Anger and violence

Anger and violence

Let the anger you have in you to stand in your body. Do not try to resist it. Your body can handle it as long as you do not defend yourself against it. Let your body feel that anger. Once your body would have felt it, you will see the birth of violence.  Allow the violence within you to rise but do not react. When it comes up, clean it and allow it to leave you.

Do not hold on to it. Do not run away from it. Do not fight it. Do not use it to harm others. Do not express it by hurting others. Do not let it blind you. Do not hurt yourself because of it. Just look at it and clean it. That’s all you have to do.

Once the violence is gone, your anger will have no arm to express itself and you will be able to forgive yourself for the situation you are in that is causing this anger. You will be able to be patient and caring about yourself. You will treat yourself with kindness and softness. The more you treat yourself with love, the less anger you have within yourself and the more patient you are with you.


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