?



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