The aftermath

The aftermath

He woke up and found himself in the streets and called his mum: “Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!” but no one answered. He had sands on his face and the place he woke up did not look like anything he knew. Everything was destroyed. The houses were completely broken. He tried to stand up but his head was turning and he fell back on the floor. He called again: “mummy! Mummy! Where are you?” again no one answered. The five year old boy who was on the floor tried to lick his lips because they were dry but when he did that, dust entered his mouth. He started coughing and pushed it away from his mouth and gave a look at his hands to know what exactly was on his face. As he realized it, he got scared and pushed it with more vigour and it entered in his eyes. He started yelling because he could not see and it was hurting him. He yelled again only this time, it was louder: “mummy! Mummy! Mummy! Where are you?” Since nobody was coming and his eyes were itching, tears came out and took the sands and dust off his eyes. He looked around to see if he could recognize anyone but there was no one except houses that were completely destroyed.

He heard a woman who was crying but he was not able to locate where it came from. He tried to stand up again but even his head was turning, he managed to stay up then he followed with difficulty the sound of the voice. It led him to a house that collapsed on the floor. The voice appeared to come from below the ground. He looked below to see if he could see the woman whose voice he was hearing but it was dark. He looked around him and it suddenly hit him that the night had begun to fall and that he was alone in the street that resembled remotely to the streets where his house used to be. Only now, everything was broken. He seemed to recognize the voice that was crying or he just needed it in order to reassure himself that he was not alone in this situation. He said: “Aunt Lucie! Is that you?” She did not answer. She kept on crying. He asked her: “Aunt Lucie! Do you know where is mum? Do you know where mum is? Aunt Lucie. But Aunt Lucie voice was disappearing more and more. He yelled louder and louder as her voice was slowly vanishing: “Aunt Lucie! Aunt Lucie! Aunt Lucie! Why don’t you answer?” And since he stopped hearing her voice, tears came in his eyes and he yelled again: “Mummy! Where are you? Why did you leave me alone?”

The night was becoming darker and darker and he was frightened. He saw dogs running and he got scared because he thought that they were coming after him but they were actually running in fear. They looked like they were even more scared than he was. Behind the dogs, he saw 3 men who running with a body in their hands with blood and he asked them: “Sorry to disturb you, have you seen my mum? Where is mum?” They looked at him and they did not know what to tell him. They obviously saw that he was scared but they were in a rush to go at the hospital. One of them said: “I am sorry kid! I don’t know. Look around!” And they continued their way. He followed them because he did not want to stay alone in that street and it reassured him to see a human life. The men were holding what looked like a woman who was their mum. She appeared to be alive but in great danger. Her arm was broken, blood was all over her face and they were telling her to hold on to life because they were running to the hospital. One of them was saying if you see a cab, pay whatever it is that he asked in order for us to reach the hospital as quickly as possible.



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